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Time Out New York magazine wants to feature everyday New Yorkers (*not* aspiring actors, models, porn stars, etc.) looking their sexiest best in various states of undress. (How naked you get is negotiable, but some nudity is required.) All races, ages, genders, sexual preferences, shapes, sizes and styles welcome. For more information on the project, please e-mail and tell us a little about yourself (how old you are, what neighborhood you live in, how you pay the bills, why you want to show it allll off in front of 100,000+ people, etc.). Pics are welcome, and no, they needn't be naked.
Original Post
Gender: open to discussion.
Race: Winner.
Sexual preference: Anyone into electroplay.
Shapes/sizes: Prefer someone pettite, say a size 0 waist. Everything else is accommadateable.
Styles: When yer naked how does style apply?
My age: Aquarius.
Nabe: Avenue D. So I'm real, not some Time Out reader.
Make money how? I am a doggy palm reader.
I wanna show my naked ass cause the entire Declaration of Independence is tattoed on it and it will be educational for your readers, or who you think your readers are as reflected from your demographic computer-awareness package assays that end up determining that no one in your ad campaigns and direct mail solicitations should appear to be older than 32, that kind of post-adolescent group you can hold your magazine out to as being the Bible of Vulgar Enlightenment, you know a printed consumerist Jim Jones of cultural trivia.

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