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Hi All,

While looking through some stuff, I came across an autobiography Wendy Wild wrote about 5 months before she died. She had come over to my apartment to type it on my computer. The autobiography was for a zine, whose name I've long forgotten. After Wendy's death, I tried, without success, to find the zine and contact the person who put it out. I've never seen it and don't know if it ever did come out.

So, after rediscovering the article, I decided to put it up on blogger. Please have a look and feel free to leave comments! And share the link with anyone who knew Wendy.

Wendy Wild World

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Wendy was /is one of my hero's ! met her at the lounge lizzards show at 8bc in 1981 ...did countless "wild" shows throughout the yrs. and toured with her all girl band ! The felines ! Wendy....for anyone who knew her could be the last man standing at almost any event with liquor. She seldom came back to the hotel room after a gig and would be picked up the next day "elsewhere". When i think of WENDY in my own mind... i see the words ..."The show must go on" & "trooper" ! Her LOVE is missed and can never be replaced. dana
Wendy was so great and a good person to know. The most fabulous mod outfits and never sloppy or casual. We did Peter Pan at Danceteria and John Sex was Peter, Wendy was Tiger Lilly, Alexis was tinkerbell and all the lost boys were girls. Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitaker put the whole thing on. Wendy and Peter did the song "Oooh wah ooh there's just one thing to do" and went right into "Boom shaka laka boom shaka laka Sing a simple song".
Speaking of "JOHN SEX" (as they were very close friends anyway and i'm sure she won't mind this.) As a pyramid tech. Hatches would on ocassion GIVE the tech crew a bunch of "cassette tapes" from bands or acts that would NOT be performing at PYRAMID. I often took these tapes and "recorded live shows" One of which is a fantastic "john sex show & band" along with all the usual "audience comments" and i believe WENDY does make it on stage for a tune or 2. Just hearing their VOICES so clear (we usually had 3 or 4 mic's to use so things like guitar and drums didn't always get MIC'ed.) however and i say HOWEVER.... listening to it brings it to life and i can see the show in my mind standing in the dj booth. Jonh Sex was/is my own personal idea of the consumate performer. always smiling, getting in a biting reply to some heckler. I hope i can put this together on a cd and NOT get sued. It should be out there for consumers. Thanks "wendy" !
Wendy loved trannie boys, she watched over them like a mother and her many daughters. I think it was the last Wigstock that she went to-on te pier-she came with an IV pole. Backstage she was ensconced in a folding chair surrounded by a bunch of pretty performers, some still in their teens, blessing them like the Virgin Mary. I am so lucky to have known her.
Having been one of those girly boys that Wendy looked over, I can truly say that I really loved that she did! Even when I would say to her "Oh, Fuck, Wendy! I am QUITE capable of taking care of myself with HIM!" Which- of course- I was generally wrong and she would just take me in, pour me a drink and say, "Aw. Fuck him! He isn't worth it! Wanna go ta Jackie 60?!" And proceed to pour another drink. Yes. I learned all about Love from Wendy Wild...

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