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Remember this? The fabulous Otter, DJ Johanna Constantine and (the birth of) G-Spot all made this party extra scary and gorgeous, it was voluptuos horror! I consider Otter to be my drag mother and she actually (re)named me G-Spot because my monster shim outfits were too glam for my birth name. This party was the first one that did the What Would You Do For 50$ contest; later "borrowed" by another EVill promoter and uped to 100$! We had the drummer from G.G.Allen's band stick drumsticks up his ass, Otter breaking bottles over people's heads (as per their request), and Lady Hennesey-Brown pumping tied together stockings out of her pussy that reached all the way across the street! This was quite possibly the last interesting party that happened at Pyramid.
If anyone wants to be simultaneously sickened and overjoyed I have a whole photo album's worth of pics from those nights. Real art makes you puke, right?
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Oh My God, are you alive? I thought there was definteley some bionics and silicone going on there. Trip was in '94 and '95 I think, that was the messy G-Spot days so I'm a bit foggy. Is Johanna on these boards? Has anyone seen her lately? She would know. Anyway I had short hair, no tattoos on my arms, and I still had my...ya know, before the big CHOP CHOP.
Scotty the Blue Bunny was reminding me last night of the time Otter had scheduled a midget to hide beneath her hoop skirt and fist her vagina on stage. Well, the midget did not show up, so the enterprising Otter went out to a squat on Avenue C (in hoop skirt) and got a little squatter boy to complete the act. Very high art.
whoa! just saw this- TRIP AND GO NAKED!!! i'm with g, otter was like my drag mama too , ooooh that girl took me under her black wing for many years. The opening night of TRIP i was in the bathroom , over the toilet, we had set up a piece of cardboard that enclosed me in a small space, me and the toilet, with a teeny peephole, people would push a dollar through it and i would spit a penny back. The "99¢ whore". For this amount , i'd flick a red light on for seconds and drink whisky and do some drugs, and pretend to do others. Method. For HOURS, i sat crouched over the toilet. Of course, Otter's idea, and i was more than happy to oblige. Otter is a genius and I know she must be tearing it UP down in New Orleans. Love you mama.
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looking forward to this!
havent seen Otter in quite a long time
and have fond memories of the original party at the Pyramid... (although those memories are fuzzy to begin with ;p )

see you all tonight!

(PS Johanna Constantine is also one of the resident DJ's at SMack!,
which has also been going since 1996
come see her spin at the upcoming SMack! party on Halloween 10/31!)

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