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OK, I know that I am ancient but last night I went to my first "BEAR Party".
My boy Jonny Tingle (Jackie 60 bartending legend) texted me and said he was working @ NOWHERE (14th St. between 1st & 2nd Aves.) and to stop by for a libation.
(I started to call Anna Nicole to join me but then thought she should get some sleep... new job and all).

Well, he didn't tell me that it was a "Bear Party".
I walked in, said hi to Jonny, Jett and some other people that I knew. After about 15 minutes I started to notice that everyone in the place was huge and hairy.
I was in a BEAR cave!
I suddenly felt...
well, skinny and hairless.
It was great!
And these big hairy guys were fantastic.
They really WERE very jolly.
Everyone was so friendly and fun, it was amazing.
I had a ball.
It was like being in a room full of lumberjacks.
It's bear parties for me from now on.
Pass the pasta, my dieting days are over!

Anyone else?
Am I just late on this? (as usual)
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it's very hot right now, daddy.
'specially in san francisco and london.
two fierce parties there:
tubesteak connection at
aunt charlie's in san fran,
the brainchild of dj bus station john.
my favorite night there right now.
and horsemeat disco in london.
(vauxhall, i think)
and i think nita and sammy have played that one.

both cater to a hairy, 30+ crowd
of guys who don't worry about a
missed trip to the gym but do get into
classic house, electro, and rare disco.

how was the music last night?
maybe you should dj, daddy??
I just saw Jonny at Rob Roth & Theo's "Screen Test" show @ P.S.122 (Fab BTW). He said that you walked in one minute after I left Hatch.

It was pretty crowded when I was there.
(Of course it takes a lot less of them to fill a room).
Jonny was doing these things called "Car Bombs" with this big handsome hairy giant from San Francisco.
(He must have been the bear-stud of the party because everyone was after him).

"Car Bombs" are a mug of Guinness with a shot glass of Jagermeister & Kahlua dumped in to it. It explodes and then you guzzle it down.
(something like that)
Jonny kept saying to this guy, "I'll do one more if you will".
I saw them do at least four.
Who Knows how many they did?
Oh, did I mmention that Jonny was working?
"We believe that in sharing food (home-cooked or store bought), we create a welcoming atmosphere of hospitality for one another.

I bet they have a food-handler's permit!

Seriously, though, anything that is an alternative to the skanky Westside bars they might go to is a great thing.

And they have an annual bake-off-- Mr. Joe, we must try to be judges next time! Below is one of the winning cakes:


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Originally posted by hatches:
Mr. Joe and I always chuckle about this decal on the door of Christine's, the Polish restaurant on First Avenue. Perhaps the kitchen staff are bears. Or maybe the waitresses just like the image.

Elaine and Michael Limbo & I call that the 'Polish Bear Restaurant' - when it first opened the manager (that would be you Hattie or the owner that would be you Mr. Joe
(I Just figured out who you are, duh . . . you did say you are my neighbor . . . I didn't figure you lived right across the hall, I thought you were the other Mr Joe, the long-haired bartender that lives on the next block . . . but, I digress)

Well, whoever the restaurant guy was, he was in charge and he was a BIG queen (I felt butch next to him), and he would flit and flirt -- all the while a Yanni at Red Rock Concert DVD or whatever the hell that was would play on the large-screen flat LCD TV . . . but we'd put up with that because it was such a scream to be waited on by one of the tight-pants waiters that the big polish bear manager/owner/whomever guy had hired.

The waiters had the uneasy look of Altar Boys at a Cardinal College on their faces. I always imagined that they had had to let the big queen bear fuck them messy for them to have been hired(make note of that Hattie). I'm certain that it was by his directive that they had been ordered to wear the hyper-tight pants (ditto on the note, Hattie).

I don't know if the queen bear is still there, that was a while ago. Eventually it started to morph into just another Polish Restaurant without the crazy Easteren European tight-panted bear-cub scene.
I love it. We should host the next Bear County Fair, hats! I stumbled upon this jolly jubilee once at the LGBT Center...hay bales and overalls!

Oh, and Hapi, don't worry, duh, I get confused about the comings and goings of the Eastwick all the time...sometimes I watch Melrose Place reruns just to figure out our building (You are Sidney, btw, who made her debut on that show jumping out of a cake and her exit a few years later showed her mowed down by a drunk driver as she posed for wedding pics in her gown - the best death scene I've ever watched on telly! - and that cranky queen upstairs must be the crazy Marcia Cross character who blew up their building...I've angled for the part of constantly horny but not too bright Jake but that's another topic altogether)
Daddy...XXL in London! Great big bear party. Two huge bars sandwich a huge dancefloor that plays vocal tracks for the gods with disco beats for your nerves. This leads into yet another room that is half trance and half backroom. Outdoor patio. London calling!! These guys host a party here at Element once a month on a Sunday. Music is fun and there is usually a live performance. The first XXL NYC was held at Webster Hall with Ultra Nate and Mother Barbra Tucker. Mama Tucker brought it! She went out into the crowd and had some cubs go up on stage and dance!

Big Lug on Ave. A bt. 5th/6th. New bear bar.

BTW- Big Lug at Nowhere is where I remember meeting my BF. SSShhhh..he thinks it was at my bar!
Nair sux anyway, it once gave me a rash, due to it's harsh chemicals, if I want no hair on my body, I WILL WAX...even though it's a bit painful, still to each their own I say, I could care less if a guy has hair on his body or not, but we need do more bears in the gay mags like how many hairless muscular guys do we need in the gay media(like A&F and the Advocate, Out, Genre, et al) not to mention porn! Jeez Louise! And there something about a guy with a goatee, I am tellin' you that's hot (oh, Jesus, I'm turnin' into Paris Hilton as we speak, not literally of course!)
I know Hatch, don't remind me.
I work like a whore this time of year.
I'll get there.

I actually went there on "Mowtown Mondays" with Casanova. He loves it there. He had this cute little lesbian down on the floor in a doggy lip lock. It was getting out of control so we had to leave.

Here he is with Jackie Bigalow.


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I was telling Jonny Tingle how he has "ruined" this bear party.

I am sure it was intended to be a somewhat typical bear gathering like a million others all across the country. And then...

Tingle, Trans boy River and Tjet behind the bar... customers ranging from Theo and the Skyscrapers, Chip Duckett and a very drunk and bearded Lars-- the bears will never be the same again!

However, now that I have met Max, the night's promoter-- maybe it wasn't meant to be an "average" bear night at all!

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