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9pm Thursday Sept. 9th
!BadAss! celebrates
the dolls we worship
in a true night of
burlesque idolatry!!!

For Coney Island's famous
"Burlesque at the Beach!"
@ Sideshows by the Seashore!
1208 Brooklyn NY $10

Michael Formika Jones
"The Godfather of Nightlife"
hosts a dozen of these iconic dolls
coming to life through bold burlesque:

Darlinda just Darlinda
( Rainbow Bright )
World Famous *BOB*
( My Little Pony )
Go-Go Harder
( Ken Doll )
Madame Rosebud
( Raggedy Ann )
Velocity Chyaldd
( Living Dead Doll )
Veronica Varlow
( Morticia Addams )
Juliet Jeske
( Strawberry Shortcake )
Lil Miss Lixx
( Kewpie Doll )
Clams Casino
( Cabbage Patch Doll )
Gal Friday
( Barbie Doll )
JZ Bich
( Porcelain Doll )
( Cher Doll )

DJ Velocity spins
enchanted tunes!

Musical guest: Mandy Lemons
rocks you with the blues!

this dollhouse parties til 12am!
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss
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The first show was smashing with loads of great peaks that brought the house to a roar. The venue has enough dark underground appeal to show off the performances in a suitably enhancing vibe. BOB was inspirational. Abby dropped choice and hilarious intros. Ammo had everyone on their feet cheering. All the performances were tough, sweet and supersexed, when Velocity takes a bath, Martini becomes the house maid and BOB simply gets ready for work you are in the company of hard working women. The scene backstage was classic bohemia. My advice, catch the next installment before word goes around and you have to fight a crowd for a good view.
Just some of the scenes from last months !BadAss! by Pierre

Jo Boobs gives it her all..& then sum Big Grin

Storm strikes again Red Face

Dirty Martini pays special tribute.

Velocity Chyaldd makes the vegans squirm.

Bambi gave us the genius Pink Beaver -'CandyPants'

Ammo does 'Hitchhikers delight' giving fantastic finger Wink

The World Famous *BOB*'s grand 2001 finale!

Honor Among Thieves rounded out the night with the ferocious Cherokee up front!
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A BIG thank you to all who came out to celebrate Fathers Day with us Smile
Thank you to - World Famous *BOB*, Bambi, Jo Boobs, Cat, Delirium Tremons, Little Brooklyn,
Mz Saturn, Hate In The Box, DJ Madame Dollhaus and Empress Chi Chi Valenti for pulling out all the BadAss stops last weekend. Thank You! We couldn't rock with out you! Smile
a HUGE Thank You goes out to the following
nightlife superstarz for making a killing
at our Samhain affair, that I will remember
for a long time to come -

Editrix Abby Ehmann
For hosting the show with madcap panache & verve.

World Famous *BOB*
that black toothed 2001 opener that hit the ground running!
Julie Atlas Muz
the vicious vamp that stole the show!
Amber Ray
the most dashing fireball we've ever seen!
Rose Wood
what can I say but ... damn! you sure know how to
work that Jack Daniels bottle in more ways than one ;-)
I'll never look at the virgin mary the same way again!
St. Rev. Jen Miller
making elderly people & sweet n low sooo sexy and nasty ;-)
The group finale stunner that crowned the event!

Gorilla Bob
the handiest stage monkey in town ;-)

my band Vulgaras
for making it all happen last night!
Goddess Diana
for being such a trooper...sick as a dog and you still blew us away!
Skyler Blu
one hell of a debut honey! We are so proud of you :-)

Soundman Stefan & the staff at the Bowery Poetry Club for making us
feel at home

DJ's GothicHangman
and Madame Dollhaus
Both of you looked smashing and made the night sound feverishly fab!

Bartender Moonshine
We are so lucky to have a legend such as yourself gracing us with
hospitality, humor, and hooch!

Go-go'sRev. Jen,
thanks for pulling it off at the last minute ;-)
Rose Wood,
I can't wait til next month Rose!
and Fallen
Both of you were beautiful additions to the experience,
hope to have you both back next month!

To everyone who came out on this crazy Saturday Thank you for
giving us such a sexy crowd and wonderfully responsive energy!

Blessed Bees,
BadAss Producer
Velocity Chyaldd
Time to give thanxxx to all of those
who created the adventurous unity and
powerful vibe last Anniversary !BadAss! 11/19.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support & share

our 1st year Anniversary Experience!

A big thanxxx to the World Famous *BOB*
who gave her ALL hosting and her infamous
*BOB* number, honoring our 1st anniversary!

Thank you to DJ's Madame Dollhaus & GothicHangman
for giving us all music to jump & grind to
with inovation & zeal!

Super thanks to the staff at the Bowery Poetry Club...
your hopitality and acceptance is overwhelming :-)

Moonshine! It's such a treat to have a
beautiful spirit at the Spirits!

Saint Reverend Jen Miller, Bambi, Dirty Martini,
Little Brooklyn, Irene D., Rose Wood & Mz. Tickle
I owe my !BadAss! to ya'll, for without the !BadAsses!
I have no !BadAss! a 1000 delighted spank-you's! saved our !BadAsses! backstage and onstage,
thanks for helping our wild rivers run smooth!

And a juicy shout out to GOODFINGER! Sex, decadence and class!
All that and tremendous talent to boot!

and last but not least a special thank you to Gerry....
the Gaia Breath beneath my wings :-)
Blessed Bees,

Here are some fab images Pierre captured on cam!

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Here's a peek at last months XXX-mas !BadAss! Wink

Tomorrow will be a hoot!



is having a FULL MOON !BadAss! Party!

At the Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery @ Bleeker
V & F train to 2nd Ave.

6 train to Bleeker


15 dollhairs

Stage Mistress - The World Famous *BOB*

Your DJ's - Madame Dollhaus - spinning Vinyl! &

Gothichangman - delivering Mac!

Your Intoxicant Tapster - Moonshine

Stage Manager - Goddess Diana

!BadAss! Burlesquers this month are-

World Famous *BOB*

Velocity Chyaldd

Mish Va De Vil

Rose Wood


Scotty the Blue Bunny

Jo Boobs

St. Rev. Jen Miller

and Insectavora!

With the live decadent dark sounds of Folk Fiction throughout!

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