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No offense vulgar, but ...
I may be responding to this five years late(r) - but I am sorry, Linda Simpson doing Frank's verion of "strangers" is GENIUS! Any queen could do Nancy's version - but to have the (tucked) cajones to do Frank!!!! That is as brilliant as any of Andy Kaufman's acts. Linda, you were about a thousand million artistic miles ahead of the lot of us for doing that number. Such absolute perfection. How could you ever top that? No wonder you would never do another number after that - it wan't because of shame - but because it was perfect.

Originally posted by vulgargreek:
Like many of us, I have suppressed this haunting memory for way too long:
well, does anyone want to remember Linda's first and last Lip-singing act? It was at Pyramid back in 1992, when she made a stunning Debutt, singing "strangers In the Night", yes the Sinatra version!!
The audience fell silent, and the number was dead on arrival!
linda has shunned any mention of this topic, however subtle... should this forum force her to finally confront her demons??
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HI Hapi!

The very first time I showed up at Pyramid, I think it was Dec. of '81, a drag queen gave me a giant hug and I felt sooo welcome and won't forget it. And it almost surely could not have been you. And yet, not being able to recall just who, I put your phace there in my memory because I have always found you to be the welcoming huggy type. (If I'm wrong, don't tell me.)

nice to see you here.

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