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Mother Cody Ravioli and her hotsie-totsie-Joe-Dellasando-look-a-like-son Sid brought the house down. They lip-synched "Leather and Lace". The cutest moment was when Cody, who had obviously been rehersing and schooling her little boy in the high art of lipping, was watching over him on stage like a...
well, like a mother.
Sid kept looking into his Mom's eyes, singing to her with love. Cody kept turning him around reminding him that he was on stage in front of like 700 people and should look at the audience a little.
It was like a mother lion teaching her little cub to kill.
It was gorgeous!
There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

NOTS 15 hunk Sid Ravioli


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I am very happy with last night because it was so "Old School". Even though NOTS seems to get bigger and bigger every year, NOTS 15 was really like the old Jackie ones. So many familiar faces, not just on stage (Sherry Vine, Dean Johnson, Sister Cody) but the audience was very "Jackie".
And more people were done this year than ever. They were having fun with Stevie and it showed.
I loved this '80's Stevie.


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The audience was very Jackie Family...
Two performances that made my cry: Sister Codie & Sid, and Dirty Martini's Ballet...
I couldn't really see all of the Ho Ho's performance from sidestage but I knew it was brilliant because it was totally NUTS! Crowds of people charging on and off stage into a 6 foot square space!
Many brilliant first timers too including our Velocity and Brooke from Maryville TN.

Now i must go and rest again. Since I am older than Daddy, it takes me a bit longer to recover Eek
incredible - bizarre - totally memorable... NOTS15 was quite an experience... I only saw set III - it was astonishing the level of performance - from the mulitmedia ho-hos (so much fuckin drama!), st. eve's brilliant DVD Stevie homage (loved it when lindsay's face popped up every time she sang 'players only love you when their playin'), to the stevie nicks experience - and johnny tingle's "chain" was off the hook - really tight and fabulous... the whole set was so fierce - it took me to the next level


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Originally posted by hatches:
Many brilliant first timers too including our Velocity and Brooke from Maryville TN.

-Thanxxx Hatches, my goodness I was thrilled to pop my "Stevie-cherry" Smile
I got to catch the masters in full Stevie glory, just loved St. Eve's
remix, Belladonna's Mirror, Ho' Ho's wack attack.....way too many to
Can't wait til next years enchantment!
John and I had a fantabulous time! Many thanks to all who made this very special Night possible. I'm still vibrating from Gypsy Wild's otherworldly "I Can't Wait" - I swear you're a Stevie channel, Teri, you're definitely tapped into the energy! And Billy O, I'm so glad I caught your beautiful heartfelt performance in the lounge. Hugs! We took a few pictures of some of the performers (yeah, and ourselves and our friends and the crowd too)...

NOTS 15 Photos

Unfortunately a lot of our pictures didn't come out. If anyone got a good photo of the gorgeous Chi Chi on stage and wouldn't mind sharing please contact me I'd also love to see Debbie on stage and well OK, any good shots that anybody got of anybody! We were trolling the rooms in search of friends for part of the second set and then had to leave early so we missed a LOT but from the pre-show chat n dance at 9:30 til we left a little after 1 was total bliss. Even just walking through that sea of Stevie fans was pure joy. Thank you everybody!

CatAnna (& John)
Hello. This was our 5th NOTS this year and we think moving the venue to the Knitting Factory was a great move......Thank you!

One disappointment, and a pretty big one, was the dude you had spinning at the downstairs room. We got there at 9pm and sat through almost 4 hours of him playing the same two cd's. We heard the same songs 5 or 6 times each.

When we questioned him about it, he said that all he was doing was controlling the sound, and that he was only given 2 cd's and didn't even know the songs that were on them. Actually, I don't even think he knew who Stevie Nicks is. Stand Back, no Edge of 17, no Gypsy, no Dreams, no Sara, there were only about a dozen songs and we heard them OVER and OVER again for almost 4 hours !

The quality of the sound system in the lower bar was MUCH better than last year, but that made the limited songs even more disappointing. It would have been great to hear more of her stuff on that great system.

Please give us more of a variety of Stevie music in the downstairs bar next year.....Oh, and they did not have her vids playing on mute on the TV's like they did in years past. We missed seeing those too.

Billy O was WONDERFUL as always ! We hope he does more songs next year ! He's a real crowd pleaser.

Thanks for everything, and PLEASE give us more Stevie music downstairs next year.

Just to clear one thing up.
That guy you talked to was just the sound engineer from the club. (He probably doesn't know who Stevie Nicks is). We gave him 2 CDs to play for the beginning of the night until the DJ started.
Next year we will do more of a "Stevie DJ thing downstairs".
Ask and you shall recieve.
Thanks much for your quick response. And thanks for being so nice about the suggestion(s).

It would have made a huge difference in us "early birds" experience to have more of a variety for that 4 hour stretch.

And the mute vids would have been cool too like you had in years past. On Friday, they had a baseball game showing on the tv's.....didn't really go with the "mood" of the evening.

Thanks again,
Wow, wow, and wow.

My favorite thing about this year was the new performers and the creativity of it. It is great to see returning favorites like the Hohos and Belladonna and sweetie who always reinvent it and turn it out. I could do without some of the more "karaoke" performances in faver of the more unusual acts and new experimental acts. And a good lipsynch is so much better than an off key singer IMHO.

My posse loved Dirty Martini and Dean Johnson for example and was less taken with a few of the singers. This is a show thats gotten as big as Wigstock and fashion, costume and props have everything to do with it.

So, more great new performers and more reinvention, please. This was the best NOTS yet and i am already looking forwd to #16.
I agree Pretty.
I always love to see how creative people interpret Stevie. I've never really been a big fan of karaoke. I mean Dirty Martini's dance piece knocked me out.
This was definitely the biggest, most ambitious NOTS we've done. Four floors, Four long sets!!! I know I was slammed all night long running up and down all 4 floors making sure things were happening. I missed the baseball game though. They must have turned it off when they saw me coming. We really do appreciate the suggestions and believe me, we will take care of those things next year. Of course there will be new things I'm sure.

BTW Pretty, I'm glad you and your friends got in OK. It was quite the mad rush at the door when you walked in.

Deepest thanks to the enormous cast, crew and supporting folk who made this edition of NOTS the best one in a long time. The creativity and theatricality of many of this year's acts has been commented on often, and we strive to continue that tradition in years to come. The bar is certainly set higher every year!

My personal thanks to:

Our extraordinary backstage/sound/light crew LORI,ABBY,TORIN,DANY and DIANA - without you there is no show!

LIX VELVET aka CATWALK DOMINATION, who labored so mightily on the gold brocade dress I wore for the second half of the show.

DEBBIE for being such a trouper and a "One Take Tessie" - we had time for only a brief talk-through and no rehearsal whatsoever for "Nightbird" - I don't know too many true stars who are that generous of spirit.

DEAN JOHNSON for coming back - it meant the world to have a NOTS 1 performer onstage at our 15th.

CONNIE GIRL for ruling the door, and DAVID DALRYMPLE for making her dress day of.

POISON EVE for twelve unforgettable years of NOTS, at least half behind the turntables.

And of course, DADDY, the secret hero of NOTS with the battle scars to prove it.
This was my very first NOTS and I loved it! I even went all out and dressed up. Granted I didn't stay for the whole thing (starting gradually...maybe next year I'll pull the all nighter) I either missed it or didn't hear Stand Back or Edge of 17 one time on any floor??? In fact, I didn't even hear Gold Dust Woman...which I thought I would have heard. Regardless...I'll be back again next year!!!
Hi Lissa, glad you enjoyed! Yes, I guess it is best to start slow, for it sure is a marathon.

As it turns out, 'Edge of Seventeen' was played quite a bit by the ruling late nite Main Floor DJ Craig Spencer-- in all of its permutations, including the songs by other artists which sample Waddy's guitar riff. 'Edge' is also the song always saved onstage for the final 'Battle,' which this year concluded at 3:48 AM, by my watch. What a journey! I did hear him play 'Stand Back' and 'Gold Dust' many times as well-- with Sherry Vine and the Ho Ho's peforming those songs as well-- but you may have left by then.

Producing any event (especially one possesing the 'wattage' of NOTS) is a very fluid thing-- a learning experience each year IMHO. And we do learn from our mistakes. So thanks everyone-- pretty and joelpa, especially-- for the input. It's much appreciated!
dear hatches and chi chi,

can't get over all the fresh young faces in the audience; can still remember standing near the stage and hearing the audience behind sing back as loud as they got from each act that sang; can't forget the hugs and kisses of recognition for long lost family; won't let go the love we felt that night. youse guys may have been too busy to notice, for the audience it was a once in a life time experience, and there is more to come?

yes thanks to everyone my guests from germany felt a spark of our old New York Night Life. much love and gratitude to the crew.



each time merlin reads a suggestion, merlin hears the desire to be part of this special event not necessarily criticism, rather an intense interest in sharing.

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