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So I just finished re-reading Boy's 1995 book Take It Like A Man, which I mentioned briefly under the Tea Room topic under different context. But I have to start a topic here, because I am surprised there isn't one.

Two decades ago, as a confused and searching high school senior driving around the suburban wastelands of DC, I heard this song on the radio. My friend said to me- "have you seen how the person looks who sing this song?" which was Do You Really Want to Hurt Me. I hadn't, but I shortly did on some afterschool pop music show, and I was completely awestruck, and subconciously inspired. Here was this person wearing make-up, garrish clothing, and making a success of it as well! Since then I have been a fan of the music and exploits of Boy George. And as I went off to college, the success of Culture Club mirrored my own public sartorial and personal explorations. And when their pop star fizzled, I still remained an eternal and fascinated fan, which still holds true today.

One of the highlights of the past decade of being in NYC was the night I met him at Squeezebox. So I turned the corner, and there he was talking to Jayne County, so I, like an eager child, ran up to her and said "introduce me, please!" (probably tugging at her skirt as well). She hushed me in her southern drawl "I will girl, hold on, when I'm done talkin' to him." I waited patiently, but probably tapping my toe, but then she did introduce me. I cringe in retrospect when I recall what I said, as it was not my usual easily adopted New York blase when one sees a celebrity out and about. I mumbled something about seeing Antony sing Victims (one of my fave Culture Club songs) earlier that evening. He tolerated the gushing fan so politely. I ran back to my friends Sunny (now off in London with her new life and newly installed Thai plumbing) and Nick (goddess rest his soul in a hopefully happier place) and jumped up and down in my 6" heels "I just met Boy George!" Linda Simpson was there too and she had her camera, and thankfully wanted to meet him too, so we went back and took pictures with each of us. That picture still hangs on my fridge as one of my prize possessions.

So I was wondering if Boy George has affected others in the same way as his life has been an inspiration to me?
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Randella, I just bought a first edition UK print of "Take it like a Man" on the street two days ago for 5 bucks, began reading it on the LIRR this afternoon, and now I've come across this new topic of yours! O.M.G.! I'll keep you posted as I read it. But can we just note right away how amazing a song "Bow Down Mister" is? I just skipped down the beach to it blasting from my ipod.

Boy could inspire the whole world to dance.
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I had posted this in the Tea Room, but thought it was worth repeating here:

Satori - Middle School, theme - "Dress as your favorite pop star(s)."

Since I wasn't going to pull off "Midnight Star" I wore my mom's silk oriental shirt with big baggy tuxedo pants and a big bright hat with a bunch of colored beads hanging off the brim.

A 13 year-old's attempt at Boy George. My mother did my make-up and sent me off to the dance.

I was approached by one of the Judges and asked what (not who) I was. I explained, and she handed me an expired certificate for an Arby's Roast Beef sandwich.


I was still happy, I danced in public for the first time at that dance, feeling that my costume made me someone different, someone more free.

The positive feelings from that night have stuck with me to this day.
Jackie, you will not be able to put it down, especially when he gets to the drug madness, as it was just pure insanity and he does a good job of sucking you in to how crazy his life was at that point.

Miss U, that pic is priceless! I have some similar ones from my college days too. Though I don't have a scanner, the most memorable one was from the night my friends and I went to see Culture Club at the Capital Center (now the Continental, American Airlines, or possibly Starbucks Center) in Lanham Maryland to see the Waking Up with House on Fire tour, and one friend copied Boy's make-up from the album cover onto my face. I thought I looked fierce, though of course, we all thought that about outfits we wore in the 80s, as your pic attests. Laughingly, I remember these screaming teen girls behind me during the concert "Boy George! Take your clothes off!" I was thinking to myself "what are they thinking, crazy girlies, he's a drag queen?" but I said nothing because their mother was sitting there with them as well.

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wow - that pic really takes me back. it isnt the makeup that fascinates me - the hair! the whole thing screams "do you really want to hurt me?". answer - no, we love you!

(ps - is that a japanese "Miss me blind' scarf??)

I found an old paperback a few years a ago called "like punk never happened" indicting culture club and other new wave cohorts with crimes against music and culture. a definate subway read!

I loved Boy George in my youth - he pushed everybodys buttons. He had the balls to be beautiful freak and seemed so sweet and fun! then I heard he was marrying his backup singer (Helen Terry?) and was crushed by the betrayal. Of course he was straight and getting married - they all were. I was the only one. it was horrible. In fact, he probably didnt exist at all.
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I have to read it again. It's all true by the way. It really was exactly like that. Alot of those books are crap but his is really accurate. Some of the people in the book were really hurt by the truthfulness. They have now gotten themselves together and don't want to be reminded of their past. He really names names. I have some hot pictures from back then. I should scan them for you.
Although he has some as well and won't hesitate to blackmail me so maybe I won't. He told me there is one of me looking like "a gay Bruce Springsteen" on the new Culture Club CD boxed set.
I definately won't.

and Jade...
The idea of George & Helen married is hysterical. It's like you marrying Nancy Isla if you know what I mean.

Another book not to be overlooked though is Jayne County's "Man Enough To Be A Woman". Fabulous! But that's another topic.
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Boy George was one of my biggest heroes as a teen. As a child I had already seen Elton John, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, KISS and so on, but Boy George was My Generation and hit the scene as a huge star when I was in high school. I was so captivated, it was like he had beat all the odds and was being celebrated for being a freak. Of course his whole androgyny slant was a huge inspiration to me as an artist. But he was not just an image. He had real talent, and the band had serious musical pedigree. Boy George also gave props to the Motown performers that inspired him, like the Supremes and Smokey Robinson, so Mom and I bonded over that. What's interesting is that chronologically speaking Culture Club was really just a flavor-of-the-month band (they only had 2 good albums and 1 so-so album spanning about 3 years, the standard shelf life for teen idols). But George's influence and everything he stood for made an impact that outlasted all of that and he remains a much-admired figure for queer teens everywhere.

During the height of Culture Club fame, I remember him sitting with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show being asked about his sexuality. George demured and said, "I'd much rather have tea than have sex" in an effort to play down his gayness - all the while dressed in some outrageous outfit and full makeup! How the world has changed. It seems so quaint and funny in retrospect.
"Darling I was a punk".
-Edina Monsoon

OK, I too owned a rat wrap and wore eye make-up.
Here is one of my '80's record covers. (It's a little beat up) Designed by the way by the brilliant Nick Egan. He did Culture Club, Bow Wow Wow, Malcolm McClaren, Hazy Fantazy to name a few. Nick is actually how I met George. (He's Nick & Ellen in the Book)
Anyway, here it is.
Have your way with me. If you guys can put up embarassing pics I guess I can too.
That wig was pink by the way. I wish I still had it. It was genius.


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I have been waiting for this for months and months now...and I have my tickets! I am so excited. It's all too gay.

Charles Busch rewrote the book for the show, and the relationship focus has changed from being about a straight couple amidst the fabulous freaks of London in the mid 80s to a gay relationship- so I am assuming from what I have read that the story will now focus on Boy's and Jon Moss' relationship, which should be eye-opening.

Curiousity is killing the kitty as to how America will receive this storyline.
Did anyone see Leno last night with Rosie and George on it (we interrupted our cocktails and UNO cardgame to watch)? George seemed subdued (and a bit puffy, like he was on steroids for asthma or something) though his outfit was very fashionating, and well Rosie has never been known for being svelte or fashionable. However, the show should be something to see, and with the student discount (one benefit of matriculation) the tickets are 50% off.

Mark Dendy is the choreographer, Perfidia is doing the hair, and Charles Busch rewrote the show. So with Boy's music and songs (Anna I like the soundtrack...the lyrics, true to Boy's form...always have something that touches the heart in one way or another, alas I am a diehard fan) and Rosie's $10 million, we shall see. It could be synergistic magic, or it could fall flat on America's doorstep.

George mentioned that he has been into Japanese numerology for years now, and their opening along with other things for the show is based on this philosophy (thus the 10/13 date, whatever symbolism that holds). So as Rosie crossed herself and prayed to God, she hoped George's number lady is right.



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So I was sitting in an Internet cafe in Prague wen I see Zazoo and Satori's post about a live Internet chat w/Boy and Rosie. Unfortunately the computer had no sound, so I couldn't watch it. I did send in a question. I just found out that my question got in! You can see the chat here:

You have to give an email address to watch it. You all need to have that Hotmail or Yahoo account for these things.
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Someone we know needs to win this Smile

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Well, in reading one article about the coming Taboo in ShowPeople, I was tickled to see that they compared Charles Busch's version of the book in the vein of a Funny Girl for Boy George, complete with his own Nicky Arnstein in the form of Marcus, an amalgam of all his prior paramours. Though strangely, the first 4 preview shows were cancelled for "technical difficulties" with the first previews showing on the 28th, not as scheduled on the 24th. Hmmm...
Although I am not a huge "Taboo" fan... MUST say... I was loading in my new ipod last night (yes I have given up my Luddite membership) and was loading it some George stuff... was re-listening to shit like "specialize in loneliness" - and realized I had to give props in this section of the boards and say... George can be a fuckin genius... just vocally and the mixture of musical styles he can pull off... he's on me i-pod faves already.... so.. 'nuff respect to our Boy!
Actually I consider the Martyr Mantras album (which contains "Specialize in Lonliness" and other great songs) to be George's finest work to date. So prolific, emotionally giving and really featuring his voice in a unique way. And it's such a great record to hear in the background while snuggling in bed with someone special, the perfect pre- or post-coital soundtrack to have playing on your CD player in a darkened boudoir at 2 a.m.
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