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And under that most classic portrait, had to add this photo from the last time Todd worked with us - as the "general" of our huge production for the opening of Barneys San Francisco in September 2007. Had the great great pleasure of spending almost a week with Todd on the fittings, costuming and everything else - just had no idea it would be our last..



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I am quite stunned by the sudden passing of my Blacklips confrere, Todd, AKA Lulu. She was a true original-- drop-dead gorgeous in drag, with an impeccable comedic timing which she really honed during her Blacklips tenure-- not to mention her wig-styling & makeup skills... Really one of the best-- if not THE best.

I can still recall, with a smile, her portrayal of the dissipated and jovial Queen Louise XI in both "The Red Shoes" and "Hunch" (Blacklips version of The Hunchback Of Notra Dame). Comic acting at it's finest!

Rest In peace, Todd!

In our Nightworld, there are two kinds of artists - those who labor over their own creations, and then those who add their talents to the creation of something larger than themselves. Todd was as brilliant as they come, but his art was in service to the collective, to the creation of club/art/style movements. That is why so many of you won't know his name, but you know his work.


I'd like to point out his enormous contributions to the following over two decades -


BoyBar (three of his Miss Boybar gowns sit in our storage ready for an October show), Jackie 60, as a prolific and gifted costumer and performer for countless themes

Blacklips, see Hattie's remembrance above

Heroes and Click + Drag at MOTHER, as doorperson and frequent performer

The Downtown Costume Institute, reconstructions of other great club costumers (i.e. Leigh Bowery)


and then there was Broadway, and then in SF, - the opera and more.

So much more. RIP, indeed.

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