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Hey everyone, here's the info on the relaunch of Studio 54 Saturdays -- a great blend of everything Manhattan in the most famous nightclub in the world!

Address: Studio 54 is on 54th Street & 8th Ave.

Cover: $25 regular/ $15 reduced on Premier Guest List. Call 212 330 8975 or email, leave your info and the number in your party, we will confirm with you. If you bring 3 guests or more you will be comped!
*** NOTE: Open bar between 10-11.

Music: Our 2 resident DJ's are DJ Kaori & DJ Cassidy. They spin a kitschy blend of funky house/old school classics/disco, et al.

*** Guest list closes at 2 a.m.
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We were all giggling recently when we noticed that the carefully guarded secret about the Suzanne Bartch comeback affair on Valentines day is its at China Club! No wonder they only printed the address on the flier..

As far as Studio 54 goes, this might not be the best forums to refer to studio as "the greatest nightclub that ever was" or whatever you called it blondebuddy. These would probably be the forums celebrating everything that studio 54 WASNT. So it is fine for you to post your party here, but do mind the hype.
I might not go, as I'm usually intimidated by people with such prodigious nuts. However, if I do get up enough, um, courage, to go I'll be the Long Island girl (bad bleach job, pleated leather pants, large-but-not-toned homophobe on my arm) with ten friends. John, if you see me, you should soooo hit on me. I get in for free, right?
Holy shit! I post one inocuous (sp?) plug of my Saturday night party at Studio 54, and whatdya know, 17 responses -- some of them even personal (I promise to remove your gag from you Daddy if you come to my party....) At the risk of sounding sophmoric, this site rocks!

Goblin, Martini's aren't $17, I swear. Beers are $5, well drinks $6, and yea, cosmos etc. range from 8-10. Not cheap in this recession era but you'll live. And hey, I get a bottle -- introduce yourself and I'll fix you some poison.

Helin Rhianon, whatever did you get arrested for? Ah, none of my business. Well I am a lawyer as well (seriously) in case you need a good one smile

Sweetie, we really don't get the B&T crowd so much. Honestly, its a lot of models/actor/music industry types, plus their hangers' on, plus the people who like to say that they saw so-and-so out. Ratio is 70-30 straight-gay approx, with a fair share of T's. Its a pretty scene and people are friendly -- no "how ya doin'" guido's are tolerated. Does that help?

Jizz bucket, I MIGHT let you check your clothes but you've gotta try out for me first. Send me a pic at

Ted & Di -- I'd love for you to scare the crap out of my guests, and I"ll comp you to do it, but put up or shut up. Meaning, email me, I'll leave you a comp at the door, but you'd better wear some outrageous shit or everyone on this board will find out from ME that you're all talk and no play.

last but not least....Girlie, darling, I'd love to meet you. Bringing me 10 people under my list would totally rock my world. I'll be MORE than happy to comp you and some of your friends as well. email me & send a pic so I recognize ya.

That about covers it. For those of you brave enough to go, my list at the door is called Premier List. Ciao

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