Just came across this invite for a performance of The Spirit & The Flesh by the Motherboard's own Mother, Chi Chi Valenti. Thought all you Chi Chi fans out there might enjoy seeing it. "World class bodybuilders storm the great dome to benefit the Gay Men's Health Crisis - Created, Directed & Staged by Chi Chi Valenti". Presented May 17th, 1987 at The Saint.
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Wow Karl,
Your archives are dangerous.

Chi Chi's "Muscle Operas" were genius.
She took World Champion bodybuilders and put them in elaborate costumes and sets to create her "operas".
The bodybuilders LOVED it!
They are complete hambones and so is she so it was perfect.
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Thanks Dadddy... I vaguely remember another of Chi Chi's Muscle Operas at the Palladium. I'm still looking for the invite... just can't locate that particular shoe box.

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