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Jojo is doing pretty well. He's on his 9th day of his medication regimen. Having days of sheer exhaustion, and days where he's been able to go into work. (although this is extremely hard for him.)

He has had some trouble eating, and has needed some of his own "remedy" to keep any type of appetite up at all. (He's lost 20 lbs already)

He's received an outpouring of generosity from his Chicago friends and neighbors. Lots of people just dropping by to drop off food etc.

His landlord is has been REALLY understanding, and is giving him time to get back on his feet. His youngest brother signed the lease for the
3rd floor space, so this takes some weigh off his shoulders and pocketbook, this is very good for him also.

And he's got a new beau in his life, a sweet guy who has really been giving him a ton of emotional support.

Tonya, great idea! Every little bit helps! He's at home now, so sending care packages there would be best.

Keep sending the love, it means everything!

just trying to get my life back together....i dont know what i would do without the help of friends and my lover( rob) .....sigh....but since i have been spending alot of time at home my gallery looks ....sweet.i have been making teddy bears and stuffed cats....and they are selling....paying back rent....oye....i will never help my family again.alright i still have one good brother jay-jay
She is messy enough as it is.

Boy George was asking how you were doing and if you got the Taboo stuff he sent. I told him that you did and thanked him.
You know that latex drip thing was from his head. He pulled it off his head after opening night for you.
She's a big freak like you! Thought you would like it.
Hang in there for those treatments. Knowing you, you'll turn it all into some beautiful art piece.
Hey Doll, I hope you are starting to feel better. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and we all fully expect that you will totally recover and go on to continue your fabulous life and share more of your genious with the world who loves and adores you. Be positive and stay happy and expect the future to provide you with all that you need.
Love and light,
Bobby xxxx
hell-o all,i'm doing much better, i will be quiting my job of 15years at milio's in april to open up my own place. i was thinking about calling it ju-ju {voo-doo} hair in the morning and voo-doo at night ,just like marie lavoe from new orleans. we teach voo-doo classes at the gallery now and i have been teaching armiture classes to animators at the art instatute...funny stuffed animals can be seen on
Hey Jo Jo,
Great News! I love the concept.

A few years ago Chi Chi and I were just taking a romantic little stroll around Marie Lavoe's grave. I had my camera and snapped a picture of her crypt. When I got the picture back (pre-digital) we were stunned. It was a picture of her grave but the sky was insane. It was all purple clouds and spooky. I swear it didn't look like that in real life. And the other pictures I took there that day didn't have it either, only her grave. Very strange. You can use it if you want.
i just lost my mother 6/6/05,joy ann adaski,arguellas...she would work 80 hours a week to keep us feed and in drag,GOD bless her where ever she is.she always said about me, is " he's a good kid,just dresses funny!" i've never done a funeral,then i found out,i could not afford one,so the state paid for my mother to be cremated,and you may think ,i'm gross,but one of my friends is a jewler, and he is takeing a part of her skull that was left and is making my brothers and i white buffalos,that we will wear, to remember her.we are lakota souix indians, and i think my mother would like bother jay-jay wants to turn the rest of her ashes into a diamond.i asked him if their was enogh of her to make a tiera...much love everyone


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i am working on making my mother and grandmother sitting on clouds having coffee and looking down at me.i think it will be cute when its done.i have been thinking alot on death as of late,greer, my mother,me...i have been thinking about making a will,because i see what has gone on since greer died,i have talked to zazzoo and satori about this,i would also love to keep all my artwork together.the only person i worry about in my family is jay-jay, but we have differant tastes, he would never go camping because there is dirt there.i dont mind.i dont think jay-jay would even want any of my artwork,i would love my more erotic art to go to the sex meusem in new york,and if the fashion instatute wanted any of my costumes?i also having clothing of greers that was trown away that is alot of fun, i have a dress that she would go out in , that is see-threw that is made of curtins,its hot!i loved when she would do cartwheels in it....we will talk more will later

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