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Yes, that was me working the door for Nina Hagen (Top hat/diamonds aka rhinestones/plaid kilt) and I clearly remember you making your grand "green" entrance! You asked me about the guest list or something... Oh and later you came out and we talked about how crowded it was and the "heat factor" inside... did you catch Patrick McMullen when you came back out?

YES of course the offer still stands, when ever you're ready. All I ask is that we do it some time after Dec.19th... I'm soooo crazed with preparations for this Two Towers event. On top of producing the event, I'm performing also... are you coming? There's a costume contest with a nice fat cash prize in it! smile

Hey all - I am posting here hoping that Miss Webb gets this -
Dear heart, My friend Angela has just done some major cleaning out of her apt - she was going to have The Salv. Army come get BAGS of clothes and coats....etc as well as a nice couch that she just does not want any more...I do not know if you even have a space yet...but if you are interested in seeing all the stuff she's clearing out
call me.
Also I have some wigs I want to give you and some costumey stuff.
Angela is uptown (west side) and I am in the West Village...

X - derrick in a dress

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