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There has been a resurgency of talk lately about Wikipedia-- its value and accuracy.

On case anyone's been under a rock this century, anything "wiki" utilizes the software of the same name that enables collaboration (among other things.)
So, Wilkipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia that anyone can add to. At first glance, it seems like a great thing, but of course it has been misused. We know that biographical data entered there can be innacurate-- sometimes intentionally. And some of us know that from personal experience!

But it just might be that the science entries are accurate:

Wikipedia Pretty Accurate

Wikipedia's value, of course could be immense. At its best, it could increase the sum total of the world's recorded knowlege at an amazing rate-- quicker than other printed or online dictonaries and encyclopedias.

And there's no doubt that people do use it-- a lot.

There is BTW also a top secret site available only to the local spying community called Intellpedia that uses wiki software. The mind truly wobbles!
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