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LOVE 'em!

As it turns out we didn't have to find the 45 thingy... They have 33 holes Smile

You're right Daddy, "Here come the girls." is the best, although the other two are great too. We do prefer the B side (Replicant) mix of "Sanitised" to the A side...

Anybody know what he's done to his voice? Is he mechanically/electronically altering it, or just singing in a Boweryesque character voice?

That IS a great album Lex. Nothing like "Bow Down Mister" to make you feel like dropping in on your local Krishna house. "No Clause 28" always seemed like such a battle cry, even though we had no idea WHAT clause 28 was...

Boy has just released "Yum Yum" his album as "The Twin" (on CD even!) US residents can pick up a copy here, and UK residents here.

We should get ours tomorrow, so we'll report back after we've devoured and digested it. Here's the track listing:

Here Cum The Girls (part 2)
Yum Yum
Electro Hetero
Disco Ugly
Size Queen
Human Racing
So Much Love
Fire-Desire (featuring Avenue D)
Garden of Eden
Who Made U?
Never Over U
After Dark

And the pretty pretty cover:

We're very excited about the track with Avenue D.

So has anybody hear the whole thing?

Daddy? Dish.

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I gave that to Isla with the stipulation that she give it to NO ONE!!!!
(just kidding)
The Ave D track is hot.
But you know what my fave is?
The track he did for "Night Of A Thousand Stevies" last year. It's killer. I think he's going to release it.
But I do have a little tid bit that she gave me.
When is your birthday Satori?
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Was that breakbeat mix the Kinky Roland mix, or the Frosty Boy mix? 'Cause I think he put an edit of the Kinky Roland mix as the CD version. But if I remember properly, the Frosty Boy mix was heavier.

Our very favorite is "Human Racing" but then the other 3 singles are right up there.

We didn't care for the new remix of Here Cum The Girls at first, but it's grown on us.

I LOVE "Disco Ugly" But it doesn't do much for Zaz. I just think it's a slamming tell off song Smile

My birthday was last Friday, the 4th. (drooling)

Celebs always fess up about their drug use. The rule, though, is that it always has to be retrospective. They are always "clean now." I'm not saying this as a put down towards George, I'm just sayin'. Look at Liza. Doesn't she do the same thing after a rehab?

Apart from the legal aspects and alleged potential detriment to one's career, it just seems a bit too personal to tell a reporter "I'm on drugs again."

I just hope he doesn't lose his residency over this. He seems to like it here and we like having him.
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It does all sound odd. I heard on the BBC that he has also been charged with falsely reporting a robbery. The news said the police responded to a call about a robbery at Boy's apartment and whilst there saw a small amount of cocaine out in the open and found more after searching. The reporter seemed to imply that it was not Boy who called abpout the robbery. All seems very odd.
Why would you leave drugs out 'in plain view' when the police are knocking on your door. That is really too bad. Alligator, it does sound like someone ratted him out.

I was just enjoying his interviews last night in "The Legend of Leigh Bowery"... my thoughts even then, sometimes it doesn't pay to live too long.

When I was looking for space in NYC which now seems like a long protracted nightmare version of "NO EXIT" by Sartre... I found a fantastic place on a block
between Center and Lafayette. That whole block is owned by one interesting family who's had it since the 1880's. The landlord was telling me about the Celebritays who dwelt on that block, and was pleased to let me know one of them was Boy. It would be nice if he sticks by him through this... though more likely he'll rent it out at a premium to some new-in-town rich trash with the sticker "Boy George Got Busted Here."
First of all, let me describe George's house...
It's a VERY creative place. Lots of people coming and going -and it's an artistic mess! Clothes, art, silk screens, paint, glitter, feathers, beads... you name it. And his desk, where his computer lives, is a complete gorgeous disaster. It's piled to the ceiling with CDs, records, print outs, photos, magazines, make-up... you name it. (And apparently a little cocaine). Stan asked, "Why would you leave drugs out 'in plain view'?" If you could see this deck let me assure you, NOTHING on that desk is 'in plain view'! I'm sure he didn't know it was there. OR HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT! (It probably was Messy Bonnie's coke anyway).
I've known George a long time, he'll get through all this. He's been down this road before and he knows his way back. He's had a vey intense couple of years. I can't be as hard on him as say, Bobby Miller. Five minutes being Boy George is an experience more intense that most people will feel in a lifetime. I'm always amazed how he's kept it together all these years. He'll be Ok. Never underestimate a Fighting Irish Queen!
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From what I understand, his big mistake was inviting the police in. You do not have to do that. Even if someone calls to report a burglary. If it is your house, when they ask to come in you can say no. They may come in anyway, but it will effect whether or not any "evidence" they might find can be used in court. You never know what they might find. Especially when the Messy Bonnies of the world have been in and out of your place all night!

Personally I am glad that there are still some people living in downtown Manhattan with filthy glitter-encrusted apartments and eight-balls of coke instead of Ikea interiors.

And Bobby, just because you or I hoovered up our quota of "snow" in the 70's & '80's (or was it the 60's?) doesn't mean everybody did. I say party on, girl, if you need to. Just don't kill yourself!
Oh Pleze... The only thing I ever learned from cocaine was that it cost me a lot of money and most of my teeth. How long is it going to take to learn that some things have very little real value in the bigger sceme of things. It took me a LONG time to realize that one. But don't let me be the bad news bear hon.
Since I wasn't there, I'm personally not comfortable with any conjecture about what happened, anyone's state, etc. I don't feel like it's my business to "put the pieces together" just because his arrest is publicized all over t.v. Since I wasn't there, I don't mean the following about George (since I have no idea if it applies to him, if those were his drugs, or ANYTHING). But, speaking GENERALLY, just because it's relatively easy for some people to quit drugs because they've "been through it once," doesn't mean it's so simple for others, and it doesn't mean I know what it feels like to be them, or have any right to judge them at all.(Letting go of addiction is hardly about will power or intelligence.) Some people don't succeed at letting go of drugs, etc., until 20 rehabs. And power to them. Everyone is different. God knows I have my own compulsions and people telling me "oh I got over that kind of behavior long away" or "why don't you get it?" certainly isn't going to change my personal learning path or clock, and I hate to think people are judging me just because what's easy for them isn't always easy for me. ---Dancing, for example. I am addicted to dancing. And George is a damn good d.j., and fun to have around. I wish him all the best, and hope that it all works out, because I can't wait to see him here again behind that d.j. booth so I can dance to his great music.
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Eighties' pop sensation Boy George is back on British soil after being charged with possessing cocaine in the United States

The 44-year-old ex-Culture Club frontman flew back into the UK yesterday, following the furore which erupted over the damaging allegations.........

Manhattan District Attorney's office spokeswoman Barbara Thompson said the singer was released after being charged with possession of a controlled substance, allegedly more than an eighth of an ounce (five grams) of cocaine.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Mr Denton said the star was due to go back to court on December 19, and US police had not taken the singer's passport.
Karen M., I agree. Alot of us old pharts here know drugses is bad, but it can't be denied they make you feel so fine. Some people can do them in moderation all their lives. Bobby you are such a darling but truly, we can't know what others are going through.

BG may have called the cops on himself, for certain. An old ex of mine did that once... he was actually DEALING, and called the cops because he thought someone kept looking in the window from his fire escape. He was just plain lucky they did not drag him away, what with little bits of burned tinfoil lying everywhere and the stench. (This was the early days of crack.)

"in plain view" is a legal term
daddy, the police glance around and whatever the they see is for the picking. Case in point, a famous case where someone called the cops in a small Georgia town about a lost dog or something, and the cops went through this screen door, and saw two guys going at it! There was a statute still on the Georgia books against s0d0my, so those guys went down. (I recollect the case, as 'fucking-in-plain-view' was such a hoot...) BTW This became the test case to remove all state s0d0my laws.

Lexxy I guess that apartment is for rent now.

Are they going to try to extradite him?
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At first I thought he might have been so tweaked that he didn't know what was happening and called the cops. But it's totally possible that someone left it there, especially if it's club people coming and going at all hours (duh!). My former uptown bachelor pad was host to many a nefarious 5 a.m. transgression involving "houseguests" back in the day LOL ....

Another likely explanation is that the cops recognized George (tweaked or not) and simply wanted a good story to gossip about back at the precinct with their macho-asshole buddies in blue. They saw an 80s icon/juicy story and turned the place upside down, determined to find something ... anything. Had George been an ordinary civilian, they probably wouldn't have gone near his disaster glamour pit of a desk (which by the way sounds a lot like my boyfriend's desk, god only knows what treasures are buried under that heap!) But because it was the fag superstar 'Karma Chameleon' guy, they went wild.

In any case I completely agree with you, Karen. Just because the hippies learned a lesson about coke back in 1970-whatever, doesn't mean EVERYONE has learned the lesson. Many others do such things recreationally and never become addicts or ruin their lives, either. Whether George "slipped" or not, she's done great the last 15 years. More power to her.
Am just curious why he would have such a revolving door an make his home party central... i think (an shout me down if u think am wrong) but there comes a point (when u get as old as some of us are) when you don't have that kind of a drop in policy for all an sundry to your home since its your lil piece of sanctuary in the big crazy city... We all did that kind of 'entertaining' but u get 'old' and i thought we all got more 'picky' about the transient element in ones casa? no??
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the last time Boy George was busted his concord seat to nyc went unused as reported at the time by the ny post.

am also curious about this story cause Merlin would like to know why the police were called. the police are our friends they can help in a dangerous situation, was there a danger?

there are no standards nor practices in the police community to deal with gay domestic matters, there is no gay family court, nor any way of mediating a non-married couples disagreement. so whether it be George or a by now 'ex-' or a casual friend the reason for the call to the police is important. what was the original perceived danger?

Wishing George the best with this mess, and hoping that really wasn't his 5+ grams.

Has anyone seen the recent image of him in the Misfits shirt? Wondering if the cops would have even recognized him out of makeup? (It's the first time we've seen him, and we probably wouldn't have been able to pick him out of a lineup)

Have to agree with Bobby on this one...

We had to end a close friendship over a coke addiction. We watched one of our friends go from complete control, great job, going everywhere he wanted to go, and then came coke. He basically used it as his confidence, and it destroyed him. We think of him often, and hope he's still alive somewhere in Atlanta.

Of course some people can handle it just fine, and more power to them. But, there are controled substances that you control, and some that control you, and this is the later.

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Having your place be Grand Central Creativity: When you come from relatively nothing and then get prosperous, and are a creative person, a revolving door on your place is the hospitality habit you learned from your former life -when you have nothing you share it all freely.

Cops: It is just as likely the coke was the cops, they planted it. A high profile bust, or busting someone who is giving the cops a hard time, -those are just standard cop practices.

Does BG deserve it? Every celeb is vulnerable in an exqggerated way to all the foibles everyone here has pointed out.

As dynamic a personality as he is, Ms. George is sure to leave this in her wake, not without some consequences of course. And maybe it was time to get back to London anyway.

Roman Polanski hasn't been able to enter the US for years now because of a certain legal problem, and it hasn't prevented him from continueing to floursih.
Satori, It's not that I don't think coke is bad. I hate it. Most of you guys know that I'm really a total straight head and don't do anything stronger than red wine. (I know... I'm pathetic). It's not that I have this great self control, I just never really liked drugs. Not even pot. The last time I did coke was 1983, we were doing a show in Boston and they were shoveling it up all our noses. I was a mess! I got on stage to sing but my throat was so closed up nothing came out. It was like a performance nightmare that you have but I was living it. I swore that I would never do it again and haven't. All I'm saying is that I don't blame people like George who can't say no to something that they like. (It was easy for me because I didn't like it). George has an addictive personality and is sometimes surrounded by people who do him in. (That hideous queen Marilyn used to be that person for him in the eighties but he has other ones now too). I remember in the early eighties George and I tried Ecstacy. It was new then and we wanted to see what it was all about. (I had done it once before). I got some for us and took him to The Paradise Garage. We had a ball but where as I was very happy to call it a night (at about noon) he wanted to do more and more and keep going. He was eating it like candy. That was the last time I did it. I saw what it was about, even liked it, but never needed to do it again. Anyway, all I'm saying is he has a very different personality from me. It's hard for him (and probably most people) to "say no to drugs". I don't blame him or anyone else for falling off the wagon. His life is very intense, that's how he likes it. I just can't be that hard on him. I just hope he's OK because he really is a great guy. He really is.
OK one more time. Just because people like drugs doesn't mean that drugs are ok. It just means that those folks want to have that experience. And I guess I forgot that it's each persons right to do WHATEVER they want to do to be happy and just because I have had that experience and am quite finished with it ( since 1980) doesn't mean that I think everyone should be over it. I realize that people need to have whatever experience they need to have to find some wisdom but how long does that take, ten, twenty, thirty years to discover that in the end drugs are just like wax fruit, they look good,but in reality they are just fake fruit. drugs provide an illusion of happiness but I can't say I've ever know any really happy drug addicts.Or alcoholics either for that matter. But who really cares what I think. I say blast your damn heads off with whatever if that's what it takes to find real joy but I for one ( and that is really the only person I can speak for) have no use for hard drugs. From where I stand it seems like an expensive and wasteful thing to do at this time in life. The world is changing and I say it's time to make our selves stronger and healthier and more ready to deal with the every day dramas around us. As for BG, I adore him and always have. But it's just not cute or hip-looking or fabulous any more to waste your money and life force on drugs. It is more than possible that he was set up by either some miserable person or the police. I hope for his sake that he doesn't go to jail for 15 years.

And Daddy I don't believe for a moment that you ever took any drugs. You are the virgin that we always thought you were. It's how you stay so young looking at your age.
I've seen Daddy say no to Messy Bonnie Raitt many times. And her PCP is LEGENDARY. Straight from the veterinarian, uncut.

I have a lot of respect for what Bobby has to say about drugs from a personal standpoint.

But I also think there are some other ways that individuals live the drugs they choose to use.

I know a handful of people who take what are called 'recreational' drugs as a form of self-medication, who otherwise might be on some awful psychiatric psychotropic medication. Having your appetite overstimulated by pot is a lot less detrimental side-effect for a bi-polar person than getting a non-reversable case of tardic dyskenesia (it sounds dreadful just to pronounce the name of this malady) from clonapin. Also, call me a mystical if you want, but I think some forms of intoxicants are far more unknown in their real abilities to provide opportunities for insight and certain benefits from non-normal consciousness than most authorities would ever let be said is so. Use of intoxicants for that purpose is not the same as a compulsive addictive type of use of course. And in short, however unsmart it may be to say so here, use of any regulated intoxicant comes with some responsibilities -one, namely, is to not get in trouble with legal restrictions. I think mostly at this time in our society, here in the US, drugs are one of the key ways that are used by the State to criminalize people. On that point BG has just fallen prey to a totally routine operation of the legal system. The courts in lower Manhattan are a virtual assemblyline for criminalizing drug users and vendors. Hundreds, if not thousands, are indicted every week. So I don't really think the problem in essence is Ms. O'Dowd's personality at all. The problem is an anti-society that can't deal with the, actually, normal appetites of millions of its citizens.

Daddy, are you sure there was only that C Whiz incident? Only? Don't I frequently see you majorly getting off on a certain drug called, uh, 'Junior'?
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I'm with Daddy on this one. And I guess what's getting to me are all the (well meaning) misconceptions about the nature of addiction I'm seeing above. I am not a substance addict. I don't do drugs and I drink in extreme moderation by nightlife standards. But I hail from a loooong line of addicts and alcoholics, and I myself am riddled (and I mean riddled) with numerous addictive traits of my own. So, I'm speaking here from my own personal experience (though not with drugs per se) and from having made it my business to try to dispose of my own past misconceptions, and to understand everything I can about addiction, this thing that has killed or tormented so many wonderful people who I love.

People with an uncontrollable compulsion to drink or get high are not doing it to "be happy" or to "find some wisdom" because they haven't "discovered" that drugs are bad for them. Nor are they experiencing "real joy," or even laboring under the illusion that it is "cute or hip-looking or fabulous." A lot of what's written by well-meaning folks above reads as if addiction is a CHOICE. You think the guy sitting in the rain outside my window right now with a bottle in a paper bag doesn't know it's "expensive and wasteful?" Hate to belabor the obvious here, but addiction isn't "fun." Addiction means you know it's bad for you, but you can't stop. Addiction means you know it's bad for you, but it still is better than something even more tormenting underneath, so you do it anyway, and then you wake up and feel so horrible, that you want to get rid of that feeling too. So you do it yet again.

Imagine that there you are in that cycle (and it is a cycle). You want to get out, but you are so ashamed there's another part of you that just wants to hide. So you reach for the substance just one more time, to dull out that shame. And then, along comes some well meaning friend, and says, "God. Why don't you just stop? Fine, kill yourself if you want to. I don't really care. You're just an idiot. Why don't you act your age?" Then you feel even worse. And maybe even less likely to admit the problem and go for help. And it goes on and on.

I don't feel right talking about whether or not George or anyone else is or isn't an addict, or what happened that night. I wasn't there. But, speaking from my own personal experience, and from what I've made a point of studying, no one wakes up in the morning and says, "I think I will do self-destructive things today because it's fun." People do what they need to do for a variety of reasons that no one but them can understand. But, there are always reasons. For me, my addictive behavior is about not being able to stand feeling something, like feeling too transparent, so it's better to make a lot of noise (yeah, like I am here Wink) and look outward. I wake up almost every day and think, "Today I am not going to have any stupid crushes, and I'm not going to be addicted to the internet, and I'm not going out dancing like a 20 year old in a tube top." Then, alas, it's 3 a.m. and there I am again at my desk, with distant love stars in my eyes, my fingers on the keyboard, and a stamp on my hand from that night's party. --And of course that's NOTHING compared to drugs and alcohol which carry their own very real physically addictive properties as well.

So, same thing, about the purported "revolving door" policy. God knows if I was being judged on whether or not my activities are "age approprite" I'd be sunk. (And, come on, wouldn't a lot of us here on the motherboards? Wink) Maybe to someone whose many accolades stem from pop culture, it feels crucial to hang with younger kids on the scene. Maybe to someone who is mobbed every time he sets foot in a club, it's better to bring the friends and scenesters to his house. Who knows.

We all do what we need to do to get by until those things don't work for us anymore. And, for a lot of people, we do them for a lot longer than that, too, even in the face of dire consequences, while we are trying to stop. So, I know the hearts here are definitely in the right place. (I myself am often tempted to preach about the dangers of drugs, just because I worry about my friends and the kids on the scene, as I know you guys do, too.) But I say there's no point in bashing addicts of any kind. It just doesn't help.

As for George, I can't imagine what it would feel like to be doing whatever I need to do to get by, and be in my own process, and then have it telecast all over the world when the consequences came up to bite me on the ass. The consequences themselves (legal, social, whatever) are painful enough. I can't imagine what it would feel like to have it all aired on public broadcast.

So, no finger wagging from me. I'm hardly in a position to do that myself. Besides, I think he's great.
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