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We've moved in a few topics already in discussion that inspired this new Forum. If you live somewhere Else and regularly visit the Mboards, feel free to start a topic for YOUR scene or city. If you are just back from the best nightclub excursion, post here and share the wealth!

I'm inviting out-of-town Motherlovers to guest-moderate this forum, beginning with one of our earliest (and from what I've heard, lurkiest ) members, ulysses wept, from the early Interjackie posse, lately living in the U.K.
after stiints in Japan and Elsewhere.

If you are an out-of-town Mboards regular who might like to take over this mods slot in future, email me. Now, I turn it over to mr. wept.

Happy Trails!
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Finally made it to my own forum. Hee-hee. Unless you are one of the talented and beautiful house of domination cybersluts you probably have never met me. So why, then would the all-knowing empress put me in charge of the newest Motherboard?

Im not sure myself, except that Ive been lurking and sometimes posting here ince the early preview of these rooms and I DO reside elsewhere than New York, at least for the past eight years.

When ChiChi asked me to be the first Guest Mod, I told her I would be happy to as long as I didnt have to "cover" olde Londontown, where I currently hang my laptop and collection of bondage reading materials. I come to this particular online world to relax and remember what it was like to be in New York for a glorious couple of years( which brought me quite accidentally to the first Cyberslut show at Jackies, and then to every one I could make. )

Seriously though I do love to travel, and am lucky to do the kind of work where I get to indulge this passion quite frequently. I am delighted to preside even for a fortnight over such an august collection of NY celebrities, prostitutes, and artistes.

My modertaion style which was honed on the old usenet battlegrounds, is rather low-key. I am apt to let things go on without me for a time, then come on busily and stir up the pot.
I don't believe in censorship at all, but I might step in if things get past a certain level of nastiness, and assume that is what those elusive "private forums" are for.

So welcome to Elsewhere and may all your journeys start and end here.
As I have just accepted a consultancy in Asia, I may be even more absent than usual beginning September 10. I therefore have suggested to The Empress that she find a second guest moderator for this forum in early September. I am only committed to this project for ten weeks, so I would be happy to resume my duties by early December, if that matters. Or I am more than willing to co-moderate with someone else while I am away.

I just would like another pair of eyes on things as I am not sure how wired some of my working destinations will be. If you are interested, please email Empress directly as she, and not I, will make the final decision. And I will doubtless be starting some new folders here.
Not the smartest moderator - I went to the old boards first to post this, so glad to see the Motherboards survived the move.

My trip/project date has been pushed back till November, so I will be able to gently prod this forum from my usual haunts till then.

Competely off topic, I was very excited about ArtMaker, and a bit jealous of the level of moderation being currently bestowed there by the lovely TonyaKnudsen. She has shamed me into visiting my own forum more often.
Cheers Ulysses Wept! I know that we have not yet been introduced ... but I hit the wrong button on the search page and your post came up. Thought I would come by and say Hello ...

'Was' very excited about ArtMaker? are you not still? any suggestions? if so, please send my way ...

No worries! 'The level of participation being currently bestowed over there' will probably even out as I find my pace. (I tend to over do things at first). Once it does, you will find me over here occasionally posting travel logs. D. and I like to travel frequently and Elsewhere is actually one of my favorite places on the boards. Coincidentally, I do get to London it seems more often than other places as I have a large group of programming/new media chums over there!

Anyway, yes, a pleasure saying Hello! ...
the lovely-or-so-I-aspire TonyaKnudsen razz
I received a little flutter of correspondence after last week's bombings in Bali. I just wanted to reassure everyone that though I was orignally meant to be in that part of the world this month, that entire project is now taking place much closer to home. I wasn't there and now it looks like I wont be going there anytime soon.

It is nice to be worried about and fussed over - Thank you Elsewherians.
Big Grin

Well I am definitely Elsewhere. Hello from Columbus, Ohio--the most gay-friendly city in a most definitely gay-averse state.

I just joined the message boards a few days ago, hoping to catch up with some friends I have in NYC (perhaps "stalking" is a more appropriate term).

Hugs to all! Wink
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This is my 11th year in china. 98% of which has been spent living in Beijing. This city hasn't stopped growing & getting better since i 1st came. when i came back to NYC this last year, i felt as though i was once again a tourist. Not that i don't know where is where or what makes NYC the only place of it's kind in the global world ... more like I really don't care ! I'm just thankful i spent my 20 yrs. there between 78 & 98. NOW i can see that THAT was truely the best time to experience what i went looking for in the 1st place.

If you're thinking of leaving the city that never sleeps ... today is a great time to start planning or just book a ticket & get the fuck outta there. so many cities in todays world DON'T SLEEP either. Beijing is one of the them.

I'm so happy to be back here ... where Everyday is an unknown experience & discovery. That's why i went to NYC & that's why I left.

ps ... hatches, I love you

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