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I was never a Tori fan - in fact I had never really heard her music or had much experience with her at all. But then a friend of mine invited me to one of her shows last year - it was one where she played piano with her left hand and an organ of some kind with her right.

beautiful. I suddenly understood why so many people love her. Her voice, her words and how she just GIVES IT UP for her audience brought me close to tears many times.

Tori is one of those artists seem to keep getting better and better...

you say hes got a healing machine
that glows in the dark
glows in the dark
you say there's not a lot me
left anymore
just leave it alone

from "Amber Waves"
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I love me some Torn Anus...
Oh wait that's not right, wrong topic I think that's going on in Mondo Internet right now


No, We're big Tori fans here, although her last few albums have become more inaccessible.

I've heard rumors that she often gets off on her bench/stool during concerts.

Now that's feeling the music!

We have a friend that was going through a really tough time in high school, and he was a HUGE Tori fan (this was before her first album made it big) Anyhow, His mom contacted Tori, and Tori reached out and and really helped him through the darkest part of his life.

They are still friends to this day.

I don't know, I thought I'd share that to give people an idea of the woman behind the music.

Please No! Not Tori Amos...... Tori Spelling perhaps but not Amos.... I have to post to disagree on this one! I find her just so contrived and just so.... how can i say it... well, "shite"! All that bollocks about her rape and blah-dee-blah... sorry... but lets have a Joni Mitchell section before a Tori.... or even Jill sobule (highly underrated).... sorry to piss all about here... but....well... REALLY!
This is one topic where I find a lot of girls I know HATE her. I find it really interesting. I usually don't notice things like this (gender) but it's the intensity of the hatred that always astounds me. I don't find many boys who feel that way. I'm not a huge fan, I don't own any of her CD's but I do like some of her work. I also have a soft spot for her since I had to lip sync her "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cover in the "Kurt, Courtney and Jackie" play at Jackie 60 years ago.
tori clearly arouses passions - but J-Lo comparisons? Think about what you're saying Anna! Dost thou speakest without thinkingest?? Never have I heard Tori say "bling, bling" or "look at my rocks" or whatever or capitalize on her public image to such a gross degree or objectify herself in common, belchy ways like la Lopez. She sings observational, personal songs about her life and her experiences, writes her own music (and arrangments!), tours like mad dog (playing in really cool, personal venues!) and (while J-Lo is out shopping for diamonds)plays piano beautifully and gets herself off at the same time! I myself have found her somewhat "inaccessible" at times, for different reasons - but she really is on her own unique trip - which I admire. There are always a few songs on each album I can really sink my teeth into. And she always takes me there.
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alright, i'm sorry... but there is something about these 'songstress' type chicks that i tend to loath (except Joni, no one can piss on our Joni)... it's that "I-am-a-poet", whismy, etherial, mystic, I-watch-Paul-taylor-dance, type broad that i just wanna slap (but ok i would rather slap J-Ho more).. that Jewel-Tori-Norah Jones just gets to me... but that's just me... would rather see/hear a dirty-knickers type Courtney or a no-nonsense Joni.. this might be a personal grudge (I'll tell the story one day!!)...contrived singer-songwriters...sorry ... just ignore my rant... jeez i'm at-it today -sorry- I'm not even on the rag and i am like this.... sorry...just ignore me...

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