Remember The Saint? Does anyone know if there is any video footage from the hayday of the Saint? or where it's former owners are now?
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Dont think this place really took off enough to ever have a heyday.
out of the way on like 36 st between 10th and 11 ave.

remember the stock ticker ? funny
The Saint not have a heyday? How old are you partybobby? The Saint was located where the old Fillmore East was (Second Avenue between 6th & 7th Streets,) and is way up there in the pantheon of legendary gay nightclubs. Any other club that might have assumed the name since the 1980s is simply a thieving and unoriginal imposter. Except, of course, The Saint-At-Large which carries on its tradition and invented the concept of "Circuit Party."
The Saint had a group of owners, most notably Bruce Mailman, who died very early on during the first wave of the AIDS Crisis.

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Don't you love when the children think they know the real history. Hattie is the true archivist of our glorious gay past.
The Saint and The Paradise Garage were the most amazing clubs that I have ever been to.
For very different reasons.
The Garage was my scene and home but The Saint was mind blowing.
The dance floor was a planetarium!!!
It invented the circuit party as Hattie said.
And a lot more.

I hope someone comes on and describes The Saint because as I said it really wasn't my scene but I was in awe of it.
The pure spectacle of it.

The Saint DJs were: Jim Burgess, Roy Thode, Alan Dodd, Robbie Leslie, Mark Thomas, Terry Sherman, Shaun Buchanan, Michael Fierman, Warren Gluck, Wayne Scott, Chuck Parsons, Michael Cavalone, Nao Nakamura and Sharon White

The lighting was by: Richard Tucker, Mark Ackerman, Jorge Villardell, Richard Erskine, Tony Devisia and Richard Sabala.


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For me the Saint was the gateway to the destruction of gay life for men as we knew it. Drugs, AIDS and the resulting life of meth addiction that killed and destroyed many lives began at The Saint. Oh, and they played great music.

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