Thanks Julian for asking. The first version is for ordering soft cover and hard cover copies. The second version is for ordering Image Wrap version, which is hard cover with the image printed directly on the cover as opposed to hard cover which is black linen cover with a photo printed jacket cover. And yes you can send it to me with a self addressed envelope and I will gladly sign it for you. Just email me for my shipping address.
For those of you who are interested, my newest book " Wigstock in Black & White : 1985 - 2005"
is being uploaded to and should be available for order sometime within the next few weeks. It looks great and covers the entirety of the 20 years that it happened. Here is the link to order the book:

Here is the cover.


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" Wigstock in black & white: 1985 - 2005"
Now available for order at :

With photos of all your favorites including:
Lahoma Van Zandt, Mona Foot, Joey Arias, Billy Beyond, Lady Miss Kier & Dee lite, Sweetie, Dance Noise, Dean Johnson, David Spada, Dick Darling. Lady Bunny, International Chrysis, Lypsinka, Lavinia Co op, Hapi Phace, John KellyMiss Understood, Miss Guy and many many others in all their Wigstock glory.
Thanks for asking seven. Simply go to the web address. Order the copy you want. When it arrives, fed ex it to me with a return label, when I get it, I'll sign it to you ( with an extra added surprise) and send it back to you. Hope you enjoy it. And thanks again for your support in my artistic endeavors.
PS email me for my shipping address.
Hey everyone. I have been a busy little beaver over the winter and finished a bunch of new books. The first one that is available is " Queer Nation", a little book of my poem by the same title, illustrated with little figures sculpted by Basil Twist and I and photographed by me. You can see the first 15 pages and order it in paper back at:

Hope you enjoy it.

Also I will soon be uploading three new portrait books ( which many of you motherboarders are included in) and my entire collection of poems, short stories and monologues ) Mr. Bruce, Queen of Christmas Past and The Story of Billy Dodge. That collection is entitled " Troubleblonde" and will be available on as well. Thanks for your support.
Aw pipe down, MSY.

I can't wait to see these Bobs! I love the story of Mr. Bruce and eagerly anticipate the others, including the Twist/Miller collaboration. If I had a coffee table, I would feature them prominantly, but they'll just have to go onto the already bulging 772.157M section on my bookshelf... after I read them of course!

I highly recommend these M-boarders!

Hattie "Dewey Decimal" Hathaway
I was working with a great freelancer named Andy Grachuk who lives here in Massachusetts and he is building my web site as well. But the last five books I have done by myself. Thank you Seven for saying so. It's a very easy way to make a book. As long as you are only selling online, but trying to hit the retail bookstore market gets a bit more expensive and complex.
The newest of my photo books is finished and up for preview. " Amina" , a small book of photographs from 1975 to 1985 of my friend and muse, Amina Bentavigna. Early beauty and fashion work that captures the history of one beautiful young lady named Amina.

See it at:


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I am coming into the home stretch of my newest endeavor " Forget Them Not : A Celebration of Those Who've Gone Before" 160 pages of portraits of those who are no longer with us, with a short story about each person and in some cases a sample of their art or writing. People in this book include Truman Capote, Gloria Swanson. Martha Graham, Andy Warhol, Salvadore Dali,Cookie Mueller, Anya Philips, Dean Johnson,
Costa Pappas, Antonio Lopez, and many many more.
Moving on to my new book that I have just begun to shoot, " Provincetown Portraits" will be ready in the spring with all the town legends and those who come every year for the summer as well. Here is Miss Dina Martina followed by Mr Ty Beck.


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