We're coming back! Calling all Bay Area Motherboards folks, just leave me a pm or email events @ jackiefactory.com for guest list (by 7/29 please)


We're so delighted to be returning to SF for the fifth edition of TINGEL TANGEL SAN FRANCISCO, a performance-rich monthly that fuses NYC and Bay Area talent on last Wednesdays of the month. THE JACKIE FACTORY is co-producing this edition along with WEIMAR NEW YORK's EARL DAX and BUBBLE LOUNGE diva EMMANUELLE CHICHE, at BUBBLE LOUNGE in North Beach. This month's delights include Factory DJ JOHNNY DYNELL, MC CHI CHI VALENTI, performances by San Francisco drag star ANNA CONDA (host of "Charlie Horse" at the Cinch) and KELLITA OF HOT PINK FEATHERS, the 2008 SF Queen of Carnival. Dynell gets support from San Francisco DJs MIZ MARGO and TEXXX, visuals by WULFPAK and fan dance by local "Method Go-Go" stars costumed by THE JACKIE FACTORY, including the delightful SPARKLY DEVIL.


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wednesday night was GORGEOUS!!
it was a very jackie feeling going on.
six-oh. six-oh."
gorgeously dressed glitterati and glamazons
mixing with well heeled "regular" patrons.
LOTS of champagne! FABULOUS shows!!
my crew and i walked up the block
to the strains of "una notte a napoli"
and arrived to see kelita shimmy and shake
in a gorgeous red glitter smile and not much else.
and that's just how the night started!
But it ended with you TURNING IT OUT!!!
And you know I don't throw that around.
I was very impressed with your DJing.
When did you become such a good DJ?

NOTE TO PICKLES: For real. Goblin aka DJ Texxx was really good. Your little sister is growing up.

Any way, the party was so much fun. Everyone looked amazing.

Goblin aka DJ Texx gets a hand from an adoring fan.


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The night started with gorgeous bombshell DJ Miz Margo. She got things going by playing everything from "Dark Day" (a punk band that I think I was in. I have to read Thurston Moore's great new to book to find out. It's all a blur.) to the newest Electro.
Very Hot!!!!

DJ/Burlesque Star Miz Margo


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Then The Empress Chi Chi Valenti took the mic and welcomed everyone to The Bubble Lounge.

MC Chi Chi Valenti


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Here she is walking out of our haunted hotel room scaring the be-jesus out of a tour group that was outside our door on a "San Francisco walking ghost tour".
They were stunned and couldn't even get their cameras up in time to snap a pic but I could!


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Here I am with Bubble Lounge manager Marisa.
(The look was really white and silver but Marisa and I decided to be rebels).


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As I said, white and silver was the look.
Here our little go go boy Malakai "butchly" demonstrates.

(Malakai was just off the plane from a week of boozin', cruisin' and usin' in New York.
The last I saw him there was at GARY 49 at Mr. Black last Friday with Glamnerd Rob Roth. They were getting pretty messy and I just hoped Malakai would make it back to SF for the show).


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Kellita (and her girls "Hot Pink Feathers") did a gorgeous show for us when we did the SF Barney's opening last year.

Click here if you to see more on last year's Barneys opening in San Francisco.

She told me that she performed to "Una Notte A Napoli" (the song that I wrote with Pink Martini and Alba Clemente). I couldn't wait to see it.
She was fantastic (and gave Texxx and friends a great moment to make their entrance).

Kellita BTW is the reigning Queen of "SF Carnival" 2008!

Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers doing "Una Notte A Naspoli"


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The whole neighborhood turned out!
North Beach neighbor and legendary Bohemian Beat hang out (for 50 years!) "Enrico's" sent their legendary manager Angelo and their biggest star Veronica Klaus as emissaries.

(Veronica Klaus sings every Tuesday night at "Enrico's" and along with "Rice-A-Roni" is San Francisco's biggest treat!)

Veronica Klaus


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The Wulfpak brothers (Aaron, Geof and Taylor Wulfpak) did an amazing job designing the invite, production and decor.
They hung these big white feathers and well, it was perfect.

Photo by Colleen


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The crowd went crazy when The Andrews Sisters entered the room.
They very kindly performed "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B" and then dissolved back into 1942.

Julie Andrews, *musQrat Andrews and Malakai Andrews


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But the crowd REALLY went insane when (Boy Bar/Jackie 60 legend) Anna Conda performed.

She came out frighteningly beautiful to the Wire song "I AM The Fly". Then all of a sudden these hideous George Bush fly pinatas started buzzing around her. She bashed them to pieces with a giant fly swatter.

Believe me...
I am not doing justice to her number.
Someone, Help me describe it please.
It was amazing.

Anna Conda photos by Colleen


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I was so happy to see that Stick Man flew in for the party!
(Oh and Basil Twist came with)

Talk about bringing down the house!
That's nothing new for these two!

Stick Man and Basil Twist
Photo by Colleen


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Oh and speaking of Boy Bar/Jackie 60 Legends...
Here is a picture of Miss Glamamore.

Oh that's right...
she didn't make it!!!!!!!


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I also don't want to forget to mention the fabulous visual projections done by 3.

(3 does the projections at Tranny Shack).
since we didn't get to see glamamore
(maybe at another tingel tangel??!??)
i went hunting around on youtube to
see if i could find one performance
that really let you know how fierce she is...

i couldn't.
there are just too many good ones.
from boy bar to trannyshack...
just put "glamamore" in the search engine
on youtube and see for yourself.
When we were at Tranny Shack last week, we were gabbing away in the back when all of a sudden there was this explosion of applause.
I said to Goblin, "What the hell was that"?
I thought it was an earthquake.
He looked up at the TV monitor and said, "Glamamore just walked on stage".
I should have known.

She looks really good BTW.
I guess the fog suits her.
I'm sure it's good for your skin.
saw her again last night
looking very chic in a
black velvet jacket.
got a quick hello as she
headed out the door at booty call.
i could swear i saw the promoter
pay her just for being there!!

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