I nearly lived here and up the street at 'Robots' for a couple of years, thought it was the genesis for a lot of what was underground at the time. My only a appearance on a New York stage as "Darling for Dollars" singing the un-official NJ State Song. Very few realized the 2 packs of 100 fresh crisp dollar bills in my front tux pocket were real. That was when I had a real job and a real camera.

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so they paved over another paradise and this time, not even a parking lot... R.I.P.= 'the world' 2003?

I can't believe that "The World" is not bigger on the Motherboards.
It was an amazing club, a notorious club and always a scandal.
It was the birthplace of so much greatness.

Hubert Art posted this on my facebook page.
It really brought me back.
Chi Chi pointed out that that was the night we had a brown limo!
It was also the night that we actually got paid as I remember.
I can't remember the exact details but I know it involved our bodyguard/stylist Gennaro Palermo cornering Arthur Weinstein in a dark stairwell about 11AM.
(I will always miss Arthur & Gennaro -especially on New Year's Eve)

Anyway kids...
This was a New Year's Eve invite in 1984.
(I love how my band was called "New York 88". In 1984 I thought that 1988 was a long way off)


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The World! One of the first NYC clubs I visited when I moved here ... in 1988! And the first time my wide-eyed youthful eyes beheld a rollerskating waiter moving through the dance floor serving drugs on a platter. No one batted an eyelash. *sigh*

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