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Viper room would have been FAB if it would have been anywhere other than LA.... Sorry, but i would go on a march against LA... and its not cos (as people always say) 'oh you just didn't go to the right places' - you're talking to a girl who was 'in residence' at the Belushi death bungalow for LA still sucked...
but Johnny Depp... now theres another tale.(namedrop namedrop)..can i tell you about the time his fist was in my mouth... oh it for a 'private topic'! (a very old story... he's a total wanker now...)
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Way back in the '80's I guess Johnny Depp was on a TV show (maybe his first?). At the same time I had those records out and was on the radio and on street posters etc. All the kids in my neighborhood (our neighborhood Anna Nicole) knew my name was Johnny and some how thought I was Johnny Depp. They would ask me for my autograph and gush ect. I always thought it was for me untill they kept asking things abut this TV show I never heard of. Then one day one of the mothers told me the kids thought I was Johnny Depp.
Fame... Easy come easy go!

My next JD moment came last year when I was in the Phoenix and this guy came up to me and said, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like a cross between Johnny Depp and Satan"?
I still don't know what to make of that one. I just said thanks... I think.
Miss Understood: Let's rock baby. haha I rememeber seeing you in the Wigstock movie and saying to my roomate, "ahhhhh check her out i love her!" LOL
As for LA, i do agree with you to a large point. I lived there for a year and a half before moving to Maui and had residence on the corner of Hollywood Blvd/Formosa, right down by Manns. At first i loved LA because i was nothing more than a small town boy and it hit me as a culture shock so i dived right into it. Then i kind of got to see how pretentious everything was and to be honest, it made me pretty sick. Pretention and believing your better than anyone else is just something I just cannot understand. I mean don't get me wrong, there is confidence and being a fierce bitch, but it's another thing to be an asshole, you know what i mean? I found LA riddled with assholes LOL
And as for Johnny Depp..daddy i know what you mean..when i lived in Hollywood I would get approached CONSTANTLY by people asking for autographs thinking i was him haha..didn't help that my name was actually Johnny buddy used to always scream out "Hey Johnny" when he spotted people pointing and whispering, just to add fuel to the fire...bastard..haha It was funny for a while but even in Maui i'll get either him or Skeet Ulrich and I think if ANY of them i look a lot more like Skeet than Depp in person. (which i perfer anyways, i think he's younger and cuter haha) I think it's just cause not that many people know who Ulrich is so they always associate my face with that other one. LOL

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