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Hi everyone. I just launched version 1.0 of . If you get a chance check it out and let me know if there are any problems with dead links, scroll bars , etc. Ive been checking it in Safari and Firefox. Firefox has some problems sometimes with scroll bars so im wondering if its just my version. Please let me know what you think. I've been so absent from HTML land in the last few years so its been a bit of a re-education. I get a bit confused going from TV/Video world to Print/Photography land to HTML realm ha! some meltdowns occur. Thanks for the feedback if you have time.
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Hi Rob, the site looks beautiful and is easy to use.
I didn't look at everything yet but
the design is atttractivly moderne...

The thumbnails here aren't opening...

This is nothing against you but for us dial-up slaves in the Styx it is a little bit long to wait for images. Never mind the videos. We can't expect that.

We are waiting on wireless from our "unobstructed southern exposure" as they say... one day.

Have fun!
Very efficient and usable, keys to a very practical site for people wanting a fast infusion of who you are and what you do/have done. It doesn't appear that the software has given you too much trouble.

One typ-o, on the bio first paragraph "unprecidented" should be unprecedented. A tiny glitch but one that can let all the air out of the otherwise super opening copy.

If I was looking to retain your services or just get an eyeful of your work the site is fast and deep as it is now!

Really strong image on the splash (of Theo I presume from the tats).
thanks for the feedback....

S'tan - I know about the dialup slaves and usually try to compensate but for my purposes with this site i had to make it a bit higher-rez. especially with video. Ive always been a bit of a bandwith whore. ha.

Seven- thanks for the spelling error, its usual with me but came from a different source this time , ha!
Hi Rob! Beautiful site, I just went through it. It is easy to navigate, and efficiently encapsulates you and your work. Good job.

At first I thought I couldn't scroll, but after I went back again I saw that it was just my own window size and found the bar; so I got to the end of your bio and I got through all of the works I wanted to see. You rock.

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