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Please excuse my nievitae- for I have only been in this business for a short period of time- but what the HELL happened? When I was a wee tranny smearing glitter wearing faggot in the woods of Maine I'd read of crazy insanity and creativity running amock with wild parties. It seems a lot of the same these days. Is lipsyncing a mariah carey or rihanna song supposed to be entertainment?
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Please don't! Thats WAY to much pressure. Besides, there are a lot more creative people than I out there, I just feel like a mindless sack of potatoes with a good idea once and a while.

Even though, it takes more than one person- it must be a collective movement of insane individuals terrorising the innocent club goers paridyms of a 98 cosmopolitan.
That's why it's always important to take whatever idea you may have and try to realize it. No matter how crazy or retarded you may think it is, it's still worth trying. Not always, but often people will recognize good intentions and reward that with their patronage. If there is something missing from the "scene" that you want then try to make it happen on your own (or hopefully with the help of friends). As bad as NYC seems to have become, at least according to many people round these parts (you're not alone Mimi), it almost makes it ripe for a revolution however small or large that may be.
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yeah... what the fuck happened?

places we'd haunt here out west are no longer... creative drag havens have now all become straight and boring bins

up until a year ago there used to be a wonderful saturday evening spot that brought in theeeeeee BEST arrangement of drags ever... disney lawyers... old engineers... big blue-collar men... all of 'em dressed to the hilt looking dowdy and wonderful in pearls and pumps... and DANCING... for them it was all about that big mirror and the gorgeous music

i love how T-girls take an evening off from their wives only to fall in love with their reflections and dance like parakeets... so glamourous

BUT... that's vanished!... GONE!... the rent went too high and the bar sold (only to wind up as some straight hip-business shit hole for vacant boozers)

what i wanna know is what happened to those mysterious women-men (men-women?) now that they've no place to go?

sad sad sad

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