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it's basically like that old shampoo commerical - "-and I Told two friends and so on and so on and so on....."
Someone invites you, you sign on and whoever are friends with your friends go into your "gallery" or "friend pool" if you will, and so far I'm just using it to talk to Amber RaY, Satori, Zazzoo, Trisha Star, I found a old friend Diz and of course surfing for TRADE!!!!!!
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It's crazy how connected all the major cities are... It's also bizarre to see things like people who know say... Rob Roth and Amber Ray who we hadn't met until we signed up Smile

I've been plugging The Motherboards on there, seems like a good place to find like minded people.

Oh, and the trade watching is quite fun too...

Some people create "Identities" that are really communities or events broadcasts. For example "The End Up" SF is a "person" on there and people sign up to be the club's friend.

Something like this for "The Motherboards" could be a useful tool for PR.

It says all over the site that it's about dating, but not a lot of people seem to use it for that. Do you?

One time, some guy I didn't know did the "suggest a match" thing between me and some other guy I didn't know. I read all my mystery date's testimonials, and they were about what a party animal he is, things like how sophomore year he threw up on someone's shoes. Gross!
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He (David) wrote me a lovely note as well.

As far as Friendster, just keep sendin em our way for now - dont think I or the other few admins could take on one more thing at the moment and still devote the time to here that the boards demand ever more of as they grow.

I could be wrong, though, and if I am (and this could be done without additional correspondence) please correct me!
I know this isn't the right place or time but I ran into your "ex-husband" the other night Anna. He was very interested in everything about you. (Maybe he's on "Friendster" right now.
No, probably "Manhunt")
Anyway, I told him to come to Magique and say hi.
Actually, he seemed more interested in signing Luca to a modeling career.

"Ian Curtis" requested to be our "Friendster" today. Here was my reply:


Hey Ian,

We got your Friendster request, we're big fans of Joy Division and think you were a genius, but are limiting our "Friendsters" to the living.

It's not that we don't like the "vital sign impaired" or that we're grossed out by zombie like stares, it's just that we really learned something from the the "Weekend At Bernie's" series.

You probably don't know what we're talking about because it was past your time, but there were a couple of really bad movies about two guys partying with this dead guy (no, not like that, gross) anyway, it was kinda the beginning of the end of Andrew McCarthy's career, and we like to learn from other people's mistakes...

We haven't really formed an opinion on the undead yet, so if you manage to become reanimated, drop us a line, and we'll reconsider.

Hope this doesn't contribute to any feelings of depression or Isolation that you may already have. Oh, what are we thinking? You've already killed yourself once, I'm sure you've learned your lesson.

Keep things rockin' on the other side!

In addition to the rumors of trying to turn this crappy and shakey beta program into a pay site, it now seems that Friendster is selectively and vindictively enforcing their rather vague TOS and deleting profiles right and left for a variety of reasons. That would mean that someone like Ian Curtis (above) might be banned. But not necessarily. Unless Ian tried to re-invite someone who was banned back in. Or, rumor has it, was overly critical of the site in the Message Board area. Then he would be banned most surely.
I was just curious as to whether anyone on these boards has had similar disenchanting experiences with The Friendster Team...
I have initiated correspondence with the CEO, and thus far have only received an automated response.

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Well, I never have a problem with Frankenster. Have you ever considered that it might be your attitude? I can help. Vacation starts next Friday. I will ply you with martinis. This is either a promise or a threat. Ultimately, it's your choice. Use your best judgement. Your future depends on it!!!!

Would love to chat more, but here come the warm jets...

Your Devoted Ingenue,


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