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Wow, what an amazing party, and the DJ (Daddy) was most excellent! The costumes were beyond fabulous and the place was really crowded.
Around 2:30, the fire department came and shoo'd everyone out. The security guards were over the top with their crowd control. They had closed the door on the coat check, then when they re-opened it, I handed in my coat check number, then this huge 6 foot 4, 300 pound security guard started pushing everyone away from the door, so we couldn't get our coats. The coat check attendant started to hand me my coat, and as I was reaching for it, this security guard (the big one) started punching me in the stomach. He punched me about 5 times. I finally got my coat and got out of there, but I didn't know these guys were allowed to actually hit people. Oh well, it was still a great evening. I don't know if Maki took pictures (I saw her there), but if she did, I'm hoping she posts a few of the really great costumes.
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That is completely out of control Judy. I'm sorry you had to endure being assaulted by security inside the club. The promoters should be personally apologizing to you and they themselves should be enraged by that kind of situation. To have a mature and respectable woman being punched by security has no excuse whatsoever. When security starts committing the crime it's time the promoters realize they have failed in their position.
Well, it's certainly not Suzanne or Patricia's fault, and I would not consider them in any way responsible. I think security comes with the venue, and the Hudson Hotel, or whomever is in charge of their rental space for parties is the one who should clean up their security guards. Why on Earth, they would want to prevent us from retrieving our coats to the point of physical violence, is beyond me.
I'm sure it wasn't Ms.B or Patricia telling security to assault guests.
I don't know the contractual arrangement between them and the hotel either, however, whatever the terms, statutorally you are a 'guest' of the hotel because you are on it's property - but you are also a guest of the promoters because they are representing the event and have agreed to hold themselves out to the public as hosts. Unfortunate for them as it may be, though they didn't instruct security to assault guests they are the first line of authority on-site unless they are just being used by the hotel sales office as party bait. So, are the promoters responsible for security's lapse of control, no. But the promoters do have a responsibility to attempt to apply some control on the situation. They do have a responsibility to have some knowledge about the level of reliability and conduct of the hotel's staff. And I wouldn't be telling them something they don't already know. It's their brand that's being marketed by the hotel, if not themselves in addition. And I'm sure both ladies would be very concerned if they knew you had been assaulted by staff at their party. Security slugging someone is not an act of a cataclysmic storm, earthquake, or power blackout. It's the act of a business out of control. And it's another example of how Halloween can turn in to a party night more dumb than many others.
Judy, I, too, am appalled that this happened. And I would certainly never want to attend this event unless what happened is resolved... and quickly. And I am sure Susanne will take steps to do so.

I am also certain Susanne will not think that you are being a bother at all. Any producer would welcome a level-headed report/discussion about an incident like this 100%. After all, the next time the "security" person acts out in this manner, it could be much more serious.
And, it's not a matter of "punishment". An employee of the club assaulted a patron. The patrons must be protected, therefore he MUST be removed.
No, GOOD UNITS, the space under the Hudson Hotel, is currently not hosting parties due to some improvements they have to do to reopen for big nights like Bloody Mary. Josh Wood's party scheduled for tonight there has also been moved. We'll have more news on Bloody Mary soon, so far next one is in Miami on NYE, Johnny (Dynell) is spinning..

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