"The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon"!
"In The City Of Shy Hunters"!

And coming soon...

"Now Is The Hour"!
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I love this man's writing. No one can spin a yarn the way he does. When I was in Atlanta for 8 months back in '04, I read IN THE CITY OF SHY HUNTERS twice just to keep me plugged in back here. Look for him to be in New York again sometime in the first part of June. He's such a doll.

And I should point out to our lurkers that our own Mr. Joe is a bit of a writer himself.

He's part of a new anthology published by Cleis Press Books called HOT GAY EROTICA 2006.

You can buy the book in the chains -Barnes & Nobles, Borders etc. (But if you pick it up from an independent that's always better).

As Mr. Joe says, "Support the "little guys"!

In NYC, check Oscar Wilde or Bluestockings.
In Atlanta, check Outwrite.

If you prefer the comfort of your own home or office and are repulsed by the idea of actually touching something with your hands before you buy... well, you can go to the Cleis Press homepage cleispress.com , or onlined booksellers Amazon.com or Powells.com.


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More about the party? I think I'm in Oregon at that time (where, usually, I see Tom same time each year)...

I am just ordering my copy of NOW IS THE HOUR to read on that very trip.

His web site isn't updated with the NYC appearance...details?
WOW! It's Tom Spanbauer week in NYC! Sage just sent out invites to NYers from tribe.net with this itinerary:

Hi Everyone....heres Tom's reading schedule for New York.....with an attached flyer for for the big free Love In party on Peir 63.....That night looks to be a lot of fun with many faces from both Tom's and my past...we really hope to see you out while we are in new york. For reviews and info on the new book, check out www.tomspanbauer.com

New York Book Tour Dates---JUNE

192 Books with A.M. Holmes
192 Tenth Ave at 21st Street
7 PM

Spanbauer LOVE-IN
on peir 63 at 23rd street. Sundown.

The Greenwich Village Barnes and Noble 7:30 PM
396 Avenue of the Americas at 8th Street

10th--- Night Out at CroBar
530 West 28th Street
Posted by: Sage
Has anyone read "Now Is The Hour" yet?
I saw it in the Barnes & Noble window so I know it's out.

It's great.
It's the Tom Spanbauer that you love but I have to say it won't destroy you for weeks after like the others.

Like in the first chapter I totally fell in love with his dog Tramp. Then I started thinking
-Damn! He's gonna kill the dog, I just know it. The dog is gonna die. So I called him and said, "Are you going to do this to me again? Is this dog gonnna get creamed by a pick-up truck or something"?
His words:
"Don't worry, the dog doesn't die. I go easy on you in this book".

And it's true, he does.

I'm not saying that it's not intense because it's Tom Spanbauer but he does go a little easy on us.

This from Tom's boyfriend Sage:

Just to let you know, Tom's reading on June 7th at 192 books with A.M. Holmes is canceled (A.M. Holmes will still be reading that night)
And more TRIBES are added every day.

Last night Mistress Formika and Jonny McGovern joined the party!


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Thought I'd dust off this topic.

For Spanbauer-philes: Tom and his partner, Michael Sage Ricci, both have short memoir pieces just published in PORTLAND QUEER - TALES OF THE ROSE CITY, Lit Star Press. Both pieces are, of course, fantastic. Currently, I'm being hosted in Portland by "Andy," who you can meet in Sage's piece.

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