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Eek, looks like Baby Jane...but yes, going back to Moonshadow, it was the happening place to go for a while back in the day. I remember it was run by two lesbians and yes, it did not open till 11:00 PM and only on weekends. On Sundays they had tea dances to take in all the twisted sisters left over from The Saint, which was actually the best time to go...a fun and(very)demented club.
Ooo ooo ooo! I wanna be Rosie O'Donell!

Meanwhile, Madge cries:

Liz Smith -- November 30, 2005 -- 'ME AND ELVIS? Are you kidding?! I'm gonna tell my dad. Maybe that will impress him."

That was Madonna's reaction when we told the Queen of Pop that she has now tied the King of Rock 'n' Roll with the most top-10 singles ever "” 36 each. (Her latest being the crazily infectious "Hung Up.") M had not heard the news yet. I guess she really does stay away from media! And at 47, touchingly, she still looks for Daddy's approval. The star called from London. I wanted her reaction to "Confessions on a Dance Floor" reaching No. 1 status in 25 countries, including the good old United States of America.

"It was my husband, Guy, who told me the album was No. 1 in America. I was shocked, stunned, happy. I said, 'We have to celebrate.' So we opened a bottle of champagne "” not something I usually do, though I probably should do more of that "” I had a glass, and then I sat and cried for 20 minutes. Really. So many conflicting emotions, but basically tears of joy. Don't let anybody tell you commercial success doesn't matter."

M ("everybody calls me M now, I never hear my own name!") is busy planning her next video for the second single, "Sorry." She says, "I want it to be a sequel to the 'Hung Up' video "” what happens after she dances the night away because her boyfriend is so unavailable." And M is thinking about her "Confessions" concert tour, which might include smaller venues "where I can hear myself singing; I can see the faces!"

Madonna also wants to build a film around her current troupe of dancers, which includes the phenomenally talented Cloud and Hypnosis. "They are not just dancers. They're filmmakers and artists. Creative cyclones. I adore them." We spoke of broken bones "” I recently shattered a wrist, she quite a few more "” and she said it was terribly difficult coming back from that, to dance again. "Your 46th comeback!" I joked. She laughed, "Yes, I've lost track of how many times I've been written off." She paused. "Maybe that's the reason I cried when I heard about the record. Here's a big scoop. We're human, too."
ok, i know im WAY late on this sweetie, but.. Im finally listening to the new Madonna here at this job im on and I cant get over how bad the New York song is, is she kidding. I LOVE the sound of it. Its my favorite one music-wise , but the words......New York/Dork go to Texas....get off my street,London and Paris , you can keep? what the fuck, did her son make up the lyircs? its a shame cuz i really love the groove. Theo's "New York" song blows hers out of the water, and im not just saying that cuz shes a friend.......oh Madonna cant you just hum along with the music?
Rob I thought the exact same thing about the lyrics to the New York song. I like the groove too but it's one of the lesser tracks IMHO. In fact I could arguably take back the "near-genius" label ... upon closer inspection, much of the lyrics are not so great. But then great dance music is supposed to speak to your body, not your mind, right? Unless of course it's Billy Ray Martin.

My faves are "Jump" and "Can We Get Together". The best thing about the whole record is that you really do feel like you're back in some giant NYC club of bygone days tripping on E and feeling up some nameless hottie. The high without the high.
Its funny cos years ago she looked like she 'enjoyed' the clothes - now to me she looks like any other OLD day time tv show housefrau who has a stylist choose the latest fad. She just doesn't 'wear' clothes any more - do u know what i mean by that.
She's also way too scrawny... she needs a bit of curves she's just scraggy.
Has anyone seen the new shots of Janet Jackson since she lost all the weight.... really shocking....
I have no objection to Madge being up on a cross but i do find it somewhat amusing how she picks her 'targets'. To 'mock' christianity is a much softer target than say the jews or islam or even scientolgy! Remember when she made the 'war' video but pulled it fast (cos she was really scared of the backlash). To me it just de-values any 'art' she wants to do with the cross. u know..?
Am sure the show is a brilliant.... but i can't help feeling that people are now paying to see a caberet Madge - almost a parody of herself. She's become a characature of herself i think.
Bless her and her big scrawny mans hands.
I had to take up her side when I read about the church condemning her show and all. The Vatican can never stop being tired and hideous. If they're so fucking upset why don't they auction off 1/100th of their art collection and feed the entire Third World with the proceeds. (they could, you know) I still remember them all up in arms back in the 80s when she had a black Jesus in her 'Like A Prayer' video. Please.

But it's not like she's covering new ground here. Her art has always revolved around two issues really: religion and her pussy. When audiences tire of one topic, she veers back to the other. In recent years themes about the consequences of fame have crept in to her work, but that motif never seems to catch fire as well, so she sticks to the cross and the vag for guaranteed headlines. But that's a Catholic for you. They spend their whole lives recovering from the trauma of what they're force-fed as children.

When it's all said and done, I still love 'Confessions'. Say what you will about her ... the record rocks.
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