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Thank Goddess DH carries on. My major inspiration as much today as when I was 16:

"I'm an awkward, disconnected sixteen-year-old growing up in white flight suburban Long Island, longing to get out. A Blondie track releases that spring- "Call Me". It's the theme song to American Gigolo. I didn't know what she meant by "Color me your color baby/ Color me your car"...I had no real idea of what a gigolo was, and I still haven't seen the movie to this day- but from the moment I heard that track I wanted to move to New York City and come up off your color chart.
Speaking of Mother Kitty Boots...
Her House Of Domination (aka House Of Blondes) was in full effect last night to see their sister Debravation Domination.

The Empress Temptation Domination (aka Chi Chi), Cup Cake Domination (aka Miss Lauren), Satan Domination (aka S'tan) and Marti Domination (aka Miss Horse).
(Not in the picture was the stunning Jessica Rabbit Domination).


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