Upstairs at Studio 54 Saturdays

Hey everyone, here's the info on the relaunch of Studio 54 Saturdays -- a great blend of everything Manhattan in the most famous nightclub in the world!

Address: Studio 54 is on 54th Street & 8th Ave.

Cover: $25 regular/ $15 reduced on Premier Guest List. Call 212 330 8975 or email, leave your info and the number in your party, we will confirm with you. If you bring 3 guests or more you will be comped!
*** NOTE: Open bar between 10-11.

Music: Our 2 resident DJ's are DJ Kaori & DJ Cassidy. They spin a kitschy blend of funky house/old school classics/disco, et al.

*** Guest list closes at 2 a.m.
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We were all giggling recently when we noticed that the carefully guarded secret about the Suzanne Bartch comeback affair on Valentines day is its at China Club! No wonder they only printed the address on the flier..

As far as Studio 54 goes, this might not be the best forums to refer to studio as "the greatest nightclub that ever was" or whatever you called it blondebuddy. These would probably be the forums celebrating everything that studio 54 WASNT. So it is fine for you to post your party here, but do mind the hype.
I might not go, as I'm usually intimidated by people with such prodigious nuts. However, if I do get up enough, um, courage, to go I'll be the Long Island girl (bad bleach job, pleated leather pants, large-but-not-toned homophobe on my arm) with ten friends. John, if you see me, you should soooo hit on me. I get in for free, right?
Holy shit! I post one inocuous (sp?) plug of my Saturday night party at Studio 54, and whatdya know, 17 responses -- some of them even personal (I promise to remove your gag from you Daddy if you come to my party....) At the risk of sounding sophmoric, this site rocks!

Goblin, Martini's aren't $17, I swear. Beers are $5, well drinks $6, and yea, cosmos etc. range from 8-10. Not cheap in this recession era but you'll live. And hey, I get a bottle -- introduce yourself and I'll fix you some poison.

Helin Rhianon, whatever did you get arrested for? Ah, none of my business. Well I am a lawyer as well (seriously) in case you need a good one smile

Sweetie, we really don't get the B&T crowd so much. Honestly, its a lot of models/actor/music industry types, plus their hangers' on, plus the people who like to say that they saw so-and-so out. Ratio is 70-30 straight-gay approx, with a fair share of T's. Its a pretty scene and people are friendly -- no "how ya doin'" guido's are tolerated. Does that help?

Jizz bucket, I MIGHT let you check your clothes but you've gotta try out for me first. Send me a pic at

Ted & Di -- I'd love for you to scare the crap out of my guests, and I"ll comp you to do it, but put up or shut up. Meaning, email me, I'll leave you a comp at the door, but you'd better wear some outrageous shit or everyone on this board will find out from ME that you're all talk and no play.

last but not least....Girlie, darling, I'd love to meet you. Bringing me 10 people under my list would totally rock my world. I'll be MORE than happy to comp you and some of your friends as well. email me & send a pic so I recognize ya.

That about covers it. For those of you brave enough to go, my list at the door is called Premier List. Ciao
Well done, Blonde John. Well done indeed. Take that negative energy and transform it into something else, just like Mother Sabrina says.

I know that you're trying to raise the roof and make something big happen, and 54 ought to be able to do it, if it isn't too commerche. Don Quixote and the windmills, why not? Pay no mind to the poo-poo's' and give it everything you've got; but dammit, you've gotta even out that 30-70 percentile if you want it to get a proper lift-off.

However, it's worth noting that even with the ten dollar reduction on the premier list, that fierce admission is going to hurt you on the ground support. Why truck it all the way uptown to some old joint that our legends dish when you can go to a fabulous evening out downtown for a fraction of the cost, (if anything)? Show us the big-big balls, buster. I defy you to make the naysayers eat their words...NYC clubland could certainly use it these days.

Speak it Minerva!

Oh yeah...3 freaks to 7 geeks..Those are great odds if you're a geek. Why would anyone except the truelly desperate want to go UPTOWN and be in the minority with a bunch of straight people in a club that saw its hey day about 20 years ago, Ooooohhhhh so cutting edge. I'll pass.

Besides the greedy owners wanted to sell my Studio 54 book if they could buy it from me for less than cost and mark it up about 1000 percent. Nice people.

How about getting a NEW idea...something fresh.

There's suddenly this very bad taste in my mouth.

I dare you to make us all eat our words Blondebuddy.
Hi blondebuddy - well, you certainly can promote a topic here - I haven't seen this much interest in Studio 54 since the Pet Shop Boys had their afterparty there a few years back.

I was never very interested in Studio even in its heyday (there were so many better scenes to obsess over) but would be interested to visit one night just to see what you are doing there. I would appreciate if you'd post a pic in your profile so we or other Motherlovers would know you when we got there and could say hi, or have you pour from your copious private bottle!

If you have any questions feel free to e me.
Blonde Buddy,
I give you alot of credit standing up for youself. (against us devil bitches from hell) Either you are a complete idiot or you are really fierce. Either one is ok by me. I'm with girl on this, I like big balls and you have them!

But please tell me... and I'm being completely serious. What is it that you do? Are these your parties? Do you come up with the concepts? Are there concepts? Do you design the invites? Do you have invites? Do you book performers? Do you have performances? Decor? Themes?

You see, almost everyone in this topic has done (or is doing) almost all of these things. (Some of us, before you were born) That's why we have trouble understanding things like "premire guest lists". What do these parties offer? And please don't say the thrill of being in the same room with The Hilton Sisters or one of the Ronsons. Take a look at Bobby (Miller's) famous photo book on the real Studio 54, those were parties! (no matter what Chi Chi says though I admit the people were hideous there and I'll admit this is one big run-on sentence) They were incredible, over the top theme parties. (I don't see Paris Hilton riding in on a horse). The flowers alone in those days rivaled the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

So please explain to me this guest list thing. Do you get money for every sucker that comes in on your name? Is it your party? What do you do? What do we get if we go? Them?

The people who ADVERTISE on, & The Motherboards (Like CHEZ ES SAADA, THROB RECORDS, CBGB, PATRICIA FIELD, GLOBAL 33, WESTEND RECORDS etc.) are ALL checked out for coolness.

We can't possibly check out every person who POSTS on The Motherboards. That's what the discussions are about. If something sucks, believe me, we will all know about it. And if something is great...
well whole careers have been made on these boards.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Motherboard turnout last night at Studio. For those who came it was truly a blast, for those who didn't you can always play catch-up next week, same blonde time, same blonde channel. Email me at or call 212 330 8975 if ye are interested.

I emailed personal responses to those recent replies to keep from airing more jiz-stained laundry in public. Hope to see you this Valentine's Day at Spa/Ultra, comps to EVERYONE by asking for The Premier List.

Johnny, possessor of the most wanted balls on this site
Hey John, I applaud your understanding of these boards as a fun forum for us girls to talk trash and be bitchy yet not take ourselves too seriously (except of course when it comes to *). While we run 54 through the mud (mudd), it's only because we like to hang out at places like the Cubby Hole, Crazy Nannies, and Denim & Diamonds. No one wants to dissuade someone from trying to promote nighttime activities in this city. Carry on!

Oh, and can I get 6 comps for this Saturday?
We girls are always up for a party. I'll check out Studio 54. I met this hot bartender at Meow Mix and I'm thinking about asking her out. This would be a great place for me to take her. I hope she doesn't have a girlfriend already.

So put me down, Pat plus Jessica Rabbit for Staurday.
John writes
Ted & Di -- I'd love for you to scare the crap out of my guests, and I�ll comp you to do it, but put up or shut up. Meaning, email me, I'll leave you a comp at the door, but you'd better wear some outrageous shit or everyone on this board will find out from ME that you're all talk and no play.

I am sure that your party is an interesting one. The question for myself and I believe, my fellow MBers is this an event that WE will find interesting. We are all used to, in some degree or another a certain level of quality. I define quality as:

Fashion/Costumery- not the type that you might find this month in Elle vogue or their assorted clones but the fashion that hasn't been invented yet. During my time at Mother, (I use this as an example because I did not have the pleasure of attending S. 54 in it's heyday) I was witness and in some small way party to an ever changing creative blitz of the senses. The creativity that was channeled through the space by all of the participants guests and acts in the ever-changing spectacle of fashion genesis that was Mother.

The Crowd- I have become spoiled and that has perhaps caused me to become more brattish as the time goes by. I prefer, no, NEED there to be an equally interesting crowd. The crowd must satisfy this basic test, Approachability. Armed with my witty repartee I approach someone in the crowd flinging forth such never before uttered ice breakers as......

Hi I am Ted this is Diane
Is this the line for the Bathroom
Nice ______ did you make that

if the crowd can at all be considered decent in my eyes the response must be more than a grunt. Even a well placed epithet is considered OK. As long as it is creative.

On to my next point. I have been to many parties where I was the entertainment. Not paid entertainment but the entertainment nonetheless. This is the kind of party whereby my friends and I might be sitting at a table dressed (in my opinion) relatively tame (or not) and invariably someone who is either: the guest of the guest of the promoter, sub-promoter, sub-fill-in-DJ's boy/girlfriend, bartender/barback coatcheck boy/girl. Decides to approach me/us their comments range from the absurd to the inane to the plain frightening. A friend once had one of these very people lock himself in a bathroom with her in an attempt to flatter her with his charm.

Now, having been such entertainment, I prefer to know, KNOW with utter confidence that the club/party space is safe. Not safe from snipes of the verbal variety but safe from harm and harassment.

The price of admission.- the all important LIST I do prefer to be on the list. I consider it a great compliment. I like to feel that someone appreciates the fact that I am there. That being said my first stop after the coat check is to find the promoter who put me on the list and thank them for that courtesy. I then invariably offer to buy that person a drink. If it is their club I try to buy others a drink through the night or help out in other ways. I enjoy helping in my own small way to achieving a better party.

Another point:
Many of the readership here are sometimes between jobs or just in a low spot. At these times it is imperative that they be granted access to their social support group. Now, this group is often inside the club. That $20 is often the entire budget for entertainment for the night/weekend/week. I am not begrudging any promoter his/her due It is a tough job and an even tougher living. All promoters should make a buck. For more on that topic see other threads on the boards. Just keep in mind the above.

"you'd better wear some outrageous shit or everyone on this board will find out from ME"

From that statement I know that we haven't met or that you haven�t seen me at any number of other wonderful events listed on these boards by equally hard working promoters.

"you're all talk and no play"



ps leave my comp at the door I will be there one of these nights. Ted n Di - that's 2 and I'll buy you a drink when I see you.
I tire of this repartee about Studio 54 and it's supposed fabulousness. I can only imagine that the only people there who might classify as " cool, cutting edge, innovative, unusual-in-a-amazing-way, stylish, or hip" would be the downtown crowd that hate going above 14th street for anything. It is almost a given that those of us who can be considered legendary wouldn't be caught dead staring at the gasping mouths and faces of the B&T or "fashion" crowd that I am sure you will find at Studio. Why beat a dead horse. Studio 54 had it's hey-day in 1977-1980. It's over. There have already been bone pickers before this group trying to ride to finacial freedom on the reputation of this once glorious club. Why don't you young kids( if you're really clever and smart) start something new and never done before.
Oh..that might be hard to do huh?

This is merely the opinion of this one moderator here at the motherboards and in no way reflects to perspective of the founders , creators and moderators here at The Motherboards.

I speak solely for myself. But I did write the book on Studio 54.
ah, its so much nicer to come home after a long night of partying and promoting to see (mostly) kind words on this board. After all, it is officially 3:27 a.m. on Valentine's day, and I am alone with only Edith & Archie Bunker to entertain me. One of my guilty pleasures, especially with the whacked sleeping patterns I have, is Nick @ Nite.

Just thought y'all should know that. I digress...

Pat (curious to see this Jessica Rabbit friend of yours), Sheril V., Nancy I (quite a hike from Newton Mass, eh?), Messy Bonnie (lets give 'em something to talk about baaaaaby), Ted 'n Di -- you all will be comped for Studio on Saturday, as promised by moi. Just send me a quick email por favor at so I know to take you seriously, and I'll take care of the comps I promised.

Ted n Di, let me buy YOU -- both smile -- a drink for such a thoughtful email.

There are, in fact, some people who *I'd* say are cutting-edge fashion there in a non-Elle mag way, but maybe our tastes are different. Its an attractive crowd, an interesting mix....perhaps not *as* mixed as the free Spa party that Premier List is promoting tonight (shameless plug, sorry) but good nonetheless. People tend to be friendly and approachable, and I can absolutely assure you that you'll be free of harassment.

The money issue....I understand completely where you're coming form on that. I think in those terms as well, and I think MB users are more $$$ savy than many on my crowd.

Comparatively, 54 is reasonable. Studio is $15 on my list (not $20), plus I offer to comp anyone that brings at least 3 people with them. So figure a group of 4 is spending $11 each. Plus, we have an open bar from can make back your $11 right there in rapid fashion.

OK girls, time to sleep. Get back to me MBers, and look forward to a wild night with you on Saturday.

Well here it is my take on the 54 and I quote Blonde Buddy� a great blend of everything New York��.. NOT !!! It was 1:00 AM when I arrived, the door men were very nice and cute, they let me right in and comped me when I mentioned Blondebuddy and I didn�t have to stand in the line of 6 waiting to get in. If I had to pay u wouldn�t be reading this right now because I would have thrown myself in front of a train
The place was pretty crowded and I was not impressed with the interior design, which I found boring and put together without much thought. The music, well everyone was having a good time on the dance floor, but I thought there was too much Rap going on here.
The crowd, well if this isn�t B & T then I don�t like heels and makeup, I didn�t see anyone who even resembles anyone who might of lived or hung out below 14th St. As far as gay clientele they must have been hidden in a closet and I was the only tranny gurl there. As far as a mix of models is concerned, I didn�t see any nor did I see any decent wanna be�s. However if there were any models there they must have not graduated from Barbizon as of yet, therefore still unidentifiable. I didn�t feel uncomfortable though, however I was getting a lot of strange looks from the women which I thought was rather strange, usually it�s the homophobic guys, but this was not the case.
Motherluvers will be bored sick with this place, I won�t be going back, Blonde Buddy should of read Bobby Millers book and hired him as a consultant, changed the name and found a decent promoter, then he might have had something.
To Blonde buddy here is my advice, first Thank you for the comp, keep on catering to the crowd I saw their u will do well. However, this club does not resemble the Studio 54 I knew except for the street name. You should change the name and leave Studio 54 to rest in peace. There was only one Studio 54 and that�s all their will ever be, everything else is just a cheap imitation.
Last year Johanna Constantine and I were hired to gogo dance there on a Saturday night, the staff was verry nice and the patrons were ok, mostly tourist's and all straight, people were asking me if I was from the "SHOW" Cabaret.Now I don't know if it was the same promoter or dj, but the music was EVERY SONG EVER! you name it, they played it.
We were paid on time, and asked to come back next week.A few days later we recieved a call saying that we would NOT be back next week, thank you and goodbye.
We had fun togeather, but ONLY if you PAY me.
You are a brave soul! I give you alot of credit. I never made it. I put on my new Raymond Dragon stomach hugging shirt (that I had recently stole out of a locker at David Barton Gym) and started out the door. As soon as I walked out of my building this group of NYU students stopped dead in their tracks, pointed at my middle and fell on the sidewalk laughing. I was so mortified that I ran back upstairs. Kids can be so cruel.

Actually, I went to La Esquelita last night and had a blast.

Fuck those little NYU kids, when I was walking to 54 last nite some guys passed me one said "thats fucked up" I turned and told him, get the fuck out of NYC u don't know how to behave here" he shut up. I didn't want to take off my heels and bean him. Besides I might of broken a nail.
Hey, I got your spam.

It wasn't Suzanne Somers on the horse silly! They told you on the Motherboards that it was Bianca Jagger. You have poor listening skills.

Listen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting to a more mainstream crowd. There are more of them, they tend to pay, that's what it's all about. But, when you paint your party as something that it isn't, you just get a lot of people mistrusting you. It's like crying wolf. You don't have a gay following. Nor do you have an "alternative" following. You would need a massive gay/alterative list and a reputation to pull that crowd in. If you pretend your party has that crowd when promoting you're only creating a group of people who will never trust you again. If you want some wild looking people at your party, pay a few to dance, mingle, perform, etc. That's what GBH does with me. My friends don't flock to that party. It's just not their scene. But GBH hires me, I add color, and I make the place look a little more fun and ecclectic to the crowd that does attend. Many of them THINK I just like to hang out there, which makes them think the place is really cool. That's the way it goes.

As for Spa, well they do have that sort of crowd. If you want to invite a freakier crowd, invite them to that party. If you invite them to '54 first, you will have "cried wolf" and they won't show at SPA.

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Hi everyone,
Bob's the name, promotin's my game.
I'm starting a new Sat. party. If you went to the Studio 54 party and didn't like it stop by my party. Of course I don't have a space yet but I've been talking to the people @ TRUE and they seem real interested. Or maybe some of you know another place I could have my function. The bar guarantee is no prob 'cause I know it will be packed.
If anyone is going to hear Junior this weekend you should say that you are on my Platinum List. (Normally it is $40 to get in). Just walk up to the doorman and say that you are on Blonde Doody Bob's Platinum List. It's still $40 to get in but the people you are with will be impressed that you are on a list and I make a dollar on every person who says they are on my list so it's great for everyone.
Blonde Doody Bob keepin' it real.
Wow. Sheril's post made me sad, but it was true for that night. Studio hosted a VIBE Magazine party on 2/17 and the scene was like she described. All I can say is -- you're welcome, sorry you didn't have a great time, and it really is *not* typically like that.

However, the Blonde Doody Bob thing definitely cracked me up! $40 tickets, where do I sign? smile

Oh, if anyone would like to take a look at pictures or more detailed descriptions of any of the Premier List parties -- Spa Thursday, Centro Fly Friday, Studio 54 Saturday, Spirit of Ibiza Sundays -- go to
Thanks, Johnny

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