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It is with sadness and a heavy heart that I pass along this info...

Tom Murrin AKA The Alien Comic died this morning in hospital from cancer after a stay of a little more than a week. Tom was a ground-breaker, an influence and an inspiration to many of us, and will be sorely missed. Masks, toys, numerous onstage costume changes, and of course, his Full Moon Shows (Viva Luna Macaroona!) all contributed to  making his legacy uniquely unforgettable. Bravo, Tom, Bravo!!!
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Thank you for starting this topic Hatches..


Tom Murrin / The Alien Comic was our own Lipstick Traces from the Dadaists, a direct line from the Cabaret Voltaire to the stages of 8 BC, LaMama, Jackie 60, PS 122 and everywhere that really mattered in between. If you knew Tom or had ever seen one of his performances, you will know what a loss this is. From the entire Jackie Factory family, deepest condolences to all of his many fans, family and friends.

Before ever knowing of Tom's contribution to performance art, I first met him as my neighbor when I lived on Ridge street with Faux Pas yeargo ago.  Always smiling, always encouraging, always making the effort to support our fledgling careers.  A wonderful man.  Thru the years I learned of his performances and had a great conversation with Penny Arcade about him and what he gave to the downtown performance scene that soon travelled all across university campuses and was soon called "performance art".  We lost a valuable family member who was very loved and treasured as one of the best guys around.

Alien Comic was a brand name decades before art marketeers and every aspiring stage denizen wanted to be one.For a long period of time it seemd you could not pick up a local publication with event listings and not find Tom there. That is the mark of a true creative resource, just his ubiquitessness, and it reflected the tremendous output of the fellow, the widespread respect he had built and the eagerness of the audience to want more and more. Also, now, it is like we have to remind ourselves his was a LIVE act with all the immediacy and jolts that go with it, not an almost real (virtual) act-de-telelectrism.

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