A favorite on the performance circuit, MISS KELLY WEBB tragically lost EVERYTHING including her beloved pet when her apartment was gutted by an electrical fire on THANKSGIVING. All Of Kelly's belongings, clothes, furniture, personal items, costumes, EVERYTHING went up in the blaze.

I am calling out to everyone who reads this post to please do what they can to help a "family member" in a very traumatic time. I will be accepting donations on Kelly's behalf this Sunday nite at STAR TARTARE, and The Slipper Room will also accept donations Sunday evening EARLY @ 10:00pm. Five or ten dollars would mean alot to someone who has literally lost everything. Kelly has a bright, gorgeous spirit and will surely come shining thru despite this tragedy, but if we band together as a community, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!. Kelly is also completely without clothing. Retailers please consider a merchandise donation, as I am sure it would be tax deductible. The Holidays even more than usual, area time for GIVING. PLease help a star, a fellow performer, a friend, a human being.

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Flow and I have a futon, a twin bed set, shelves, a place to crash, among other little things to give. Who do we contact, or you can contact us at 917.783.1228, or our respective emails under our profiles. We also have some clothing if it fits and she wants it. Damion is pretty small. Oh, and I have extra make-up and perfumes (a selection), a FACE make-up case (it's a professional-sized one) if she needs and other girly stuff. And a couple of suitcases. I'm gonna look around.

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I hope this was not the fire down the block Wednesday night as that one looked very bad. Doug and I are in Greenpoint and Miss Webb has told me she is a neighbor. We too are willing to help in whatever way we can, land phone is 718.609.0040. Should Miss Webb need our help as far as lodging or anything else being in close proximity lends itself too, please call.

We shall see you all Sunday with deep pockets.
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I know alot of people out there read The Motherboards and sort of know who we all are but alot of times can't place the face etc.
Well this is our fabulous Miss Kelly Web.
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She is one of the nicest people I have ever met... ever. There are so many rotten people out there... well, don't get me going on the "whys".


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Hi all, this was such devastating news. Got a call from Rose Wood earlier who told us that donations of clothes/supplies for Kelly can also be left at The Chelsea Hotel c/o Room 724. Donations will be collected from there and brought out by cab as they accumulate.

Please do not leave cash in that manner (bring it instead to the above club locations) but clothing, costumes, etc. She has absolutely nothing, so almost anything would help. Kelly is on the small side I would think no bigger than a size 10 or medium. She could probably wear a small, 6 or 8 no problem. There is an urgent need right away as it is cold out and Kelly has to return to work on Monday morning.
Kelly is truly my sister, my greatest ally. She's a tireless performance artist in every sense, and has done so much work for our community. She worked very hard this summer on the Qwe're Musicfest graphics and logo, capturing the spirit with her own special flair.

If anyone needs me to come and retrieve clothes or other supplies they would like to donate, please e-mail me (joe@birdsongnyc.com) or call 212.414.4222. One of my dearest friends on the planet, Miss Webb colors the way I look at the world with consistent grace, style and humour.
the Bombshellgirls show on Sun. nite @ The Slipper Room is now a benefit for Miss Kelly Web!!Please come see some of burlesques best and help out in Kelly's time of need.I spoke with Sammy Jo of Star Tarrtarr ( sorry for the mispell) and there might be a connection between the two parties ( discount list for attendees of Bombshell , etc.) to entice a generous audience to two of her fav venues.
I have a Mac G3 and monitor to give. It's a little buggy.. any Mac geeks out there?

It generally works but it will NOT let you restart from a CD. This prevents you from updating the system or running Nortons. Anyway, Kelly, it's yours if you need it. Don't worry lady, we're here for ya!
I can also offer a place to stay if she's in need.

Will dig through the closet and see if there is anything I can find. (I'm far from a size 10!)

Kelly is one of the nicest people I know and this is shocking news. Losing everything must be very difficult, but more importantly I hope she wasnt' hurt in anyway.

See you all tomorrow night.
A portion of the ticket sales from this Tuesday's Qwe're Musicfest shows, "Genderation XYZ" at Joe's Pub, will go directly to benefit Miss Webb in her hour of need. Two shows take place - 7pm and 9pm. $20 per show, or $30 for both. Early show features Dee Finley as host with Skot Hess as Ida Parker, Chris Tanner, Dred, and Vulgaras. Later show with Sweetie hosting features Raven O, Reuben, Sir Real, Slanty Eyed Mama, and Chloe.
Only met Ms Webb @ last party. I was shooting a video of her dancing with those Claws. She 's so nice and beautiful.I will make copy for her to start her collection of her performances and will donate it to her.She has many that are showing their love for her!
Rose Royale just called; she and Keith are donating all their tips tomorrow night at STAR TARTARE to help Kelly. Come out come out wherever you are! Thanks to all.
I'm truly sorry -especially for the loss of her pet -thats heartbreaking.
Would someone please find out kellys shoe size -and if she wears leather or not.
thanks kitty
I just got off the phone with Miss Webb. She is feeling very much as you would expect, but is incredibly heartened and humbled by this community's great outpouring of love. She read this topic and was overwhelmed and said she feels like Jimmy Stewart in "It's A Wonderful Life."

I asked her about sizes etc. Here's the report-

Dress size 6 or 7 or small
shoe size 7
she does wear leather

Most pressing needs clothing wise are pants and warm skirts.
hello everyone! I just wanted to add to the love & support for Kelly. She is truly one of the most positive, loving & generous people i know. This is a tragic thing- how quickly things can change in one day. The Bombshell! party is tonight at the Slipper Room...admission is whatever you want to donate to Kelly- the money is going to help her get herself back on her feet...and there will be an amazing show! The theme is "Vanity", so be your most vain self you possibly can be. Let's have a great show...kelly will be there and bring her some love.see info at www.thebombshellgirls.com. Also, Sweetie and Star Tartare will be accepting donations later in the night and some kind of admission to both shows will be in order.
see you tonight!

love & guts,
lady ace
Just wanted to post the Bombshell TIME for those of you who don't usually crawl out of your nests till midnight.

The doors open at 8, shows begin at 9 at The Slipper Room, corner Orchard and Stanton.

And welcome to the Motherboards Lady Ace! See you tonight..
that's the absolute last thing I wanted or ezpected to find on my first look at a Miss Webb post. Not much more devestating and ruinous than a home fire. I'm so glad to hear she was unharmed. She's one of the sweetest and dearest persons I've been fortunate to meet and work with. Along with the initial outpouring I'll try to figure out something in the fall back position too. All of you are wonderful for contributing and voicing your support, gotta go rummage in the closets.

What horrors life throws in our way.
Miss Webb, I can't imagine what you are going through, and am so sorry for your loss.You are a dear and sweet girl, not to mention intelligent and strong.I loved the thanxgiving email you sent, and had been thinking about you.I return from LA monday, and will go through the vast wardrobe, I am sure we can find some gorgeous costumes for you with pleasure.
The Pheonix shall rise, with more beauty and grace than ever before.
I am out of town at the moment - but I am sending you LOVE. I will be picking through wigs and costume stuff - and clothes - and food? when I get back - I just add I am terribly sorry about this and I just thank the spirits that YOU are okay, lady! I wish I could be at Bombshell tonight or at Sweetie's to give some support sooner...

Kisses and prayers to you...derrickinadress
Kelly you're a lovely and talented girl very much worthy of all the above praise. Such energy, enthusiasm and a true kindred spirit who supports her community. I can't even recall at this point how many times I've looked out from the bright lights of a stage and seen your warm and giving presence looking back at me. My prayers are with you right now and I'll see you very soon.

I got a real nice black sequin dress you can have...
Oh wait a minute, I'm wearing it.
But I got the keys to Johnny & Chi Chi's apt. I bet they got some good stuff. They'll never know.
She needs some more long claws , they really make her dance super erotic!I also remember her long toenails. I'll get her plenty !
It was so incredible to see such a huge amount of friends last night at both Bombshell and Star Tar Tare. All the love and support for Kelly was beautiful and it was so great to see her laugh.
Messy Bonnie,
I spoke to kelly last night and she said she didn't want your puked stained tired old rag you call a dress.
Of course she said it in a nicer way.
They say one can't live on love alone but once again "they" are wrong! Many thoughts have been swooshing around my cranium since Thanksgiving night when I returned home after a lovely dinner at dear friends house to find I didn't really have an apartment left. The place was trashed (most likely electrical fire, no report yet) and my dear feline companion of nine years, Mr. Peebles, was dead. Since I lived alone I practically considered Mr. Peebles my hairy husband. If he was a person he would have definately been a 14th street working girl. He only had 3 teeth and a badass 'tude. When lounging, he would only lie upon the fanciest fabrics - no polyester under any circumstanses. I found him under the remains of my most luxorious lepard coat and it broke my heart. As per my material possesions there was really nothing left of my home except a few papers from a metal filing cabinet, and by some miracle, 3 bellydance costumes (????!!!!) and some cds with components of my schoolwork on them that were thrown out the window. But even though I have lost most everything I really do have all I need as you lovely beautiful fuckers have shown me since all this happened. The phone calls and emails and juicy loving I have gotten from you have been so important to me. LAST NIGHT WAS INCREDIBLE I AM SO PROUD AND HONORED TO HAVE YOU AS FAMILY. You helped me raise some much needed cash (two words renters insurance PLEASE get it I didn't) and I am building up a quite fashionable wardrobe thanks to you all. I am staying at my dear friends Viva Knievel aka la Chocolatina (a truly loving place to be) for some months so I really won't need any apartment-y things until I get settled - big thank you to those of you who have been asking. B, if the futon is still around in a couple months I would love to take you up on it then. Family, feel free to drop me an email (misswebb007@yahoo.com) or a phone call at any time (number is the same as it is verizon vm). You all are keeping me as sane as a Brooklyn girl can be and I am overwhelmed and so deeply, deeply touched by your genorousity. And when I get my new place you can rest assured that I will be having the ONLY housewarming party and the naked boys will dance til dawn!
I love you

Glad to hear your ok. I also have some furniture when you are ready.

The insurance advice is a good one. For all those who don't have it yet, it's only about $200 a year for $40,000 in coverage and worth every penny.
Thanks Colleen I am sure I will find a beautiful new place for cheap haha. I have had enough bad luck for the year! Thank you for all the personal hygiene products. I shall be well douched and smelling fresh the next time I see you!
Hi Ms Webb.
I am so sorry to hear of the fire. It is really something very
difficult to deal with during these times. The mother board family
is great. Prayers are answered. I will make a copy of the video
I shot at CBGB's aof you dancing with thosde sexy Exotic Long Fingernails
and those Toenails. I was siting right at the stage dressed in Black

see me at my web site:
I will make you a copy for you to keep. What ever made you wear
long toenails, I thing long toenails are toe sexiest things on a
person.I have a friend who is the Queen of Long ToenailsQueen Virginia and She dances also.I'm hooked!
Love seeing you dance with the claws and nails on. E mail me and
we'll set up a delivery for you. I also live in Bklyn,
May the future be at your feet!
Shema Nails
(Oh I have a long nail fetish) smile
Kelly, I have a winter jacket and a scarf I'd be glad to give you. I'll see if I can find some gloves, too.

Thanks Di you are a dear! I have been a little overwhelmed lately so I haven't gotten to "e" Darla and Colleen and Shema but soon and thanks thanks thanks. Also if anyone has any drag (wigs glitter rhinestones gowns feathers ect) that they just can't look at anymore I would be happy to take them on. I am going threw sequin withdrawal! I love you all and can't wait to have you at my naked jello wrestling housewarming when I get a new pad.
mucho amor!
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Hi Everyone,

I had too much caffeine yesterday and posted images I'm sure nobody wants to download. So I removed them. From the looks of things Miss Webb will be well taken care of thanks to the great people here on the board...

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I'm not sure if we've ever formally met or not... I'm sure we've probably bumped into eachother somewhere though...

Anyway, reading your story reminds me of how much I love my doggie, Barney (Retriever/Shepherd mix) and how I don't think I could breathe with out him. Your loss must be hard for some people to truly understand unless they've owned a pet themselves, especially a cat or dog.

On top of it all, you've lost almost all of your personal belongings. Sitting here with my thoughts, putting myself in your place, my heart is completely devastated.

I have ALOT of clothes hanging in my closet with the tags still on them, I'm not sure what size you are or what your personal taste is, but you're welcomed to stop by the "Savant Boutique" sometime and "go shopping". smile I even have some fab jewelery you might be able to pry out of my hands. smile

Drop me an Email if the spirit moves you...

Warmest wishes,
Shane Savant

how awesome of you guys to raise money and donate stuff to her. It so much different when it come from friends and not some organization handing out charity, like messy bonnie gets. not for nothing those are MY cum stains on her dress so dont think its worthless. think of my dry cruddy stains as.....ummm.....Crispy creme? big grin
Hey baby where you been? I miss you. You were alot of fun that night. You sure can go for hours with a little coke! Let's do it again. Call me if you're horny.
Oh yeah...
Hi Kelly, this is your topic ain't it. Sorry.
Ryan, call me.
Hectic hi and thanks to everyone for your gooey genourosity. I am trying to get back to everyone as fast as I can Kevin - thanks for the offer unfortunately I can't take in any furniture till I get my new place. And welcome to the boards - as you can see there aint a finer bunch of glamourosity and heart in all of cyberspace! Shane I just might raid your closet if that offer is still good! I think I may have met you at Nina hagen - I was all in green body paint and peacock feathers. Ryan I think we may have donate Messy's dress to the musuem. Perhaps the Musuem of Natural History?
Thanks for updating us Miss W - we are all concerned about you and how it goes so do keep in touch here.

What is the best current drop-off point for you these days for clothing items and glitter? Still the Chelsea? Also, if you are coming to the Motherboardsbash on Sunday let us know as I have a few things for you -they are light and portable - and some others may as well...

a million kissesxxoo

I have a tv and vcr to go with your hygene products. When you move into your new spread, let me know if you need them.
Miss Webb, You have my deepest sympathy. I know how much you loved your kitty. I'll bring some 'drag by yoga center. If you need stuff for school let us know(call Jack) or even if just want me to carry your books. Most of all, please know how much we love you! curtsy

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