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My dear friend Vulgar Greek went to see his show at the Apollo this Sunday night, and then came over to my house for a cocktail to share experience of his pure testesterone fueled performance. And he still is at his age- 60ish? 70ish? He drinks from the same fountain as Shirley Bassey & Eartha Kitt (the show must go on!), but he is pure male (and of note: Robbie Williams has made it clear that TJ is his idol, which makes sense b/c Robbie definitely has much of the same stage machinations).

As little child watching television in the late 60s, I would be fascinated by his show, and it was on after Soul Train, which I also watched dancing around the family room in front of the tv, mimicing the dancing patrons on the show. I have very distinct memories from his show of TJ singing dressed in his tight white bellbottom pants gyrating for the cameras, with gorg backup dancers in lashes, falls, and hot pants! And let me say that even then at that tender age, I had an instinctual attraction to that big basket that was definitely a prize poured into those tight pants. My goodness, I need to take a breath here after thinking about that.

His single & video released this summer- Black Betty- shows he's still got it.
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The other year me and me mate Claire drove all the way down to NJ arts centre to watch him! What a great night out...a real great perfomer in true style...charisma is defo the word... sooo few performers these day have charismam - Yes they might have talent or stylists but most of them have sooo littler real charisma... Tom Jones has it all.... sexy, humor (can take the piss out of himself) amazing voice... the ability to move with the times...
Good lil funny tale....
Back in my crappy- telly producer days I booked him on this talk show early in the morn...he arrived with Mark, his son/manager.. both of them still giddy from the night before... telling stories... long story short word is (an they were trying to convince me this was true but I still don't know if they were having me on) that whenever he shags a woman without a rubber he used to stick his dick in a tall glass of Listerine to kill of the germs. NOW every time I see him I have this visual!!! Who knows if it were true but they certainly were seriously explaining it to me!!! LOL ahhh Bless!
I remember in the mid 70's seeing tom Jones on some variety hour and being absolutely floored at the glaring outline of his cock and balls in his very tight poly trousers. You could actually see the head of his cock and all. His nuts are huge! I was also very taken with that hairy chest against a perpetual sunburn. Hot HOT HOT

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Sweetie, your instincts are always so right a bloodhound. Get this : Studio 54 mensroom 1978, standing at the urinal and who walks in and stands right next to me? Mr. Jones. Out plops the big uncut welsh bone, thick and meaty. I almost fainted. He turns and sees me drooling at it and says" Sorry son, this is for the ladies. Better wipe your mouth before you drool all over your nice shirt." Puts it back in his pants and pats me on the head. Smiles and walks out. That Mr. Jones is a very nice man.

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