Gorgeous piece!

And it's also nice to know my landlord was part of the picture:

...I rented a downtown restaurant from a particular family. The grandfather started out as a rubbish collector. They owned that whole area around Canal Street and bits of Tribeca when it was very unfashionable.
A great article. It really took me back. Though I didn't move to NYC until 1988, after-hours clubs were part and parcel to the nightlife experience back in the day. *sigh*
save the robots anv B and 3rd... lot of afterhours there. did that basement reek of crack or what.. dini was a supersport about it all though. what happened to him (back to france?)
Save the robots or Berlin back in the days...then people started dragging me to strange places in cabs...most were dark spaces, with wood floors, and standing fans running, no A/C, no ice in the drinks, warm beer, candle lit dirty bathrooms...I would say there was no electricity but how were those fans running? Then again that extension cord could have been chained several floors down, but oh back then I could care less about such things!!!
I was so freaking Naive that I would lift up the sheets, thinking I would see some display behind them, rather then strung out junkies.
Rather disturbing for me, so I stuck with people I came with after that and didnt go exploring on my own anymore afterhours.
The best afterhours fun was 103 ..or just go down the block to the Saint, they were open until 8 or 9 am
Afterhours rules..EVERYONE is off their horse!
the saint would close there doors at 4:30 and if you were in "you're IN" IF NOT c ya (unless you were a hot bitch with coke and it didn't matter if you were male or female.) the saint had a weird vibe though. MAYBE TOO MUCH "LOCKER ROOM" ! It was a little militant in it's gayness...or i was just too "sensitive" ?

CRISCO"S disco was already gone then. As was"the ice palace" on 57th and 6th.

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