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Dear Dana's apartment went up in flames,I went there after to see it, it was verry scary.Then at her memorial service there were many rumors flying about her john and other trannys,scandal.
Were you there? do you remember the sensibly dressed crossdressed epileptic fit in the front of the church? with size 13 flats a flyin? literally. It was one of the most memorable mourning moments ever! after 5 minutes or so, Madamme stood up and said"someone call an ambulance" and sat back down.
Hattie, do you have a copy of the "Christina the Party" video? Am I even getting the name right? It's Christina, right? The one who threw a mic stand at an audience member and got arrested?

I am dying to see the video again. The only part I can remember clearly is the air piano number. If anyone remembers her, please post descriptions here of her performances.
No, Pops, I unfortunately do not have any documentation of Christina's magical performances. Perhaps Bunny?
Though I do have, somewhere, the transcript for the Christina attempted murder trial, which took place when she was no longer with us. I was the one who had to drop that bombshell in court, and the judge called the DA stupid. He was.

And you're right Daddy, I knew you had to be stopped somehow, and I was the queen to do it. Fortunately it didn't work!
Hatches, I always ask you about her and forget that you don't have the video. But maybe someone with a copy will read this.

Some of my other favorite shows at Pyramid (pre 1990's):

Needy Poodle
Sister Dimension's Harpsichord Follies
Drag Queen Olympics
Harmonic Convergence Acid Party
Baby Gregor as a witch hanging over the front door on Halloween
And - not my *favorite* show but worth mentioning -
That time when Philly was supposed to be performing but she passed out on a chair, someone (maybe you, Hattie?) tied her to the chair and brought her onto the stage. Then she woke up and vomited.
... it was I who tied her to a chair, Pops, but I also gagged her to shut her up. She managed to wrestle out the gag, however, before she projectile vomited all over the audience.

And Daddy, I have so many of Baby's paintings. Perhaps I should try selling one on Ebay to see if it's worth anything. I also got all of her records and her cat (a black one of course) that I gave away to Pikki from Montreal.
The acid punch was mixed by Wendy Wild (naturally) and Michael Kitty Ullmann. In order to get a cupful, you had to go to Wendy in the coat check and say a code word. But Wendy and Kitty forgot it was four-way acid and gave everyone a major dose. It was the first time I hallucinated on LSD. I mean REALLY seeing things. But I remember little else.
I do remember, however, that we went up to the gathering in Central Park. Wendy, Kitty, Sister, Marjan, Marcia Resnick, Hali Fields, and a few others. We brought 6 bottles of the fine Volga vodka with us, and were asked to leave because we were so noisy. Bah!
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I stopped going to clubs around 1979. In fact I stopped going most anywhere outside,( for the next six years I hardly had any contact with other humans at all ) except maybe twice a month to buy food, -that and to shoot photos under the elevated at 2AM or in the burnt out apartment buildings that lined the block behind my apartment- soooo the last things I saw at clubs were punk bands, The Damned, The Slits, The Specials, P.I.L. etc. -Oh yes, I started going to clubs again around '92/'93- a certain place way west on 14th in the meatpacking district. But what I want to know is what was the Egypt theme on Avenue A since across from the Pyramid on A at 7th was King Tut's Wah Wah Hut? Was there any connection?
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I don't remember who actually came up with the name. It might even have been Jesse Hultberg, but...
Dug and Maggie had drawn up a list of about 5 or 6 possible names for the new bar, which included King Tut's and Dug read them to me. The bar was still under construction and they hadn't yet decided on a name. Later in the day, Haoui Montaug called me up and was writing an article about clubs and bars in the East Village for some major press like the Times. "What's the name of that new bar across the street?" he asked me. I instantly answered, "King Tut's Wah Wah Hut!" When it came out in print, they kind of had to call it that, after all...
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For all of you who worship at the shrine of Pyramid elder statesmen Hapi Phace and Tabboo, please join them at HIGH LIFE this Saturday Oct 4 for what could be the most rotten show since the bygone days of The Pyramid. GROANER jokes at their worst!!! THE CHER BEARS is the title with Hapi, Tabboo!, and myself as hearty eating homos paying homage to a gay icon. Oh the misery. I have had so much fun brainstorming with these two knuckleheads. I laughed til I was almost sick at our rehearsal. Showtime is around 1am-ish. Hope to see you. Big Grin Eek Big Grin Eek

HIGH LIFE @The Marquee
356 Bowery betwn Great Jones and E 4th
saturday night

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