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He literally lives right down the hall from me and I am just dying to talk to him...but I am shy to, so instead I have been reading his books and leaving poems and my post cards in his mailbox.
Im having a ball studying the history of this land of craziness called hollywood...
Kenneth Anger bestows the wrath of Satan, watch out!
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Amber you MUST see Anger's films. Scorpio Rising, Rabbit Moon, etc. are amazing 1960's avante/indie productions. Scorpio has music by Mick Jagger and I'm sure Jagger would not like it spread around. The films usually are loaded with homoerotic imagery. Kind of a psychedelia meets gay meets occult meets Scorsese, or something like that. I don't know if Anger is still making film but its a great move to drop your postcards on him cause he will certainly be drawn by your lush and supererotic little self.

I hope you just get a burst of
non-selfconsciousness and make a point to introduce yourself. He is ultra-legendary.
Amber, here is a blurb about Anger, just so you get an idea of what zone he inhabits.........

Offering a description of himself for the program of a 1966 screening, Kenneth Anger stated his 'lifework' as being Magick and his 'magical weapon' the cinematograph. A follower of Aleister Crowley's teachings, Anger is a high level practitioner of occult magic who regards the projection of his films as ceremonies capable of invoking spiritual forces. Cinema, he claims, is an evil force. Its point is to exert control over people and events and his filmmaking is carried out with precisely that intention.
Just a confession...
I actually read his ONLY hard cover copies of hollywood babylon 1 and 2...
He lent them to Heidi (my best friend and manager of the hotel we live in), and I breezed through them in 3 days...
He hasnt responded to the postcards...
But Heidi says hes crazy, and its best not to get so close....
Must be all that HGH.

PS...I miss you guys!!!
Dr.Anger has been rather manic lately...
He came out of his shell and BOY did I get my wish.
Try sitting with him for 6 hours straight while he goes off!
Truly an eccentric.
In a couple hours we went everywhere form the dinosaurs to cultural wars, to babylon.
He just goes off...Pretty amazing.
He has been taking to our little group lately, and loves to hang with me, while I am, what a family.
Well I have some bad news...
Kenneth Anger attacked me, and tried to choke me while I was working in the office of the Gershwin.
I wish it wasn't true, but I had to have him arrested...

Im getting the fuck out of this city, I have had it in every way possible...

Muffin and I decided we are coming home to NYC ASAP...

...What a humbling experience.

Is there a topic for apartments in the motherboards?

Together we can fit snuggly into a large studio or a small 1BR...
And we have a small, EXTREMELY well-behaved doggie,
If anyone has any ideas.
Yes the platforms have been a little forlorn without your opulent presence. And now you have one more item on your list of claims to fame, you had a mad accult magician arrested. I'm sure you will have some great stories to trade with Bobby about that.

Actually, I am quite sorry to hear of your being victimized. Gorgeousness will always be a liability around those who have no way to recognize the threshold between admiration and devouring.

Have a safe journey home!
Well Amber ray..I'm glad he didn't kill you but it would have made you trully famous!
Thank the Goddess he didn't. He merely slapped me about the face and neck with his male member once back in '73 in the covered piers of lower manhattan. It never dawned on me to have him arrested. As a matter of fact I didn't even recognize him until afterwards and by then he was staggering out the entrance.

Did you get any press outta the incident?

I had a similar, though not physically violent experience with him 25 years ago when I produced the "Hollywood Babylon" party (my first) and insisted that he be included, and paid.

So, its just a coming of age experience for young divae in training, methinks. BTW anyone ever heard the story of he and Maya Deren levitating refrigerators at each other? Wish I could remember the details..

Regardless, I still think "L'eau de Artifice" is the most brilliant short film ever made.

And I too am delighted you are coming home! Mwah!
This is the Maya Deren story as much and as far I remember it...

It was around the time that Deren was inundating herself in Voudoun culture and ritual-- she recorded two albums of ritual music, wrote a book on the subject and was shooting footage that would later be assembled into the film The Divine Horsemen. She was also supposedly inducted as a Voudoun priestess. She met Anger at a party and for whatever reason began to have a psychic battle of wills while standing in the kitchen, which she quickly ended (and won) by levitating the fridge onto Anger and breaking his leg.
This must have happened during the Fifties, as Deren's first film, Meshes Of The Afternoon which wrecked everyone was done in the mid 1940's, and she died in 1961, either as punishment for revealing Voudoun "secrets", or as a result of a cerebral hemmorhage due to starving herself and abusing benzedrine, depending on who you believe.
Personally, I think she should have levitated that fridge a bit higher... onto his head!


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WOW...Yeah...I figured some of you may have had some kind of experience with him...
I had recieved a call from Stanton Lavey(Lord knows how he got my number!!), and he told me to watch my back because people were looking for me, and then...a couple days later...
Kenneth came back to the hotel after he attacked Stanton!
Suddenly i didnt feel such a threat, anymore.
And we had the police come and he was held till a mental evaluation could be made by a doctor...
As they cuffed him and carried him out he continued to shout obsenities at me.
I look like a butch dyke at work.
Kenneth Anger never even saw me in my "true art" form...He just thinks I am some desk clerk.
But anyways...

The point I am punking is that this place doesnt have the love or the true grit of NYC.
Just A fertile Valley of Endless BS.

I miss you all, almost desperately.
I cant wait to get home and work so much harder than I did before.
I have a whole new view.
And I am forever thankful for all of the support and sensational opportunities I had back home, with Y'all.

So here is a pic of Muffin and I:

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