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I'm surprised that he wasn't a topic here already, but am glad to start one with this exciting announcement:

THE NOMI SONG opens February 4 at the Cinema Village

Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Documentary at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival, THE NOMI SONG is an engrossing look at the life of German-born singer Klaus Nomi, one of the most profoundly bizarre characters of the late-70s, early-80s New Wave East Village underground scene. Klaus Nomi was a genuine counter tenor who sang pop music like opera and introduced opera to enthusiastic club audiences. Just on the verge of international fame as a singer, Nomi became one of the first prominent artists to die of AIDS, but the reaction Nomi provoked was so strong that he and his music are remembered twenty-two years after his death. THE NOMI SONG features music by David Bowie, Wire, The Marbles, The Bongos, Pylon, the Mumps, and Chi Pig, not to mention numerous Klaus Nomi performances, many never before seen, among them Nomi singing The Cold Song with full orchestra.

Palm Pictures and Media Luna Entertainment present THE NOMI SONG, a film by Andrew Horn. THE NOMI SONG features various art and music personalities, including Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson, Gabriele Lafari, David MacDermot, Page Wood, Tony Frere, Man Parrish, Kristian Hoffman, Ron Johnsen, Kenny Scharf, Anthony Scibelli, Alan Platt - and featuring a special appearance by David Bowie. THE NOMI SONG opens on February 4, 2005 in New York at the Cinema Village, and Los Angeles at Landmark's Nuart Theatre.

Johnny is spinning at the party for this tomorrow night 2/2 - friends and admirers of Klaus email for the list..
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We're very excited to announce Cincinnati's OFFICIAL DVD Release Party for "The Nomi Song" - The Klaus Nomi Odyssey

When: Friday, June 10th -- 10pm

Where: Jacob's

"Chicks with Dicks Show" @ 10pm with Satori performing a Klaus Nomi inspired skit.

DVD will premier @ 11pm on the plasma screen during Gerald and Brian's infamous 80s night!

For more infomation on the documentary of this legendary artist being released June 14th please visit the official site

This is from Oberallgau:
(I moved it here.


I have been bitten by the lovebug. I would really love to hear stories of any kind from those who remember Klaus from the St. Mark's neighborhood, Club 57, Max's, Hurrah's etc. or the restaurants where he worked.
Sad reminder: August 6 will mark the 25th anniversary of his death...

25 years! I am speechless. Klaus and I had many breakfasts together at Kiev in the early Mudd Clubb days. I considered him a genius then and certainly do now - and love how PRESENT he still is, completely outside time.

Please let us know if there is any kind of party or gathering planned for the 6th, and thanks for your post.
ChiChi, thank you so much for your reply. It's those everyday type of memories that are the sweetest, i.e having breakfast at Kiev, and I so appreciate your sharing that.

I've thought a lot about August 6th. I do think it would be nice to do something in remembrance. I had my own little kooky thing in mind before i got brave enough to post. If you or anyone else reading has ideas for a fitting 25th memorial, I would love to hear them. I have to say right off that I did not know him; I am just an ardent admirer, but his influence on my life has been profound.

On a related note, you have probably seen this, but in case not, it's a French interview with Klaus, one of best ones that's floating around (except for the fact that it is dubbed over in French and Klaus's own voice gets drowned out a lot.)
I've got a sweet Klaus story.
When I was a young punk...
(yes sweetie, I was a punk!)
I was playing bass in horrible art rock bands.
(I was terrible).

One day Klaus asked me to join his band. I was thrilled. Of course there was no way in the world I could keep up with the rest of the band but Klaus didn't care. He dressed me in these skin tight black Betsey Johnson spandex pants and made me stand in front of him (which was weird because he was the lead singer) and he would just stare at my big fat ass crammed into these spandex pants. I had no idea what he was up to for about 2 rehearsals. Then I caught on (I'm not that smart) and quit the band.

I always wondered how long he would have let me stay in the band.

Klaus was a horny bastard!
He was great.
Really a lot of fun.
He and Joey (Arias) were great together.
I wish he wwas still around.
I wish they all were.
God, that is great stuff. But you quit the band--say it isn't so! The whole thing is just making me smile...the Betsey Johnson tights, putting you in front of him...he was shameless (I mean that as the highest of compliments)! Bless that crazy minx for trying, heh heh...
And please...more stories...they turn a regular Wednesday Technicolor...thank you.

Re: Joey--I heard he uses music from Za Bak Daz (and other Klaus-related references) in Arias with a Twist--have my tix for August, can't wait.
*He just wanted to see my fat ass in tights.*
Now *that's* an accolade!

And so is this:
*He was a sick puppy.* Heh. So dreamy...

L.U.V. is not strong enough a word. He was too sexy for his clear plastic raincoat...Cue Klaus' version of "You Don't Own Me." God, that's a good one.

A neighbor of his from those days said the song he practiced the most in his apartment was "I Feel Love."
Yes, absolutely..

And when I perform the poem in this century, I usually read the line - "the Teutonic diva, Klaus, who began with Madame Butterfly and ended up playing Camille" - it is better, rhythmically, and reminds the listener that these are all real people, every one of them.

You are certainly an astute reader - what did you have in mind for Klaus' 25th?

Thank you so much for your reply. I am just blown away by that. I have been thinking about it all afternoon since I read your message. The image just stands out so vividly--it is Klaus in high relief. And I love that you say "Klaus" in readings now, for all the reasons you cited.

On a personal level, I am really enjoying the coincidence of the image, since I will sometimes look at a photo of him where he is looking really glam or just cheeky (or both), and I think to myself: "Fräulein Schmetterling I presume?" I read in an interview that he had an idea to make a movie about Salome and he wanted to play Salome himself. I have thought more than once that he should have gotten to play Madame Butterfly. (I believe he did sing the parts of the Forest Bird and a Rhine maiden in Charles Ludlam's version of the Ring at the Truck and Warehouse Theatre in 1977...I like the idea of him as a Forest Bird especially.) But I digress...

So, forgive this long message...but for the anniversary of his death...well, the truth is that I have been working on little photo pieces using poetry or song lyrics-all involving Klaus, sort of prototypes or models of things I would like to revise/refine or perhaps do on larger scale. I think have somewhere around 30-40 of them. It started as a way of feeling like I was getting to see new images of him--or to see him in a different way I suppose--which it is I guess, since the images are blown way up, or distorted somehow--with lighting, color, transparency--or they are screen captures from interviews etc. I didn't have a memorial in mind when I started making them; it is just something I like to do. But I started thinking a lot about August 6th and so my thoughts turned to making a stealth--and temporary-- memorial to him-- up and down on his block--quietly at night (and totally anonymously of course) so it would just be there at dawn on the anniversary of his death (since he died overnight between the 5th and 6th). I would also like to include red roses, which I believe were a particular favorite of his. I want it to look beautiful most importantly (because one of the many things I admire about him was his earnest pursuit of beauty in his art and in his appearance) but in a discreet, under the radar sort of way, that maybe people only notice if they're paying attention (also since I am doing this as a gesture of reverence to Klaus, I don't want to undermine that vibe by having it resented or construed as a nuisance.) If anything I would hope that someone might be curious and be inspired to look him up and maybe hear his music for the first time--and maybe for someone familiar with him, it might just give them pause to stop and think...or maybe something totally different than I'm thinking). I would put his dates on some of them so it could be understood as to why they were there on that day. So...ah, that's my story...I hope you don't regret asking! If I could, I would pave his street with flowers and have soprano arias pouring out of his building's windows, but I have to start somewhere... I really welcome your thoughts on this( and I have to admit I feel a bit sheepish and thank you for asking about it.) I could also show you some of the pieces online if you are curious.

**Most of all, though, I wanted to say I am very touched by Take Back the Night. It is powerful.**
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ChiChi, Thank you so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate that a lot. I made a flickr file for a handful of them:

Take Back the Night inspired two of the items; I think you will know which ones they are.

I also put something up on YouTube:

(Also I have to say how much I appreciate this website. To paraphrase Cautious Lip from the Cookie Mueller thread, I am receiving quite an education. It's fantastic.)
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Today is the 25th anniversary of Klaus' death. I did put up about 35-40 photo posters on his block (St. Mark's between 1st and A) and bouquet of roses at his door (#103). This was at about 4:30-5:00 am...trying to be discreet. Sometime around 6:00 am, the sky just opened up. So my guess is, all of it was reduced to pulp. But I took pictures and put them on Flickr:
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Paul Tschinkel just posted this segment of an interview he did with Klaus in 1982 for his TV show Innertube. It's just a very short bit with Klaus talking (Paul wrote that this was as much as could be salvaged from the tape, which had deteriorated or was damaged), but it's so nice to hear Klaus in his own words (and so clearly) :).

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