sorry to sound clueless, but neither of the numbers i had for her for years are currently operational (admittedly, i hadn't called those numbers in years, just seeing shim around, but havn't seen or heard in at least a year now)
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Messy Bonnie Raitt probly knows where Sweetie is, they're always fighting over some guy from the Department of Sanitation, or the last drop of Thunderbird.
Sweetie lives in Albania now with her lesbian lover Arbenitë. Sweetie has her own talk show there. She is the Oprah of Albania.
That's what I heard anyways.
I heard she moved to Gary Indiana and was shacked up with a guy named Tyrone Johnson.
That's what I heard anyway.
I thought I just heard her hacking and moaning under a pile of used damp mattresses in the pocket garden on 2nd Street near Avenue C.
That makes sense.
I heard that she hooked up with some Malaysian invester who bought The Parkside Lounge for her.
Oh that's why I saw a pair of kneepads discarded out front of that place.
I thought -Sweetie or Lady Bunny.

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