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Hi lovely folks

Delighted to announce that the Jackie Factory/ Motherboards Holiday Soiree returns this year, on Sunday 12/19 at Vandam @ Greenhouse. Its 10 PM - midnight with free vodka cocktails first hour, some performances by Jackie Factory legends and rising stars, and segues beautifully into that evenings gala Vandam. Free admission and DJ Johnny Dynell upstairs..

We'll have more details in a few days, but wanted to make sure you save the date! And we look forward to celebrating with our cherished performers, audience and online correspondents - we've missed doing this the past few years!
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HERE WE GO! Bill still in formation but looking GORGEOUS!


The many and varied tribes of the JACKIE 60 and MOTHER club dynasties past, present and future gather downtown for a pagan/wiccan tinged holiday celebration, on the eve of the Winter Solstice. JACKIE FACTORY eminence CHI CHI VALENTI MCs performances by much-loved Factory collaborators including VANGELINE THEATER, HEATHER LITTEER aka JESSICA RABBIT DOMINATION and DUELLING BANKHEADS. JACKIE 60 founder and DJ JOHNNY DYNELL provides the soundtrack for everything from trannie trot to pagan twirling (after all, NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES is also a JACKIE FACTORY production) and there are FREE VODKA DRINKS for the first hour. Directly following, the gala 2nd anniversary of VANDAM unfolds, and Dynell segues into to his award-winning Sunday night soundtrack. Make this your last Big Messy Night Out before leaving town, and you'll be nursing your hangover for days.. we promise!
VERY Excited to see everyone tomorrow night - PLEASE note that shows are at 11 PM sharp with butoh method go-go beginning at 10:30. So DON'T POP IN LATE if you'd like to see DUELING BANKHEADS, HEATHER LITTEER or MCs PAUL ALEXANDER and myself.

(If you are late, though, the vocal debut of DIRTY MARTINI at 1 AM should be memorable too! And DADDY will rock the casbah till LATE-NIGHT!
I went last night and was somewhat disappointed by the crowd. The place was packed. The music was great. Everyone was having a blast. However, the pageantry of Mother's seemed underrepresented...especially for something as fun as a Holiday party. The whole scene was basically a gay bar. And there is certainly nothing wrong with a "gay bar" unless you were expecting alot more of the creatures of the night. Jeans and T-shirts have there place...I just hoped it wouldn't have been here. Sadly, once again it seems the scene didn't show. Frown
Got there a bit late for the Hang; arrived with btwist only to be greeted by the enchanting JudyVee! Poison Eve, Tina*Ahrlene, Daddy and Michael Santo (who showed us pics and video of Heather Litteer and Bankheads!) were among the revelers we were able to catch up with a bit. Dirty Martini ruled the stage just before we left!

Hope you are feeling better, dear Maki+!

Happy Holidays to all the Motherboards family, and to all enjoy a wonderful, safe new year!
Chi Chi,
Your events are always wonderful from your end. I have been attending for over a decade. The Click and Drag Aquarius party was amazing. You always set the table so is then up to who shows up to eat. At Aquarius, it was like a trip thru "A MidSummers Nights Dream." It was a fabulous, fantasy spectacular with so much to look at because so many people followed your lead. At Winter Solstice, most people were just dressed trendy. I guess I thought the crowd was going to be more playful and over the top. Please don't take my comments as anything negative on the part of your group. I am thrilled that you put on these shows. My comments stemmed from my disappointment that most of the crowd just blended in, which to me, is not what I was hoping for. And as you fairly stated, you have no control over that. You will also definately see me at your events in 2011 and I will do my part to try and make them colorful because I know your gang is definately doing your part!

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