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Hi ChiChi & Johnny, my birthday coming up on 1/21/11 reminds me of all the birthdays you shared with me!
Hi rulers! In answer to your question Bobby, not all of the forums have been tweaked yet for the new interface, including the private forums. We will be rolling these out after the weekend - still have to get the QMTV forums up first. So, stay tuned!
Hi,, I haven't posted much but I read stuff all the time,, kinda wish there was more talk about past times but anything to read is fine with me. My name on the last MB site was Babette but now I use my real name. Yvonne,,,, anyways,, thanks for the memories and thanks for this board.

K Bye
Yvonne! By any name, great to see you here - hoping that the new "share" tools here will involve even more people in our club history discussions. Like you, I find them to be one of our most lasting contributions. Just hit "share this topic" on the right-hand sidebar of every topic and choose one of dozens of alternatives for sharing...
ChiChi and Daddykins,
Congrats and thank you for keeping this valuable source for socializing and information alive and well!  So proud to be part of your tribe!
Thanks everyone! We have begun to restore private forums so if you were a part of one, look for it in the forum list over the next few days. Also, we are tweaking the "recent comments" widget so that will be off our main page for a day or two. You can always see the most recent activity on the "Activity" tab on the navigation.

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm as we continue to build a better Motherboards!

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