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Hi there people!

I only just joined MotherBoardsNYC, but have been lurking about for many years (way back!). The opportunity has arisen for me to perhaps travel to NY for a holiday August next year (not set in stone yet), but I was wondering how the scene is there nowadays, if it is still  worth it?

I'm also somewhat of a very shy person (although I know all the lovely people here could certainly help break that!).

Being an author, and working on my own memoirs currently, I would certainly love to have this opportunity, but I would need to plan properly, so as not to have any serious fall-backs.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated - such as where to stay, safe areas etc...


(Oh, I am coming ALL the way from Australia!).


Thanks so very much, you beautiful people!

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Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the non-lurker side. NYC is not one scene but many, let us know what type of clubs you liked in the past and perhaps our board savants will answer your question.

PS The Cabaret Laws have just finally been overturned by the City Council, on Halloween. That will definitely help new smaller dance scenes to emerge and survive.

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