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Di is a HUGE fan of Tori. When I first heard her I thought "not bad but I don't know what the great rave is" Then I saw her in concert for the first time. My initial thought was "oh my god I am the ONLY guy here" that was 7 years ago.

She is an artist that genuinely cares for her audience. Her music is both inciteful and emotional. She is an aquired taste, like anchovies. I am now as big a fan of Tori as Di.


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Oeey Vey.... now we are reeeaaly loosing it on the Devoted boards.......
I'm sorry... Tori cannot be real... now what about Tori Spelling... now she is a true star!!
There are just SO many true talented chicks that should be posted BEFORE Tori is posted - Joni Mitchell, Dianne Reeves, Kate Bush...Cyndi Lauper even,
Sorry ... hopelessly dissapointed in you both for that one.... sorry...
I personally worship Ms. Amos' left hand. She has got to have the muscles of a truck driver to pull off some of that bass clef. And yet she is only about 4 foot tall.
And Anna, I have heard that she is the first to give all the credit where it is due to Joni and Kate unlike the most recent crop of "grrrls" out there.
I have always liked her "Pele" album. And its Harper Lee/Southern Gothic slant. I often play it while I am applying my make-up. Can you tell?

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