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AIDS turns 20

(CNN) -- Twenty years ago, AIDS made its medical debut in the United States as a disease that primarily struck gay men. The politically organized gay community mobilized against it, stressing education and prevention through safe sex, eventually lowering their transmission rate. But the AIDS virus -- known for its ability to mutate rapidly within its victims -- also managed to alter the demographic profile of those it infects.
"During the past 10 years, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States has undergone a dramatic transformation from one concentrated primarily among homosexual men to an epidemic that is now closely associated with the inner city," said David Bloom, professor of economics and demography at Harvard University's School of Public Health.
"Low levels of education, high levels of multiple sexual partnering, high rates of homosexuality/bisexuality and high rates of injecting drug use account for the relatively high rate of new infections among blacks and Hispanics in the U.S.," Bloom said.

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 800,000 to 900,000 people in the United States are currently infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Each year, another 40,000 people become infected.

'It's devastating'

More than 36 million people worldwide are living with HIV or AIDS

Although African-Americans make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, they represent 54 percent of the new HIV infections. Hispanics, who represent about 12 percent of the population, account for 19 percent of the new infections.

"It's devastating," said Teresa Holmes, a spokeswoman for the Balm in Gilead, a New York-based organization that works with African-American churches to provide training and assistance for HIV/AIDS programs.

AIDS is the No. 1 cause of death for African-Americans aged 25-44, according to the CDC.

"One in 160 black women is infected with HIV and one in 50 black men," Holmes said. "It's not just the inner city, and it's not just the poor that are affected. You could almost lose or wipe out generations."

Thirty percent of gay black men in their 20s are infected with HIV, compared to 7 percent of white gay men, according to a recent CDC study of six large U.S. cities.

An African-American woman is 20 times more likely to contract AIDS than a white woman. African-American adolescents accounted for more than 60 percent of AIDS cases reported in 1999 among 13- to 19-year-olds.

Human and economic toll
"AIDS has a huge impact, not just in human terms but also in economic terms," Bloom said. "First, there are lots of AIDS cases. Second, because the lion's share -- 80 percent to 90 percent of all AIDS-related illnesses and mortality -- occurs among people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, which are the years when people are most productive and save for later in their lives. And finally, because the opportunistic infections that accompany AIDS are so very expensive to treat."

While the United States as a whole may be able to absorb the cost of HIV/AIDS in a relatively small percentage of its total population, some countries face a far grimmer prospect.

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) estimates that out of the 36.1 million people infected with HIV worldwide, 26 million of them live in Africa. One fourth of the adults in South Africa are believed to be living with HIV, the highest percentage in the world.

'None of us are insulated'

One fourth of adults in South Africa are believed to be infected with HIV

The rest of the world cannot afford to ignore Africa's problem, Bloom warned.

"In a global economy, none of us are insulated. The African AIDS crisis previews what potentially awaits the businesses and other economies that are more significant in the global economy like India, Brazil, China and Russia."

"The U.S. government now believes that HIV is a security threat," said Mark Feinberg, a professor at Emory University School of Medicine and an AIDS researcher since 1984.

"In sub-Sahara Africa whole generations are basically disappearing. That is going to give rise to substantial disruptions in social interactions and economic structures. Societies can only deal with a certain amount of disruption before they collapse."

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called for creation of a "war chest" of $7 billion to $10 billion a year to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in the developing world.

Even if other countries respond generously to Annan's plea, the HIV/AIDS problem will not disappear soon, experts say.

"It's going to have a long lasting impact on the human race," Feinberg said. "AIDS is going to change the course of human evolution. There's no doubt about that. When you have a disease that affects so many people and some people have systems better able to respond to it, that's how evolution works. It is so enormous that even for someone like myself who's been involved in it for 17 years, it is impossible for me to truly conceive of the magnitude of the epidemic."
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Thank you Ted & Di for posting this.

I have been gravely concerned about the recent negative change in people's attitudes towards preventing the spread of HIV. I hate to see the equivilent of russian roulette being played by people I care about. Some people get sick after many exposures, some after only one.

There is no cure. There may not be a cure ever. This is not to be alarmist, this is what the medical journals are saying.

Sure, you can take drugs now that will prolong your life. You need to take them at the same times and in the same sequence every day. You need to eat at so many hours before, so many after. You take drugs to counteract the nausea that the other drugs give you. They're extremely expensive. You can NEVER stop taking them if you want to continue living.

If you don't care about yourself, and allow yourself to get infected, then you will infect other people, in effect slowly ruining other's lives and slowly killing them.

How are you affected by the friends and lovers you've already lost? If you allow yourself to get sick, you are consciously causing more of the same grief and loss for those who love and care about you.

There is no excuse for contracting and spreading this disease through sexual contact today. Everyone knows how to prevent it. If you don't care about yourself, for God's Sake, please care about others.

I am writing this for a very selfish reason, I want my friends to all outlive me. It grieves me that I see some of you working very hard to go before me. And it's a really hard, hard way to go.

Please take a look at your behavior and be honest with yourself about the risks you're taking. Ask yourself why you are risking your life so casually. It really does get better as you get older. Give yourself a chance to get there and find out for yourself.

Finally, when temptation arises, as it always will, remind yourself that No Sexual Experience Is Worth Your Life.

With The Best Intentions And All My Heartfelt Love,

WASHINGTON (Aug. 31) - The share of HIV infections that are drug-resistant will jump to 42 percent in San Francisco by 2005, according to a team of researchers.

Estimating the current rate of drug resistance at 28.5 percent, the group used a mathematical formula to calculate its likely increase over the next few years.

The scientists calculated the increase in drug-resistant HIV since 1997 and used that to extend their forecast into the future.

The primary reason for the increase, they said, is the development of drug resistance in the virus during treatment. The transmission of drug-resistant strains remains low, they said, estimating that it will account for just 16 percent of new HIV cases by 2005.

``The good news is that transmission of drug-resistant HIV will not become a major public health problem,'' Blower said in a statement. ``The bad news is that the prevalence of drug-resistant HIV is already high and will continue to substantially increase.''

A complex combination of drugs is used to treat the disease, but this therapy demands a complicated dosage regimen that is difficult to maintain and often causes severe side effects.

According to the researchers, some physicians may unwittingly contribute to the drug-resistant epidemic if they don't recognize the risks associated with incorrect use of the medications.

``These drugs are as dangerous as chemotherapy,'' said Dr. James Kahn of the University of California at San Francisco.

In their paper, the California team recommends these steps to minimize drug-resistant HIV:

Delay drug treatment as long as possible in order to maximize the medical benefit and reduce side effects and the likelihood of developing drug resistance.

Create clinical centers of excellence for HIV/AIDS treatment to ensure proper use of drugs and limit the rate of acquired resistance.

Develop therapies that are more effective for treating patients with drug-resistant viral strains.

Reduce the amount of time a drug-resistant patient is on ineffective treatment.

Klaus, Burghart, Gennaro, Kosta, Araken, Alejandro, John Sex, Haoui, Danceteria Keith, Jollo, Cookie, Vittorio, Keith H, David B, Steven C, Michael Transue, Larry L, Timmy Field, Mother Angie, Rags, David Ian Xtrava, Scott Fritz, Miss Dorian, Mother Avis....

"To all my peeps, in peace may you rest"
-Queen Latifah
I have to say it really struck a chord in me watching Chris Rock's last HBO special when he launched into this whole tirade about AIDS. Basically he was like "They aint NEVER going to cure AIDS because the pharmiceutical companies are like street drug pushers...They make their money on the comeback!" It was a sad sentiment but one that seemed to ring true. Let's hope he's wrong.

Actually, the problem is the fact that the virus hides in a type of cell that lives in your body for a good 50 years or so. As soon as drug therapy stops, the virus goes back to work replicating and destroying in the process.

With most viruses, infected cells are recognized and destroyed. However with AIDS, I believe the problem is that the very cells that direct the immune system are the ones that are infected, which short circuits the process.

As for vaccines, the virus (HIV) that causes AIDS is very tricky and mutates it's "appearance" so it is no longer recognized for what it is by the antibodies produced by the reaction to the vaccine. It's basically the same reason there is no cure for the common cold. At least you can't catch it from a sneeze.

As for the drug companies, they are in business to make a profit. There is nothing wrong with this, assuming that the company behaves ethically. AIDS research is extremely expensive and if the companies cannot earn enough money to recoup their research and development costs, they have no incentive to find effective treatments. Everything costs more initially until that R&D investment is earned back.

On the bright side, there are some vaccine trials occuring now that show some promise. However, there is no guarantee that they will succeed given the difficult problems that must be overcome.

The bottom line is that the best "cure" for AIDS is to MODIFY YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR SO YOU DON'T BECOME EXPOSED TO IT. This is the reality. The drug therapy is better than nothing, but it is difficult, unpleasant, expensive and for the rest of your life. The process the drugs use to inhibit the virus really screw up your natural biological processes and so you trade one illness for another that at least is not fatal.

Use condoms, practice that sensuous touch darlings, and remember that no sexual experience is worth your life.
I didn't mean to sound like an apologist for the pharmaceutical companies, but the idea that they are purposefully blocking the discovery of a cure or vaccine is just too difficult a conspiracy to construct. You would have to get too many people on board.

It sounds like the same rant I hear that the computer anti-virus software companies are actually writing the computer viruses to perpetuate themselves. Why should they when scores of computer science students are doing it for free?
As for Penicillin, in economic terms, it's a cash cow. Ever noticed how much you pay for corn flakes? It's completely unreasonable for what you get!

It really comes down to what the market will bear, which is based on demand and competition.

By the way, I love you Hattie. Thank you for bringing up the topic, I am awaiting your rebuttal!

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Yes, Darla, I wondered for a moment if you were employed in the pharmaceutical industry!
But, despite CW Post's theories, cornflakes are not medicine. You can take 'em or leave 'em. Not so with life-saving medicines. Is greed the best impetus for finding an AIDS vaccine? And forget about the ethics.
I don't know, if the government and technology industry can fritter away zillions searching for a super-conductor with no return in sight...
Seriously, I am not a big conspiracy theorist either. And I don't believe that anybody is blocking the vaccine's development for their own nefarious reasons. The stumbling blocks here are what they have always been with a sexually transmitted disease: greed, bad science, and puritanism.
And, to top it all off, I don't believe that so-called AIDS is 20 years old. I think it's older.
Hepatitis G May Boost HIV Survival

By Merritt McKinney
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A form of hepatitis virus not believed to cause illness may improve survival in people who have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

In two new studies, HIV-positive people who were also infected with the hepatitis G virus tended to live longer than other people infected with HIV. Researchers suspect that hepatitis G, which is also known as GB virus C (GBV-C), improves survival by keeping HIV from replicating as often.

Hepatitis G, which was identified in the mid-1990s, is closely related to the hepatitis C virus. But unlike hepatitis C, which can cause serious liver disease, hepatitis G is not thought to cause illness. Nearly 2% of healthy blood donors test positive for the virus, and more than one third of HIV-positive individuals may carry the virus.

The findings may open the door to new types of HIV treatment with hepatitis G, researchers suggest.

"We are working to try to understand the mechanism of the HIV inhibition" apparently caused by hepatitis G, Dr. Jack T. Stapleton, of the University of Iowa and the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center, told Reuters Health. Stapleton is the lead author of one of two reports on hepatitis G and HIV survival that appear in the September 6th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.

"If we can determine how (hepatitis G) infection diminishes HIV growth, we will have both potential targets for new drug approaches and potentially a new therapy approach," he said.

The Iowa researcher cautioned, however, that infection with hepatitis G is very common in HIV-infected people, which may limit the therapeutic use of the virus.

"Many people have previously been infected with the virus and their immune systems cleared the infection," he said. "It is unlikely that these people can be re-infected with (hepatitis G)."

Several earlier studies had demonstrated a link between hepatitis G and prolonged survival with HIV, so Stapleton and his colleagues conducted a study to confirm the connection.

Among 362 patients with HIV, infection with hepatitis G was common, occurring in about 40% of patients. Stapleton and his colleagues found that over the course of about 4 years, the risk of death was almost four times greater in patients who did not have hepatitis G than in those who carried the additional virus.

Stapleton's team performed another set of experiments to try to find out how hepatitis G behaves in the presence of HIV. In these laboratory tests, HIV replicated more slowly when exposed to hepatitis G, the report indicates.

"GBV-C infection in HIV-infected individuals was associated with slower HIV disease progression," Stapleton said. "Based on our laboratory data, this may be due to an inhibitory effect."

However, he noted that the findings apply only to HIV-positive individuals in the era before the introduction of effective HIV therapy. He explained that there were too few deaths in study patients after 1996, when "drug cocktails" were introduced, to detect a difference in the risk of death.

Stapleton and his colleagues are involved in ongoing research to find out whether the results of the study are applicable to patients in less developed regions of the world as well as in HIV-positive people who are being treated with combination therapy.

A team led by Dr. Hans L. Tillmann, at the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover in Germany, also reports that HIV-positive people who carry hepatitis G seem to live longer.

In a study of nearly 200 HIV-positive people who were followed from 1993 or 1994, patients who had hepatitis G tended to live longer and to take longer to progress to full-blown AIDS. And after they developed AIDS, patients with hepatitis G tended to live longer. The German researchers also found that patients with high levels of hepatitis G virus had lower levels of HIV in their blood.

Tillmann and his colleagues also uncovered evidence that hepatitis G may provide a survival advantage to patients after the introduction of combination therapy. In addition, the link between hepatitis G and longer survival remained statistically significant even after researchers accounted for several factors, including age, sex and levels of certain immune system cells.

"Understanding the mechanism of interaction of HIV and GBV-C might enable new treatment options," Tillmann told Reuters Health. But "there is still a lot of work to be done" in learning about the relationship between hepatitis G and HIV survival, he said. In the next year Tillmann said he hopes to prove that eliminating hepatitis G from the body is bad for people with HIV.

The apparent link between HIV survival and hepatitis G may eventually have an impact on the treatment of hepatitis C in HIV-positive people, he said.

Although Tillmann cautioned that it is too soon to make a conclusion, he would recommend testing for hepatitis G before using interferon to treat hepatitis C in HIV-positive patients. This treatment, he said, might lead to clearance of the seemingly beneficial hepatitis G.

Despite the apparent connection between hepatitis G and prolonged survival with HIV, it would be premature to consider using hepatitis G as a therapy for HIV, according to an editorial accompanying the study.

"There are many questions that remain to be answered and many elements of the story that remain to be discovered," according to Drs. Valentina Stosor and Steven Wolinsky at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, Illinois.

Because the long-term effects of infection with hepatitis G are unknown, as well as the fact that the virus often is accompanied by other disease-causing infections, intentionally infecting people with hepatitis G is "inadvisable and inherently dangerous," the editorialists conclude.

SOURCE: The New England Journal of Medicine 2001;345:707-724, 761-762.
In the September 2001 issue of GQ, there is an article titled 'The AIDS Deniers'. It reports of a group that has splintered off of ACT UP in San Francisco and claims that HIV/AIDS doesn't exist.

Absolutely ironic in that the original purpose of ACT UP was to bring attention to the crisis during the somnombulant Reagan Bush years.

Basing their arguments on the now debunked theories of Berkeley biologist Peter Duesberg, the deniers claim that the illness and death is caused by amyl nitrate and other illegitimate drug use. And even more far fetched, that the current drug cocktail regimine for AIDS is the cause. Yes, they are dangerous and unpleasant, but still the lesser of two evils, considering the alternative.

In addition, they engage in unethical tactics such as going to AIDS functions and mixing their pamphlets in with legitmate materials and they even dumped used cat litter (nuclear waste to people with compromised immune systems) on the director of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. These are not nice people.

Please don't fall victim to this false propaganda.

(Wednesday October 17, 7:30PM, $8, "Out Professionals" presents screening of award winning documentary which traces the progress of three persons living with HIV/AIDS and taking the "cocktail.")

@LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street


*Miracle House Benefit*

(Sunday October 14, 6:30Pm-9:30PM, A donation is suggested, Open bar, Hors D' Oeuvres, Silent auction and Door prizes.)

Miracle House offers support services to visiting families and friends of people living with AIDS or cancer.

@Vice Versa Restaurant
325 West 51st Street(Bet. 8th & 9th Avenues)
(212)989-7790 X12


*Tenth Anniversay-AIDS Service Center*

(Monday October 15, 6PM-9PM, $100-$1000, Cocktail reception, Buffet, Award Ceremony, Photo Exhibit, Dancing. AIDS Service Center assists people with AIDS and their families to achieve the highest quality health and lifestyles.)

@Manhattan Penthouse
80 Fifth Avenue(14th Street)
(212)352-9190 X151


*Gospel Celebration 2001*
-Benefit for & Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and The Twin Towers Fund-

(Sunday October 7,$50-VIP & $35-General Admission,
Monday October 15, 8PM,$25-General Admission.)

Aclaimed Director Michael McElroy and the Broadway Inspirational Voices,who represent many of the shows currently on Broadway.

@Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street


*Tastings 2001*
-Benefit for Momentum AIDS Project-

(Tuesday October 23,7PM-11PM, $100-)Online only, $150,$250)

Many of NY's finest restaurants have contributed to this eating event. Entertainment & silent auction.

@The Altman Building
135 West 18th Street


*Mitchell Bares/The Elan Awards*
-Partially benefits Dancers Responding to AIDS-

(Monday October 29,8PM, $20-$25.)

Noted Choreographer Jerry Mitchell is honored and 10 selected choreographer's work will be performed. Special appearanceby cast of "Rocky Horror Show.)

@Haft Auditorium
Fashion Institute of Technology
Seventh Avenue)27th Street


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*Aids Center of Queens*

(Mondays, 6:30PM, Support and discussion groups for 13-21 year olds. Free individual counseling, HIV testing, and peer education groups.)

@Aids Center of Queens
97-45 Queens Boulevard-12th Floor
(718) for details


*People of Color In Crisis-Brothers Rap Group*

(Mondays, 6:30PM, HIV+ support group.)

@468 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY


*Body Positive NY*
-Support Groups for HIV+ gay men-

"NY can be a lonely town."

1(800)566-6599-call for details.

*Body Positive Benefits Counseling*

(212) 566-7333


For other HIV/AIDS Services:



Time: 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Place: GMHC
119 West 24 Street, Room 410

A support group for care-partners (lovers, partners, parents, children, friends) of persons living with HIV/AIDS. A safe place to discuss the feelings, thoughts, joys and burdens of care-partnering.
For more information, please call: 212/367-1457


(Meets regularly each Monday )

Time: 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.
Place: Gay Men's Health Crisis
119 West 24 Street, Sixth floor

Drop-In Safer Sex Counseling. If you are a gay or bisexual man, come talk to an experienced safer-sex counselor, one-on-one, in English or Spanish, for free and without an appointment. Everyone is welcome: HIV-negative, positive or don't know.

For more information, please call 212/367-1302


*Challanges Confronting Older Adults Living With HIV/AIDS:Improving Services Through Research*

(Friday October 19, 4PM, Free, Community Colloquium Series, Speakers: Eric Scrimshaw, MA and Karakyn Seigel, Ph.D. Columbia University.)

The Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies & Training
250 West 26th Street
(212)206-7919 X225


*HIV+ & Friends' Masquerade Party*

(Friday October 26, 9PM, $5, A HIV+ and sober dance. Cash juice bar, Complimentary snacks. Mask and costume prefered. Meet new poz guys!)

@130 East 25th Street


***Body Positive Help Line***

Who -What -Where -When



*Join a HIV Treatment Vaccine Study*

NYU School of Medicine seeks HIV-infected volunteers to test a new treatment vaccine that could eliminate long-term anti-retroviral therapy.

Center for AIDS Research
NYU School of Medicine
(212)263-8174..(Call for info about this and other trials.)


*Lesbian & Gay Law Association of Greater NY*

(First & Third Tuesdays of each month, 6PM, Free,
Legal advice and referrals for HIV/AIDS, discrimination and all other other issues. Spanish translation available.)

@Community Voices Heard
170 East 116th Street-Suite
(Bet. Lexington & 3rd Avenues)


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(Thursday October 25, 4:30PM, Ch.57, HIV/AIDS awareness-raising program.)



(Sunday November 4, 11:30PM, Ch.13-PBS, The success and failures of life on the AIDS cocktail. Barebackers, rethink it!)


*What's Going On*
-All Star Album/ Sales To Benefit For United Ways September 11 Fund & Artists Against AIDS-

Participating Artists:

Christina Aguilera
Backstreet Boys
Mary J. Blige
Destiny's Child
Britny Spears
Jennifer Lopez

and many, many more! - for more info


*Visual AIDS Archive Benefit*
-Art Sale to Benefit The Archive Project-

(Thursday November 15, 6:30 PM, Free.)

Chelsea Eye Associates, a costmetic surgery practice donates their gallery for this exhibit and sale of HIV+ artists' artwork and documents.

@Chelsea Eye Associates
157 West 19th Street


*Visual AIDS Annual Benefit Show and Sales*
-Postcards from the Edge-

(Sunday November 18, 2PM-5:30PM, Free.)

Postcard-sized works on paper by Ross Blechner, Yoko Ono, Jack Pierson, Kiki Smith, John Waters and many others on sale for $50. Signatures of artists are not revealed until after purchase. First come, firsst serve. All proceeds to Visual AIDS.

@Sara Meltzer Gallery
516 West 20th Street
(Bet.10th & 11th Avenues)


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Senate Will Debate House Version of Labor/HHS Appropriations bill for
FY2002 Tuesday, Oct. 30
Your Calls to the Senate Urgently Needed to Protect AIDS Programs

As Senate offices slowly begin to re-open after the recent anthrax scares,your U.S. Senators will debate and vote on the funding levels for federal
HIV/AIDS programs passed by the House (H.R. 3061).

Neither the House nor the Senate versions of the bill include sufficient funds for a comprehensive strategy to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic that includes treatment, prevention, housing, and research. Although there is talk of providing additional funding for HIV/AIDS programs in the much promoted "economic stimulus" package, there is no guarantee that this will happen. And, any dollars included outside of the regular appropriations process will not be factored into the base amounts used as the starting point for the next funding year (2003), virtually guaranteeing an even steeper uphill battle next year.

It is crucial that Senators hear from people living with HIV and AIDS, service providers, family members, friends and supporters on Monday,
October 29th. Calls from constituents to Senators who sit on the Senate Appropriations Committee are especially vital. We do not know if there will
be a future conference between the House and Senate bills. Either way, we must reach these key Senators and make them understand that federal
HIV/AIDSprograms must be funded at levels of need.

1.Call your two U.S. Senators with this message:
"In this time of great uncertainty, people living with HIV and AIDS need you to provide strong leadership. Federal HIV/AIDS programs must be funded at the highest levels possible to ensure that the health care and social support needs of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children
living with HIV and AIDS are met in fiscal year 2002. Your vote is a conscious decision between life and death for people with HIV and AIDS."
*Please note: As of Friday, Oct. 26th, the Hart Senate Office Building remains closed. You may find it necessary to contact one or both of your
U.S. Senators in your local district office. To contact Senators with offices in the Dirksen and Russell buildings, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or toll-free at 1-800-648-3516 and ask to be transferred to their offices.

*We have compiled a list below by state of the 51 U.S. Senators whose assigned offices are in the Hart Senate Building. If you live in one of the states listed below, please contact the named U.S. Senator in his/her local office. You can find the phone number of the local office in the "Blue Pages" (government pages) of your local phone book. Or you can call Project Vote Smart toll-free at 1-888-VOTE-SMART for the information. (It's a long list - sorry - please keep scrolling)

2.Share this Action Alert with your friends, family, and co-workers, and urge them to take action too!

3.Go to My Actions! at the NAPWA website
( and let us know you took action!

Senators with Offices in Hart Building:
AK Frank Murkowski
AK Ted Stevens
AL Richard C. Shelby
AR Blanche Lambert Lincoln
AZ Jon Kyl
CA Barbara Boxer
CA Dianne Feinstein
CT Joseph I. Lieberman
DE Thomas Carper
FL Bob Graham
FL Bill Nelson
HI Daniel K. Akaka
HI Daniel K.Inouye
IA Charles E. Grassley
IA Tom Harkin
ID Larry E. Craig
IN Richard G. Lugar
KS Sam Brownback
KS Pat Roberts
KY Jim Bunning
LA John B.Breaux
LA Mary L. Landrieu
MD Barbara A.Mikulski
MD Paul S. Sarbanes
MI Debbie Stabenow
MN Paul David Wellstone
MO Jean Carnahan
MT Max Baucus
ND Kent Conrad
ND Byron L. Dorgan
NE Ben Nelson
NJ Jon Corzine
NM Jeff Bingaman
NM Pete V.Domenici
NV Harry Reid
NY Charles E. Schumer
OH George V. Voinovich
OK Don Nickles
OR Ron Wyden
PA Arlen Specter
RI Jack Reed
SD Tom Daschle
SD Tim Johnson
UT Orrin G. Hatch
VT James M. Jeffords
WA Maria Cantwell
WI Russell D. Feingold
WI Herb Kohl
WV Robert C. Byrd
WV John D. Rockefeller
WY Craig Thomas

Key Senators -- Sit on Appropriations Committee
AK Ted Stevens - Ranking Member
AL Richard C. Shelby
CA Dianne Feinstein
CO Ben Nighthorse Campbell
HI Daniel K. Inouye
IA Tom Harkin
ID Larry E. Craig
IL Richard Durbin
KY Mitch McConnell
LA Mary L. Landrieu
MD Barbara A. Mikulski
MO Christopher S. Bond
MS Thad Cochran
MT Conrad R. Burns
ND Byron L. Dorgan
NH Judd Gregg
NM Pete V. Domenici
NV Harry Reid
OH Mike DeWine
PA Arlen Specter
RI Jack Reed
SC Ernest F. Hollings
SD Tim Johnson
TX Kay Bailey Hutchison
UT Robert F. Bennett
VT Patrick J. Leahy
WA Patty Murray
WI Herb Kohl
WV Robert C. Byrd - Chair

For more information, please contact:

Jean-Michel Brevelle
Associate Director for Policy
1413 K St, NW
7th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
202/898-0414 ext. 124
202/898-0435 fax



-A benefit for Lifebeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS-

(Monday December 17,Doors open 8:00,Open Bar 8:00 till 10:00!,$10 minimum donation 8:00 till 10:00 -$5 minimum donation after 10:00
DJ:Tedd spins party rawk and metal)

Devil's County Death Cult
Dirty Mary
Kitty in the Tree
Father Divine
Double Agent Girlfriend

@Don Hill's
511 Greenwich Street (Spring)


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(Monday November 12, 7:30PM, $35-$150)

Benefit to celebrate the male dancer. Thirty of New York's most prominent male dancers participate.

@The New Victory Theatre
209 West 42nd Street(Bet. 7th & 8th Avenues)


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*Visual AIDS Annual Benefit Show and Sales*
-Postcards from the Edge-

(Sunday November 18, 2PM-5:30PM, Free.)

Postcard-sized works on paper by Ross Blechner, Yoko Ono, Jack Pierson, Kiki Smith, John Waters and many others on sale for $50. Signatures of artists are not revealed until after purchase. First come, first serve. All proceeds to Visual AIDS.

@Sara Meltzer Gallery
516 West 20th Street
(Bet.10th & 11th Avenues)


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*The Royal Family Flush II*
-To Benefit the Hispanic AIDS Forum-

(Tuesday November 20, 8PM, $5 Suggested Donation.)

The Imperial Court of New York and Empress XV Fiona St. James present an evening of Monster madness. Emcees Victoria Weston and Gabriel Dellanotte.

@The Monster
80 Grove Street(Sheridan Square)

Gay Gotham
Gay & bi men who come together to raise awareness of HIV prevention and GM health.

Proyecto P.A.P.I.
Latino gay and bi men creating spaces for a future without HIV.

Soul Food
Black gay and bi men keeping brothers safe fom HIV by valuing their sexual lives, "We do it with Flava."

House of Latex Project
Giving life to the Ball children, the mostly black and Latino gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trasgender youth (ages 15-25) that are part of NYC's House and Ball Community.

Gay Men's Health Crisis

The Tisch Building
119 West 24th Street
1(800)-AIDS-NYC... Hotline
(212)645-7470..... For the deaf


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-Benefit for DIFFA, Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS-

(Thursday,Friday November 1st,2nd-10AM-8PM, Saturday November 3-10AM-7PM. Star-studded Opening Night and silent auction-$100.)

Famous designers including Todd Oldham, were commissioned to do wreaths for the Architectural
Digest Home Design Show.

@Javits Center
34th Street & 11th Avenue


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-Benefits Village Center for Care-AIDS Services-

(Tuesday November 27, 7PM, $25+2 drink minimum.)

Impersonators Tommy Femia (Judy), Christine Pedi (Liza) and Chuck Sweeney (Peggy Lee) along with resident commedians raise funds.

@Don't Tell Mama
343 West 46th Street

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*Reearch Interview Study*

Did you stop working after testing HIV+? You may be eligible for a research interview study which involves interviews, questionnaires, and memory/concentration tasks. Labwork(CD4 and viral load) included. Participation involves 1/2 day and follow-up appointments every 6 months for a total of 5 visits. Compensation provided.

All appointments are held at:

180 Ft. Washington Avenue
(Near 168th Street)



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*Visual AIDS Annual Benefit Show and Sales*
-Postcards from the Edge-
(Sunday November 18, 2PM-5:30PM, Free.)

Postcard-sized works on paper by Ross Blechner, Yoko Ono, Jack Pierson, Kiki Smith, John Waters and many others on sale for $50. Signatures of artists are not revealed until after purchase. First come, firsst serve. All proceeds to Visual AIDS.

@Sara Meltzer Gallery
516 West 20th Street
(Bet.10th & 11th Avenues)


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CenterBridge Presents:

*World AIDS Day 2001*

(Saturday December 1, Free)

Noon-2PM...Names of Center members who have died will be read in a ceremony between Noon and 2PM. Call the number below to add a name.
5-7PM...Errol Grime Modern Dance Troupe and Jazz Vocalist Andy Bey are just some of the performers celebrating the "power and resilience of the human spirit."

@The Center
208 West 13th Street

*Virtual Memorial Site*

Artists are encouraged to submit jpg images or Web-based work relating to AIDS to be pulished December 1, to be included in the Memorial Site:


- Twelve Hour Dance Benefit For Dancers Responding to AIDS & Twin Towers Fund-

*The Remembering Project*

(Saturday December 1, World AIDS Day, Door: 11:45 AM, Noon-Midnight, Tickets sold at door, $25 for a two hour performance block, $40-all day pass.)

@Danspace Project/St. Marks Church In-The-Bowery
131 East 10th Street (Second Avenue)

Participating Dance Companies are too many to list--See Website:


*World's AIDS Day Service And Rememberance*

(Saturday December 1, 6PM, Free.)

Evening of prayer, rememberance, candle lighting, and singing.

@St. Clement's Episcopal Church
423 West 46th Street


The American Run for the End of AIDS presents:

*10th Annual Out of Darkness*

(Saturday December 1,Free.)

4PM- Portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, will be on display with the help of the Names Project, NYC and names of loved ones will be read. The Project will also be accepting new panels.

5PM- Performance by the "Three Marys" and speakers from AIDS services organizations.

7:15- Candlelight march to Union Square (candles and cups will be provided.

8PM- Readng of names continues.

@The Center
208 West 14th Street


*Between Crisis and Hope are Volunteers*

(Saturday December 1, 11:30AM.)

Volunteers from AIDS service organizatons share stories about making a difference.

@Saint Vincent's Hospital
Cronin Auditorium(10th Floor)
170 West 12th Street


*Benjamin Smoke*

(Saturday December 1, Sundance Channel, 7:30PM.)

To observe World AIDS Day, Sundance presents a documentary about Miss Opal Fox (a.k.a. Benjamin Smoke), legendary Atlanta rock singer. Interviews shot shortly before Opal's death in 1999 reveal the lack of self pity and unyielding wit of a terminally ill diva.


*20 Years-It's Closer Than You Think*
*The Lightbox*

(Opening Reception Friday November 30, 5:30PM and running through Saturday January 12.)

Two art exhibits of painting, sculpture and photogrophy by eight artists living with HIV/AIDS and presented by GMHC & Visual AIDS.

@GMHC Gallery
119 West 24t Street(5th & 6th Avenues)
(212)367-1000...Call for gallery hours


*Recovering The Positive: Originals*

(Opening Saturday December 1,6PM and running through Friday January 11. Gallery hours: Mon.-Sat.,9AM-9PM.)

Presented with the cooperation of the Estates Project for Artists With AIDS, the works is representative of artists who are living with or have died of complications with HIV/AIDS.

@Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallries
New School University
66 Fifth Avenue(13th Street)


*A Broken Landscape: HIV + AIDS in Africa*

(Saturday December 1, Free.)

5-7PM - Reception for Gideon Mendel's exhibit of photographs depicting AIDS/HIV in Africa/ Interviews with PWAs.


*AIDS in Africa-A Panel Discussion*

(Sunday December 2, $22.)

7:30PM - Panel discussion with Pulitzer Prize Village Voice reporter Mark Schoofs and distinguished physicians, activists and journalists. Moderator Maurice DuBois (WNBC).

@ The 92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Avenue(92nd Street)


*AIDS in Africa-Film Screening*
-Benefit for Doctors Without Borders-

(Saturday December 1, 3PM, $10)

Two documentaries about AIDS in Africa, followed by a reception.

@The Screening Room
54 Varick Street


*Third Annual House of Xavier 2001 Glam Slam*
-Benefits New York Peer AIDS Education Coalition-

(Sunday December 2, 8-11PM, $12.)

Competition for Best Erotic Poem (with a Drag Ball glamour twist). Dress code: Lingerie or sexy underwear. Judges are Michael Musto, and Guillermo Diaz.

12 West 21st Street
(Bet. 5th & 6th Avenues)


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Faces of Hope:AIDS & Addiction In America--Photos by David Armstrong.

(Wednesday December 5, 6PM.)
A collection of photos with words written by men, women and children affected by AIDS. Along with buddy Nan Goldin, Armstrong produces moody, very personal and penetrating portraits that ring true of his generation.

@Art Resource Transfer Gallery
210 11th Avenue-4th floor


*New Beginnings*

(Tuesdays, 5-7PM)

New support group for LBT women living with AIDS/HIV.

@503 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 622-2910, X104- Call for exact dates.


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Date: Thursday, December 6
Time: Rally: 4:00 p.m. Hearing: 5:00 p.m.
Place: Department of City Planning

CALL JOE C. OR JENNIFER TOLL FREE for more information at:

(877) 615-2217.

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(Thursdays December 6th, 13th & 20th, Free, 7-9PM)

HIV Prevention Department presents workshop for HIV- and those who don't know their status, gay and bisexual men. Subject-"What constitues safe sex?"

119 Wesst 24th Street
(Bet. 6th & 7th Avenues)


Congregation Beth Simchat Torah
& The Imperial Court of NY Present:

*Spin Like A Dreidl*
-Chanukah Dance Benefit for GMHC, The Henrick-Martin School & Karen-Or,(Serving blind children.)

(Saturday December 8, $18 and an unwrapped toy approiate for a blind child, 8PM, Food, Cash Bar, Raffle.)

The LGBT Community Center
208 West 13th Street


*Finding God in AIDS*

(Saturday December 8, 10AM-4PM, Free.)

One Day Workshop...
Topic-"Advent:Preparaion In A Time of Stress"

@St. John's Parish Hall
224 Waverly Place
(Bet. West 11th Street & Perry Streets
(212)229-5488..*Call for HIV+ support information

*Support groups offered for HIV+ only.


*We Need A Little Christmas/ An Appreciation of Auntie Mame*
-To benefit Families Affected by AIDS
and Families of Firefighters lost Sept.11th-

(Friday December 7, $15 or unwrapped toy to be donated, 7PM.)

Charles Busch, Paul Rudnick, Michael Tanner (Son of Patrick Dennis, author of the 1955 novel,"Auntie Mame" ) and others comprise a panel moderated by Bill Goldstien, NY, Book Editor to discuss the effect of "Auntie Mame" has had on generations of book lovers.
Tattinger Champagne reception follows.

@The LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street


Bronx AIDS Services
540 East Fordham Road
(718)295-5605-call for information


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-Benefit for the Young Men's Initiative-

(Thursday December 13, 6PM,
$50-includes cocktails, food, DJ:Lift.)

Young Men's Initiative is an AIDS service organization that needs support in these uncertain times. It's focus is young gay men of color, a group very much affected by HIV/AIDS. Co-hosted by weatherman Sam Champion and the Imperial Court of NY. There will be a silent auction of artworks made by people living with AIDS.

@Rootstein Showroom
205 West 19th Street
(212)566-7333- X28


*Varla Jean Merman*

-Holiday Benefit for God's Love We Deliver-
(Monday December 17, 8PM, $75, $40, $25.)

Varla decks the halls with the help of guests: Jackie Hoffman, Maggie Moore, Kristine Zbornik, Seth Rudetsky and The Kinsey Sicks.

@Town Hall
123 West 43rd Street

Ticket Master (212)307-4100


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-Benefit for God's Love We Deliver-

(Saturday December 15, 11PM, Free.)

Twelve local drag queens who perform at or are regulars at Pieces bar, stage a Christmas pageant to behold.

8 Christopher Street
(Between Greenwhich Avenue and Gay Street)


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*HIV/AIDS Treatment Library*

Volunteer run,the most comprehensive source for HIV treatment information in the country. Gain access to HIV newsletters from around the country, journals, books articles, free internet access. Copies can be made at no charge, however no lending.

The Tisch Building
119 West 24th Street-7th floor


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*One-On-One Treatment Counseling*

Free consultation and support from professional HIV educators. Deciding which treatments are right for you? Having difficulties taking your meds on time? Experiencing side effects or oter problems?

The Tisch Building
119 West 24th Street-7th floor
(212)367 1448...for appointments


*Disabled/HIV & LGBT*

Support and discussion sponsored by Queens Independent Living Center.

@Queens Pride House
67-03 Woodside Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
(718)429-5309......Call for information


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*Disabled/HIV & LGBT*

Support and discussion sponsored by Queens Independent Living Center.

@Queens Pride House
67-03 Woodside Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
(718)429-5309......Call for information


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