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I just looked at the performers photos, and I love the pic you took of me on stage! You are a fabulous photographer!!
~ Brooke ~

Originally posted by CatAnna:
John and I had a fantabulous time! Many thanks to all who made this very special Night possible. I'm still vibrating from Gypsy Wild's otherworldly "I Can't Wait" - I swear you're a Stevie channel, Teri, you're definitely tapped into the energy! And Billy O, I'm so glad I caught your beautiful heartfelt performance in the lounge. Hugs! We took a few pictures of some of the performers (yeah, and ourselves and our friends and the crowd too)...

NOTS 15 Photos

Unfortunately a lot of our pictures didn't come out. If anyone got a good photo of the gorgeous Chi Chi on stage and wouldn't mind sharing please contact me I'd also love to see Debbie on stage and well OK, any good shots that anybody got of anybody! We were trolling the rooms in search of friends for part of the second set and then had to leave early so we missed a LOT but from the pre-show chat n dance at 9:30 til we left a little after 1 was total bliss. Even just walking through that sea of Stevie fans was pure joy. Thank you everybody!

CatAnna (& John)
just wanna point out that i was NOT the dj who played the same CD all night... i was the one who played the non-stevie set. a true original at NOTS! i WAS the first, hon!! dj francine 59 - hel-LO!! (and only one drunk hippie complained... everyone else was too mezmerized by the COPIOUS amounts of talent onstage upstairs.)
the featured shawl almost got me into a brawl.
some drunk, bearded hippy in a dress made of hats - i believe his name is kai - shoved me off the front of the stage during the battle and held onto my precious stevie shawl. i, of course, clung firmly to it myself from where i landed in the audience. NUMEROUS requests for him to let go of it - and i did say "please" each time - were met with angry eyes and not a word back from him. just a vicious, relentless grip on my shawl. had it not been the big moment of the big party i woulda pulled a rabbit and punched the bitch. it do take nerve!
He was a kook. (I thought you knew him).

no, never met the faggot. but i spooked him on the pages of one of the rags - kai. i think of the as4 collective? he's in a pic with brandon olsen.

if i had already been paid, someone might'a gotten hurt. but i don't think i could stand to have "ended NOTS 15 with a brawl" on my resumè.
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