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I have been a huge fan of Gregory McGuire's novel WICKED since it came out about 5 years ago. I felt like it payed such brilliant homage to the OZ series of books I treasured as a child and also gave a very adult spin on childrens literature. Not only is it packed with fabulous fantasy, it also explores serious political and social issues in a way that is both educational and fascinating to read at the same time. When I heard that a Broadway Musical was being mounted based on the novel I was extremely skeptical that it could come even close to the emotional ride I had experienced looking into the life of Elphaba the little girl destined to go down in history as The Wicked Witch of The West.
I sat absolutely spellbound for almost three hours for the Monday night performance of WICKED the musical. I can honestly say I dont think I have ever taken such an emotional journey with a musical as I did with WICKED. The story although loosely based at best on the novel STILL manages to keep the important things important. It basically covers the lives and relationship between college roomates Elphaba and Glinda. Elphaba a green young lady with more than a hint of Goth chick in her, and Glinda, the blonde little lovely that would soon be making her entrance in a big bubble complete with magic wand and ball gown. The musical has a brilliant book. More so than the score. Idina Menzel the young lady playing Elphaba serves up Broadway at its best, planting her feet firmly center stage and delivering power house songs with outstretched hands and head thrown back in compleate abandon!! The audience couldnt get enough of her and Christine Chenowith the young lady playing Glinda with her own gorgeous abandon. On more than one occasion the audience rose to its feet and hooted and clapped for the two ladies.

The costumes as well as the sets are mazingly complex and utterly beautiful. When you finally arrive in the Emerald City, every fag in the place literally lost their Gay Minds!!! Flying monkeys whizzing overhead, and when at the end of Act 1, Miss Elphaba decides its time for her to fly, she literally brings the house down as her cape stretches the entire circumference of the stage and she rises in the air atop her broom singing at the top of her lungs. With plenty of wind and tons of talent, Miss Elphaba really flies!!!!! Talking animals, magic spells, its too fucking much!!!!! Run, do not walk. Sell a kidney, hock you mothers silver, get a ticket and see WICKED after you take a few days and read the novel!!! It is pure heaven!
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Wicked is yet another book I've been meaning to read for some time and have not gotten around to it. I read reviews of the novel some time ago and have been intrigued by the premise ever since.
I suppose after I finish J.T. Leroy's Sarah, my next read will be Wicked.

Yesterday I read the NY Times review by Ben Brantley of the Broadway production, which gives high marks to the actress playing Glinda. I rarely see Broadway theater, but between this and Taboo things certainly are perking up.

Read the review:

NY Times Theater Review: WICKED
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dearest Lex,
Support the theatre doll. It will make you a better person!! READ Sarah!! Its not even 150 pages. Be done with her. A worthy, wonderful read on all levels!!! FINISH THE BOOK!! Then sink your teeth into WICKED. Get that done in 2 weeks of leisurely reading and then BUY a ticket for the show. You will feel like a child again. A well read, theatre supporting child!!!! Hell buy a ticket for Taboo as well. I hear they will be giving them away as peel away prizes from the bottoms of soda cups at McDonalds!! I hear its going to have a GREAT opening party tho!!!! Legendary!!!! The human buffet table is a must see. Tony material hon. Tony material. Giddy up!!! Hi Ho Silver AWAAAAAYYYYYY!

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