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there are getting to be more and more Motherboarders on Twitter... and apparently there is also a "Rob_Roth" in NYC who is NOT our Rob Roth.

We were following him for about a week before I saw him post something about getting up early on a weekend to play... golf.

Some people of interest:

Justin Bond

Jake Shears

Casey Spooner

Larry Tee

Cody Crithceloe (SSION)

Miss Guy

Murray Hill

Tommie Sunshine (very active Tweeter & Free bootlegs)

Paul Alexander

Shein Lee

Mark Moore

Hedda Lettuce

Amber Ray

Brini Maxwell (needs a twitter version of "Why didn't you think of that?")

Margaret Cho

Oh, and us. Smile

Zazoo & Satori
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oh , and for the moment I'm on the "I hate Twitter" side, but that could chance at any moment, now that I have seen it at use for the Iranians. I first found it SO 'coked out' for lack of a better phrase. It seemed so desperate and high strung. Lady J swears by it so I guess I might be turned at some point. But the stuff coming out of Iran is really what the future is about.
Totally agree.

I was determined to let the entire Twitter thing pass us by and run its course.

Then I set up an account a few weeks back when a few close friends did, and was pretty sure I'd have stopped using it by now.

This weekend 100% converted me. Not only the cooperation of the entire world with what was going on in Iran, but then when the tweet campaign started on Monday to force Twitter to postpone maintenance that's when I got chills.

The twitter community pulled together over the course of one hour and successfully got Twitter's attention and got maintenance delayed until prime time in the US the next day so that Iranians could use it at peak protest times.

Actually watching the topic creep to the top and the realtime reactions of Twitter and their host/provider was incredible.

The community had put together a tactical plan and pulled it off about a half day before the US government was even able to release the statement.

It's all really mind blowing and definitely something to watch in the upcoming months.

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Just when I was getting a bit sick of Twitter, I witness another amazing accomplishment.

This morning it started getting around Twitter VERY quickly that a RI Tim Horton's Franchise owner was sponsoring a NOM benefit this weekend. NOM = National Organization for Marriage the wackos behind the "Growing Storm" TV spot. ( More Here)

Before the business day was done, Tim Horton's had Pulled their funding.

Eat that NOM. (nom, nom, nom.)

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