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...Speaking of white dogs going after you...
the big venue here is the "Casanova Night Club."
Every time I drive by I think of the puppy, Daddy, and start laughing!
It is so not Casanova, it's a falling down barn with big plastic Budweiser signs all over it, and is right next door to a some kind of Sump Pump thing.
F-150s back out of it nice and slow into the 80- MPH oncoming traffic on the highway, around one AM when it closes. It's a pit.

On a happier note, the bunny is doing very well. He lives in a pink cat carrier, eats fresh alfalafaflflfa growing right outside and will now crawl up under my chin and sit there. Yes he is happy, he will never get checked through baggage!

We haven't named him yet, mostly I call him Binky's Bunny
because Binky sits by his cage day and night.

ah, internet... "The Mystery Of Poop"

Egads, cecotrophy!!!
I let the Bunny go last Wednesday.
Living in a cage was too sad... I kept the cats in the house for four days to give him a chance to find a hutch, or dig one.

I came home last night to a big frog on the portale, greeted him "Hey there!"
They like to come in the house and look around.
The cats usually don't bother them...

About a foot away from Frog though was a neatly coiled Rattlesnake --

Rattlesnake: Oh hell, it's one of those freaks walking on its split tail...

Frog: It's just The Creature who kept Bunny in a cage.

Snake: So where's Bunny, the cage? I smelled its poop and came up to snack.

Frog: It let the Bunny go. I saw him heading out towards the Pond.

Snake: Good eating at the pond.

Frog: You keep away from my kids.... Hey Creature has let The Three Decadents out!

Snake: 'Decadents' -- what's THAT all about.

Frog: They look like cats, but they're small, they stink like The Creature, and they're never hungry. They just claw you to death for a whim, to see a twitch.
I'm outta here.

[Snake and Frog are both suddenly buried in grey gravel studded with catshit.]

Snake: What the fuck...? I thought this was a cool place.

Frog: Naw, I told you, it's a madhouse. [Hops off.]

Smake: Cats stink like hell.... ptoi. [Slithers away studded with the cat litter.]

Creature: Sorry Froggie, that was for the snake.

Pearl & Beauregard: [Crashing in through the window] Ohmigod did you see that hideous thing!
Binky, don't go near it!

Binky: But nothing can hurt me!

[Binky jumps back into the house.]

Pearl: [To Creature] That's what happens when you lock us in for three days!
All kinds of trash tries to move into the neighborhood.

..... After recording these conversations, I went to bed, and woke up to find Bunny (or one of his relatives)
dead next to my bed. Binky slept blissfully next the corpse, his muzzle adorned with blood.

I have a feeling it is my Bunny, "Binky's Bunny" -- something about the intimacy of their respective sleeps.

There is also a tiny yellow bird by the door... it almost looks almost like a canary.

The appellation 'Decadent' is hereby revised because both victims have been partially eaten.
Bleh! My pal who is an organic farmer told me once I cage a rabbit, I gotta keep it.
No such thing as "releasing back into the wild." It got contaminated, confused,
I interrupted its natural education, or something.

Alas but human beings *suck*

Well this 'blog' started last year on 9/11
and I am thinking it will come to an end on the same day, soon. Reading Ms. Chi-V-T's promise of 'personal blogs', well I should have one!!! Tell me how.

Anyhow to complete this particular circle of hell, I'm going to go see "World Trade Center," but I don't know if I will be able to stand it. I heard it was "great." Ms.Helin sent me new Orangina, do I dare go there.

Rattlesnake: What does a New Yorker taste like?

Frog: Bitter, I hear.

Rattlesnake: Couldn't be worse than one of those rank Los Angeles creatures. Ptoi, taste like gasoline.

Frog: Pardon me, creature's front door is left open. I'm gonna munch some cat chow.

Rattlesnake: Think I'll come along... it's so good for my ego to hear them scream.
PS to Anna: There was no Police Blotter for two weeks because the heavy rains destroyed the 911 station.
911 was then being run on a cell-phone, which number, of course, nobody had.

The town may have burned down in the interim for all I know. I have been taking the fast way past Espanola around lately, as now I have to drive to Santa Fe for work...

Daddy, I would have told you if it was snake season hons. They come out in June and go back into hiding when it gets cold. I think you all were here in the winter.

Tell me about losing the sky, hatches. Can't you see the river anymore?

S'tan & Binky
Pearlina & Beau
This morning as usual I went outside to wake up. Stare into the mandala of the cliffs and shake bad dreams out of the blankets.

Cats leap across the mesa in search of a breakfast of sleepy critters... I start watering my patches of black-iris-to-come
for the Spring. Pearl is canoodling around me, then freezes...
as a deep, resounding ROAR comes up from the arroyos... birds fall out of the sky... a mountain lion is greeting us... Binky comes charging into the house and burrows under the blankets.

I mean I might be broke and lonely but having a lion say Good Morning to you somehow makes up for it.

I just reread all of the "Farewell Charming Old New York" posts and copied them...
also this thread. Many thanks to Mommy and Daddy for letting this be a fantastic diary of my transition. I want to compile it with the photos, to go on


Pic by Foxy, October 2006

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At first I will just transcribe and read the whole thing through. Making it a narrative, but with commentary for the uninitiate.
When I decide to use others' comments I'll certainly ask if it is okay, and send them the finished thing before I post it. It's a little like what you thought about doing a while back in one of the first "Verbal Abuse" magazines. Remember you had some blogs and you wanted to publish them... but they were too long... and your submission(s) editor was clueless about blogging... Well anyhow it's an experiment.

I especially want to try it with the JT Leroy thread. Especially after what went down.

D I have to ask the Fluffernutter for permission or can I just rip him off.

Dearest S'tan-

How wonderful..Yes, I remember that vaguely about Verbal, but it was USENET groups posts (the granddaddy of boards like these) as blogs weren't quite invented then..

Fluffernutter, like any registered user, should be asked to use his work. Look at the bottom of every page - its our credo!

All of our participants own their own words and ideas. Treat them with respect.

That said, I would be surprised if his profile email address still worked. If you can't find him, use the work with author citation, that is anyway the type of Creative Commons license we are taking out for the boards to cover just such grey areas.

Just Google Creative Commons to see what I am talking about..and best of luck with this S'tan, I am excited to read it...
Where are you? I haven't seen you on the boards for a long while. I hope this finds you well and happy. Life goes on here in PPTown. I went to Texas for basil's new puppet opera two weeks ago. Hideous republican women in fur coats with bad face lifts. I was happy to change my return ticket and stop by NYC for one night. What's going on out there your way. drop me a line. I am thinking about you Doll.

BM xoxo
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My carpal tunnel is wrecking me I've been on practically all day!

I hate Texas.

Working on redacting the Fingernails thread in some new interesting form... also
Updated the site with some new pics...

Check out Brown Paul in Old Versace!!!

It was odd indeed to be the only person at a Halloween party dressed up. In the daytime.

Love you a bunch
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