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Trisha's party was wonderful, and I haven't seen so many people going ALL OUT since Wigstock. I took around 70 pictures there, dropping film off today.

Fireball extremely well done, amazing performances verging on Cirque du Soleil...

Look what a happy family we were:

On a low note, my car was broken into, overnight on Friday. They broke my window, crowbared my locked glove compartment, and stole the brand-new satellite radio that Zaz had just gotten me for my birthday. Frown

Here's hoping the crack rock that they got for it was rat poison.

This is an inquiry to denizens of the Chicago area. It looks like I am going to be in a suburb (Begins with Rose...) of Chicago on business for an extended period of time.

Where should I get a place to live? I'll be supporting two residences, so not too pricy please.

How about gay roommate services?

Thanks for any info!!!!

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Darla, no one's gotten back to you? Hmm.. If we were moving we'd probably look in the Wicker Park area. The areas around "Boys Town" tend to get expensive for what you get. Greg/Matt/Chet live near Wrigley Field. They've got a very nice place in a row house. It seems like you get more space in that area.

Gigi, what is that area that you live in called? I would guess the places there are nice, yet affordable.

I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you - I read your post- but I've just been really busy, so let me offer some help now: I live in Roscoe Village( here's a link about the 'hood - )
which is nice, safe, mixed rich yuppie/ middle class( straight singles, famlies, gay singles/couples) and about 10 minutes from "Boy's town"which is Lakeveiw ( our largest Gay community) the nice thing about my area though is that it is about 10 minutes from EVERYTHING and close to all public transport/highways and it is no where nearly as congested,dirty or crowded. If you could tell me your price range and what you are looking for, and for how long you will be needing a space ,I could help you out a little more.But if you are interested, I have a second floor to my house that I'll be clearing out- the larger room is completely renovated,we just need to put the carpet down, and repaint it,(we are actually going to repaint all of the rooms) it has a large closet, full kitchen,2 baths, the rest of the house is still being redone. The bus stops right in front of my house and cabs are abundant, parking is good also in case you're renting a car and there are stores all in walking distantance. There is a great park down the street, and cool little shops and cute restaurants one block over. The apartment is not a not a beauty-but it's cute- because it is still being worked on,I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you it's perfect. But you would have the whole upstairs house to yourself,and it will cheaper than what places go for in the area, and Lakeveiw. The only thing is my husband is a doctor and I have twins so for the most part, during the weekdays- we keep "domestic" hours. Talk to me- Gigi

This is an easy cheap way to get to Philly, DC, or Boston. Chinatown is full of incredibly cheap busses that run back and forth to both, and the Philly ones run all day long... and it's a shockingly low $10 round trip.

The one I took is called "Dragon". You don't reserve, just show up at the East Broadway Mall on East Broadway in Chinatown under the Manhattan Bridge. There are ticket desks all around the outside of the building. Maybe you should stop by one day and pick up a schedule. It's a fun neighborhood to check out anway. Just head down Bowery until you hit E. Broadway (it's sorta near Canal), hang a left, and walk a few blocks until you're under the bridge.
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Hey Darla,

Zaz and I are back in Cincy until our trip to NYC May 23-30th and then we're in Chicago just for the 31st (Nina Hagen @ Double Door)

But then I'll probably be up in Chicago again for work on for two days the week of June 8th. I'm trying to swing it so I'm there on the 12th and 13th so I can just stay for the weekend.

Zaz will be in Vancouver from June 11th-July 1st for work...

Jojo and Gigi are always in town though Smile

Glad you liked the picture, at least I could still point and shoot.

How's it going in Chicago-I usually try to meet the people that visit Chgo from the motherboards,but I've been knocked on my ass by a horrible cough and cold that has keep me inside my house and stoned on thera-flu. It's unfortunate though,Schuba's is right in my neighborhood, well I'm sure your shows were kick-ass and I hope that you were treated well. By the way- I love the pic of you in the cheerleader outfit(from your website).

w/ Méa & DJ Greg Haus


This is will be one of the best events of the

Dreamworks recording artist COOLER KIDS perform
their hit "All Around The World" plus other
tracks off their new CD "Punk Debutante".

Méa, an extraordinary vocalist & DJ, is sure to
throw down a slamming set, featuring her
signature breaks & progressive selections. (Look
for her debut vocal artist CD coming soon)

DJ Greg Haus gets things started
with an eclectic electronic mix.

Doors @ 9pm
Showtime @ 10pm

2011 North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
phone: 773.378.6600
21+ with ID required
visit for tix & info.


visit the artists' websites...
FLUTTER's CD release party for "Toys in Coin

THIS Saturday, 8.23.03!
1565 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-0011
10 p.m., $8 cover

This is a one-night-only, extraordinary
spectacle!! Come celebrate the release of
Flutter's CD "Toys in Coin Machines!"

Trisha Star will be your hostess. She will use
magic touch in costuming and hair design to douse
Flutter & dancers with good-looks, glitter, and
color!!! Flutter will be joined on stage by
excellent drummer Jay Ramirez of Comasoft as well
as Trisha Star's dancers Tony & Mike!

From female to female, shoegazer to blips &
- we've got a line up you won't want to miss!

Beautiful musical friends helping Flutter
celebrate are:

Doors open at 9 p.m.
Show starts at 10 p.m.
Band order: Kudante/Whimsical/Flutter/The
Door prizes throughout the evening, cake by
of Terminal Bliss, GLITTER, dancing...GOOD

Come along for the ride! Open up and take a bite!

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