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On June 3, 2012 JACKIE FACTORY producers CHI CHI VALENTI and JOHNNY DYNELL will stage a be-in of love and glitter for their sixth annual LOW LIFE @ HOWL! FESTIVAL.  LOW LIFE is the free and fabulous Sunday evening climax to HOWL! - a two-hour spectacular inspired by East Village decades past.

This year's LOW LIFE 6: EAST VILLAGE OTHERS celebrates the world-changing explosion of East Village culture from 1966-1972. Named for the seminal underground newspaper the EAST VILLAGE OTHER, the show will pay homage to movements and supernovas including the EXPLODING PLASTIC INEVITABLE happenings in what became the ELECTRIC CIRCUS, film and performance pioneer JACK SMITH and his Flaming Creatures, the Tompkins Square Park YIPPIES, the FILLMORE EAST and the Bowery-raised Warhol Superstar JACKIE CURTIS with her cohorts HOLLY WOODLAWN and CANDY DARLING.

EAST VILLAGE OTHERS will open with a tribute to the SLUM GODDESS OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE, set to THE FUGS' mid-Sixties ditty "Nova Slum Goddess" and featuring several generations of Fierce East Village Females including BIG ART GROUP vixen HEATHER LITTEER, Pyramid Club Supernova TABBOO!, creatrix ST. EVE, authoress ZOE HANSEN and rocker ANNE HANAVAN. The two-hour show will also star emerging hometown companies like Neue dance ensemble THE RACHEL KLEIN THEATER (in an homage to the EXPLODING PLASTIC INEVITABLE) and butoh greats VANGELINE THEATER (who have performed at all five previous editions).


Gender-bending thesbian BRANDON OLSON (pictured above) is creating a JACK SMITH homage especially for LOW LIFE 6,  with choreography by NYC BALLET alumnus ROBBY LAFOSSE. Their large cast of Flaming Creatures includes KAT VENTURA, CURTIS CARMAN, TALIE PIPER, CASIMIR AND RA, GIO CORSINO, INBRED HYBRID COLLECTIVE, CHRIS SHARP and ROBERT APPLETON.  Other show highlights will include a Fillmore East segment starring AMBER MARTIN as JANIS JOPLIN, spoken word star EMANUEL XAVIER and actor DONNIE MATHER performing an excerpt from Allen Ginsberg's masterpiece AMERICA, MCs PAUL ALEXANDER (of JACKIE 60) and longtime CLICK + DRAG co-creatrix EDITRIX ABBY. Plus a few surprises - bill is now CLOSED except for late-breaking cameos.

LOW LIFE events were inspired by the seminal LUC SANTE book "LOW LIFE: The Lures and Snares of Old New York" and are produced by local performance collective THE JACKIE FACTORY NYC. The annual LOW LIFE extravaganzas at HOWL! continue a body of work born at the seminal Meat Market nightclub JACKIE 60 in 1997. For the show's producers, East Village residents for over two decades, this annual spectacular is a Valentine to the neighborhood's past, present and future stars.

THE HOWL! FESTIVAL, the East Village festival of the arts, was named in honor of the groundbreaking poem by ALLEN GINSBERG and began in 2002. This year HOWL ARTS, INC brings the 9th annual HOWL! to Tompkins Square Park from June 1-3, just in time to celebrate Allen Ginsberg's 86th birthday on 6/3. HOWL! 2012 opens on June 1 at 5 PM with the festival's traditional reading of Ginsberg's  poem HOWL, his impassioned words delivered by his friends and contemporaries led by East Village spoken word guru BOB HOLMAN. This weekend of poetry, performance art, music and dance will once again feature ART AROUND THE PARK, a two day exhibit of EV/LES artists exhibiting their work as they create it; main stage performances of LOW LIFE and other great shows, and the popular children's attraction, the Great HOWL! OUT LOUD Carnival. Please visit HOWLFESTIVAL.COM for details on all of the weekend's exciting programming.


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