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Which is pretty fitting, considering that Jojo's lively demeanor, colorful appearance and eye-catching art make him one of Chicago's most visual – and visible – personalities.

Little known fact: as a child, Jojo wanted to be a priest. A stint at Quigley North Prepatorial Seminary deemed him "too theatrical" for the papacy. That's an understatement (although he did hone his hair sculpting skills for the stage – for artists Cinderella, Judas Priest, UB40, Guns and Roses and others). Jojo's vibrant hair styling was even put to the test by Dennis Rodman, who hired Jojo as his personal stylist for two years during the peak of the former Chicago Bull's glory.

Already a figurehead at Chicago's nightclubs, Jojo's style sense eventually led to greater exposure. He's seen features in the Chicago Tribune, The National Enquirer, The National Examiner, Velocity and People magazine. Jojo has also appeared on television programs, including "Jenny Jones" (12 times), "Jerry Springer Show" (3 times), "Leeza" (3 times) and "Wild Chicago" (3 times).

But Jojo's work extends beyond the human canvas. Jojo learned his dollmaking craft as the only student of the late Greer Lankton, who was part of the Andy Warhol Factory and worked with Jim Henson productions, applying feathers to the first Big Bird. She was a tremendous inspiration and a good friend.

Jojo's own intricately crafted dolls humor some, startle others and amaze all. They have been displayed at the Around the Coyote art festival in Wicker Park, where some of his creations commanded prices up to $2000.

He's also shown them in doll/puppet shows that he holds with fellow artist and club personality, Silky Jumbo, with whom he has collaborated with on several magnificent performance pieces at some of Chicago's popular nightspot and outdoor festivals.

bio reprinted from web page
how to become a woman in easy steps....from boy into drag tape , bird seed boobs carved pieces of your coach into hips and so on and how the media even influences drag queens in how they should look.and silky jumbo ( a club star here )has been made into a ten -foot doll.i will also be shown with phebe fisher here in chicago at the las manos gallery this agust 16 till the end of the mounth. hope someone will show up i can scare some people with also my genital landscapes
We've been 120% impressed and inspired by Jojo and his art since the day we laid eyes on him close to 10 years ago. Which incidentally was the very first night we ever went out clubbing in Chicago.

From his dolls, to his drawings, sculptures, installations costumes, character exploration, hair and makeup skills, Whatever Jojo touches becomes beautiful and mystical. So much of his personality is transferred into his art that it is hard to separate the two.

Pictures rarely do Jojo's dolls justice. Each one has an energy, a personality that does not show up on film. When you see them in person, you can tell that each and every detail was meant to be. These details really make the dolls. Many of them have custom made clothes and they all have accessories and personal effects. There are a few like "Pansy" in the second image above, that I swear move when you aren't looking smile

Oh, and besides being an amazing artist, Jojo is a great friend.

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Z+S, you describe JoJo's dolls as though they are magical (which it seems they may well be)...

BTW, JoJo did not write us specifically requesting to join the forum like the rest of our ArtMakers have. He just started sending his doll images to us to post. He did not even send his log-in name after several requests.

As I was so "moved" by his dolls that I wanted to share them with all of you (and because the forum exists to meet as many of the diverse communicative needs artists have) I asked Chi Chi to please find and give JoJo access so he could see his dolls on the Motherboards.

Since posting them, I am exultant he has chosen to share his creative process with us as well. His net-manner is just as wonderfully insightful and jarring.

And, I do believe his dolls have cast a spell on me. I keep looking at this topic. And, I actually miss seeing the dolls when I've not been in the forum for awhile. (They were in my inbox for a few days and they kept gazing at me, reminding me they were there).

JoJo -- Good luck with the show! Please let us know how it is going ... we would love to know.

Lastly, I am now saving for one of your dolls myself.

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my word, thank you , i will send more because there is more to give. the show was a success...phebe fisher and i put on a great show...and a great turn out. i will be sending one of my genital landscapes that i love ... i will never sell one because it takes to much energy to get and find a model to put their cock in plaster... one of my new friends is cynthia plaster cool. all we talk about is plaster and cock what else.? i will send more work soon
Was out last night at a renegade punk bar in Billyburg (i.e. Williamsburg, the Brooklyn art mecca) tossing back stale beer / listening to Sepulatura with a newly migrated New Yorker who came to us via London from Chicago.

Indeed, I am growing quite fond of this witty, brazen and beautiful girl who aspires to wrestle more than anything in the world.

We were talking of the windy city and I mentioned you had joined the ArtMaker forum. And such a smile came across her face as she told me how much she loved the very talented JoJo and his work.

It is one thing to meet someone via these boards and be introduced to their art; but, it is another to see the admiration of someone through the eyes of those who love them. M sends her love and will hopefully be joining us in here soon (even if I have to put her in a headlock). And you gotta check this out if you haven't seen it ...

just one of her many current incarnations

Aside from that, have you tried to resend those last couple of JPGs for posting that I could not open? I will be creating a post in Welcome to ArtMaker this week that gives step by step instructions for how to post images/perhaps other media links here.
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being a doll-maker i love other doll-makers such as hans bellmer or lisa lichenfels....amazing.
i'm working on finishing a punk rocker he is looking so cute...and 4inch simese twins....i still think i make people i want to the punk rocker i saw on the corner one day and could not walk up and say hi for some reason i made him.we are starting to do first fridays again here in the flatiron building .....every first friday of the month all the galleries open and show new work i like it and the response it OMG is this a penis gallery
like the punk rocker i saw on the corner one day and could not walk up and say hi for some reason i made him.

Jo-Jo, a beautiful statement, and very insightful. I think that sentiment akin to the etiology (cause of a condition) that links all artists together ... something to do with needs and communication anyway. But why dolls? Why not another medium? I know Greer was a great influence, (I have been reading that topic, so intense, it weighs now in the back of my mind.) but was there anything else?

We will have to get you and Madame Dollhaus in touch some day. razz You will love the dollhaus. It's creepy, painted hot pink and Madame serves tea. See topics here and in Nightlife and Events. I purchased one of Madame's dollhaus dolls the week before last. There seems to be some confusion with regards to her identity, which is most peculiar. Madame suggests she may be Suzi. Here is a webcam shot of Suzi and I. (Funny, she really does look more and more like me everyday. D. actually pointed it out and I agree.)

Also if you get a chance, please see last post in Welcome to ArtMaker - it may be time to start thinking of that show (maybe a little thinking now for a show later on down the road). Would love your input on this matter.

Zazoo & Satori must have both posted the same message twice above wink (or are double excited about your punk rocker) as am I.

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it took a long time to make that silky jumbo and he is still not done ....but i do love him . he is the first in my line of club celb. and drag queens i want to do.....and as far as the only meddium i work in i do paint and sketch all the time , and do make alot of my clothes and lights and erotic landscapes made with castings of genitals such hard work but i love it....cythia plaster caster was amazied that i do all my own fluffing. if anyone would love to model for one of my domes let me know
wow jojo - your dolls are electrifying!!! those twins are so cool - whats up with their teeth - I think I know them!

I also was sucked in by the Pan doll. At first I found him revolting. then I wanted to follow him and learn more. Here's to getting your new gallery (raises glass of sparkling apple!)

ps - I do computer training for work - if you ever get stuck Im good for a phone call - just send me an email smile
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You guys are even cooler on the phone! Have a great night out! Hugs and Kisses and soon hope to see Jojo's first posted pic! And you bet we'd love to have all three of you here for the event. In fact it won't be right unless you are here!! make sure to post interested cards! And final proposals are due Jan3! Now for some dancing myself! Hve a good night at Berlin!
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showing some of my dolls at john fluvogs for x-mas...they heard i was making a miss lady kier doll and they gave me a pair of the pilgrim shoes she would wear for free for her.i chose miss lady kier because she always filled me with JOY. so i know she maybe going threw a hard spell so i'm sending her love trew the doll...she is going to be a knock out. and i am working on mayln monroe...i always loved tragic getting ready for new york....i want to love you too. thank you TonyaKnudsen for everything .....may the goddess bless you and hold you close
Hey Tonya,

Just wanted to let you know, we tried to go through posting pictures, but as I explained on the phone, all of Jojo's pictures are too large right now. The smallest was 95K. Most are 185K+.

I was showing Jojo how to size down the images he has, but it is 4-5 step process and then we were going to have to go through a renaming and saving process to make sure we didn't save over the larger ones on his hard drive. For some reason, his directory was not updating the data information when we decreased it in size. Ex. one image said it was 185k at 11.5 x 10.5 72dpi. When I cut the photo down to a more screen friendly size (in the 7-8") range and saved it as a medium quality .jpg, It was still reading 185K on his directory window.

The posting process is very easy. It's all the Photoshop and organizing that makes it a challenge.

You were mentioning some extra security for posting pictures straight on the Motherboards?
How does this work? Can't people still click and hold, and select "download image to disk" or do a screen grab?

My impression was that the new 80K picture posting was an extra special feature that we could use if we did not have our own web hosting, or did not have access to upload images to host them ourselves. Is this a misunderstanding? Is uploading them straight to the board's server the prefered method?

Thanks for all the effort you put into this on Friday, I just wanted to let you know where we were hitting road blocks.

and ones I think most folks have (including my own mother!)

ON security, you are correct no one site really has more safe gaurds regarding this. Chi Chi just watches bandwidth and other statistics on the MBoards (which I do not with regards to my own personal site

Actually speaking with her on the matter, my real concern was loading time, which would not be improved moving images from server to server -- so you are fine serving images from your site.

I do think it would be good to help JoJo learn how to post his own images, as others really do have similiar questions. I had two email queries on the matter last week from new users.

Let me have a think on the 4-5 step process, I want to investigate some things. (Also I think Chi Chi may have some ideas on this.) And we'll get back to you!
i'm still learning i'm an artist not a computer geek....sorry.
i thank everyone for all the help they have given... without YOU i am nothing...but a doll asked me once why i do dolls the same as greer .....but i was already making dolls when i meet her and puppets....she taught me how to make armiture inside the dolls now i cant think about making a doll without all the would be cheating....and wrong for the doll not to have that energy inside....if you ever meet one you would understand.i have been given a gift....and i love it.and i do do other things paint , draw all the time, casting work....and clothing,make-up and hair....there are not enough hours in the day....i would do more...and as far as the show ....i had a thought for the 10 of cups as well....small piece with big meaning.i can still make me as the moon for the show....let me know.?

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